What Channel is NBC Sports on Cable? [Updated 2022]

Suppose you search for a channel that is full of sports and entertainment. Yeah, you are on the right platform to know what channel it is. In this write-up, we will see about NBC Sports on cable. NBC Sports is an American Sports Television Channel owned and operated by NBC Sports Group and a division of NBC Universal. Cable is a television provider in the US. Most of the people are using cable network providers.

Cable is famous for its good quality of content and crystal clear picture quality. In cable, you have to pay a monthly amount, which is affordable to everyone. The amount varies from the use of television through cable. You can enjoy NBC Sports by using cable networks. So to know more about this channel, let us dive into the content.

What Channel is NBC Sports on Cable?

NBC Sports on Cable
What Channel is NBC Sports on Cable?

NBC Sports on NBCSN launched in 1995 as the Outdoor Live Network(OLN). NBC Sports Channel was dedicated to primarily covering the programs like hunting, fishing, other adventure programs, and other outdoor sports programs. Then the days have gone the channel come forward to cover the mainstream sports programs. Then the channel rebranded as Versus in September 2006. And after years passed, the name versus rebranded as NBC Sports Network, the branded name later shortened as NBCSN.

NBC Sports is the second most-watched channel in the industry. The channel is accessible to more than 80 million households in America. You can enjoy this channel, cable TV networks. But in cable, you want to pay the amount monthly. So the amount is affordable to everyone. In NBC Sports, you can enjoy all the sports events live and if you miss out on the favorite game when you are busy. You can watch the highlights of the matches that you have missed. The Shows that include in this channel are NFL and other major programs.

The channel also covers the more minor leagues in the country. So you can enjoy all the sports programs that suit your mood. NBC will satisfy your mood. In America, there is a more fanbase for Football. So if you are a football lover, then NBC Sports will be a treat for you. But the one thing that gets confused is the channel numbers. The channel numbers may vary from region to region because there are hundreds of channels in the cable network. So we are here to help you save your energy and time; we prepared a list of channel numbers that help you find so quickly.

Channel NameChannel Number
NBC Sports55
NBC Sports on Cable
  • NHL on NBC
  • NASCAR on America
  • NBC Sunday Night Football
  • Cycling on NBC
  • Soccer on Sports
  • Brother from Another


I hope that I have covered all information about NBC Sports on Cable. This channel will keep you and your family full of joy. It keeps engaged to it. The above information about the channel will clarify all your doubts about it. To learn more about this channel, read the article to the end.


What Channel Number is NBC Sports on Cable?

Channel 55 is running as NBC Sports on Cable.

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