MXL IPTV APK Download for Firestick / FireTV [2022]


MXL IPTV APK- We have already given the installation steps for the MXL IPTV App for android device. In this article, I will given you the installation steps for MXL IPTV for Firestick/FireTV. So if you are searching for, your searching will end here.

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For the new users, If you are looking for What is meant by MXL IPTV? Well, MXL IPTV app is one of the best firestick application for streaming movies, videos, and many more. This app works like Netflix, ThopTV, JioTV. But the big advantage of this app is completely free to use.


MXL IPTV APK is the new IPTV app, launched recently in the online market. With this application, you can watch on-demand content on firestick through this app. After the exit of Terrarium TV, Most of the movie lovers looking for the alternative app for watching Live TV channels. This MXL IPTV APK is the best one to replace Terrarium TV.


This application has pretty collections of Movies and TV shows. It is the perfect app to watch all your favorite Hollywood seasons. You can get this app directly from the play store. So only here we have given the installation steps for MXL IPTV on firestick.

Download MXL IPTV

How to install MXL IPTV APK for Firestick/FireTV?

Installing MXL IPTV app on firestick can be done in three different methods. Below we are going to give you all the three methods installation steps.

Three methods are

  1. By using the Downloader App
  2. Using ES File Explorer
  3. ADBLink

Before installing the APK file on the firestick, We need to do one similar task for all the three methods. That is, we need to enable the Apps for unknown sources on your firestick. Because we cannot install the third-party device directly on firestick. For streaming MXL IPTV on firestick, it is mandatory to switch on the unknown source.

Steps to Turn on Unknown sources in your firestick

Step1: Switch on the Firestick device


Step2: After entering the Firestick, Move to the settings option


Step 3:Inside the settings menu, Click the My FireTV/ Device option


Step4: Within the Device options, Tap the Developer option


Step 5: Inside the Developer option you can see two options: One is ADB debugging and the Second one is Apps for Unknown sources


Step6: Turn On both the options, Immediately a popup message appears click OK it.


Next, the steps of all the three methods are given below. For the first two methods, there is no need for any PC to install. In the ADB link method, Computer is required.

Method 1- How to install MXL IPTV APK on your Firestick/ FireTV using Downloader app?

Here we are going to provide you the easy steps for installing MXL IPTV using Downloader app

  1. Search box

    After enabling the Unknown source option. Go back to the home screen.
    Click search box at the top of the home page. Click on it
    Morph TV On Firestick

  2. Download the Downloader App

    In the search box, Enter as a downloader. As a result downloader app appears. Click on it.
    Sapphire Secure IPTV on Firestick

  3. Installing Downloader App

    Downloading takes a few minutes to download. After downloading click and open the app.
    Once you enter the app means it will ask you to click the install button. Tap the install button

  4. Working process of Downloader app

    Once the installation gets over means go back to the home screen of Firestick. Where you can see Download app click and open it
    Smart IPTV APK

  5. Enable Javascript

    Open the Downloader app, In the left menu bar, you can see settings option click on it. Within the settings option, you can see Enable javascript option. Click and Turn ON it.
    Morph TV On Firestick

  6. Browser option

    Go back to the home screen of downloader app wherein the left sidebar you can see Browser option click on it.
    n that Browser, menu paste the exact URL [] in the URL column. Click GO

  7. Download the Andriod button

    After that web page loads, Download Andriod button appears, click and download the MXL IPTV APK

  8. Download and Install the MXL IPTV

    Click and download the app. After downloading install the app in your Firestick

  9. Launch the MXL IPTV

    Go back to the home screen of Firestick, Where you can see Apps & Games menu click and open on it.
    Inside the menu, you can see MXL IPTV Application. Tap the app and launch the app. Enjoy Watching Free Movies and TV shows without any interruption on your MXL IPTV APK.

Method 2- Easy steps to install MXL IPTV APK on your Firestick/ FireTV using ES Explorer

If your Downloader app is not working on your firestick means don’t worry here we have given the alternative app called ES Explorer. This is another one method of installing the MXL IPTV APK on your Firestick.

  • Similar to the previous method, we need to Turn On the APPS for Unknown source option
  • Next, Go to the home screen
  • Click the search box, Enter as an ES explorer.
  • From the result, you can see the app. Click the ES explorer app and download it
  • Downloading takes a few seconds. Once complete means click and install it
  • Open the ES Explorer app.
  • In the left side of the home screen, you can see Tools Option
  • Click and open the Tools option
  • Inside the Tools option, you can see Download manager click and open it
  • With in the Download Manager, You can see “+” options at the bottom. Tap on it.
  • Instantly, a pop-up screen opens with the options
  • Inside the pop-up screen, Two options present in it. One is pathname and another one is a filename
  • In the Pathname enter the exact URL of MXL IPTV APK. In the Name Column enter as you wish.
  • Click the download button
  • Download starts
  • Finally, after downloading, Install the app in the firestick
  • Go to the home screen-> Apps & games
  • Inside Apps & games, you can see MXL IPTV app.

Method 3 –  Quick Guide to Install MXL IPTV APK on Firestick by using ADB LINK

Android Debug Bridge(ADB) is a process used for testing, installing and debugging of your Andriod apps. This technology is a connection between the android device and the computer.

  1. Before installing the MXL IPTV APK, we need to Turn on both Unknown source and ADB debugging.
  2. Next, we need to find the IP address of the Firestick device. For that,  Settings —> Device —> About —> Network —> IP
  3. After that, we need to download the apt ADB Link which suite your operating system.
  4. Install the ADB Link in your device
  5. Click and open the ADB link
  6. Go to the home page of ADB link there you can set up a device by clicking the New button.
  7. In the new button, Enter the description of your firestick name and then add the IP address of firestick in the IP address column.
  8. Save the entered details in your ADB. Next, Click connect.
  9. Now both the devices will connect each other.
  10. You can see the connection status in the device.
  11. Next, download and install the MXL IPTV in your computer
  12. Now, go to the firestick home page you can see MXL IPTV APP.

That’s it. this is another one method of installing the application in your firestick.

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To Sums UP:

This is the best alternative app for Terrarium TV. Also, we have tested all the three methods which have been working good for me. I will definitely recommend you to use MXL IPTV Apk on your firestick for streaming. If you’re facing any difficulties means just comment us below. We’ll get back to you very quickly.

Thank you guys for your patience…

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