How to get Netflix on my Chromebook?[2022]

Netfilx on Chromecast
Netfilx on Chromecast

A few days back I bought a brand new Chromebook HP X2 CHROMEBOOK as my traveling partner. From day one, I was watching movies on Netflix using the web browser only. Every Chromebook users having doubts in their minds, that your Chromebook supports Netflix’s official app or not. But the problems have been solved long ago itself. The newly launching Chromebooks are runs on Google Chrome OS. So there is no problem with running the streaming application on Chromebook. Watching Movies and TV shows on Chromebook through the official Netflix app offers a much better viewing experience compared to the browser.

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If you are using an old Chromebook facing any issues on download and streaming Netflix’s official app, you need to update your Chromebook. For the new Chromebook users follow the below instruction on how to get Netflix on your Chromebook? Let’s see how to do it.


Netflix is a Subscription-based streaming service, it is one of the biggest streaming options for the home television audience. In the year 1997, this service was started. At the start, it was acting as a subscription-based DVD service. The newly released movie DVD or any other DVD will be mail straight to home. Netflix starts the streaming service in 2007, that offers the user to stream TV shows, movies, anime, documentaries and many more via internet connection. You can watch anything you want, anywhere at any time. Enjoy all the video content without a single ad. Every week there will be movies and TV shows updated regularly. It supports platforms like smartphones, tablets, Roku, Firestick, Smart TV, Apple TV, Xbox, Gaming Consoles, Laptop, Chromecast and many more.

How much does Netflix cost for a subscription?

There are four different subscription plans available on Netflix. The Netflix plans are

Mobile Plan: Every mobile user will love this plan. You can stream only one device at the same time. It cost 199 RS per month.

Basic Plan: In this, you can watch all the movies and TV shows at the cost of 499 rupees per month. You can stream only one device at a time in this plan. The streaming quality is standard definition.

Standard Plan: This plan cost at a rate of 649rs per month, from that you can stream two devices at a time. Stream the contents in HD.

Premium Plan: This plan gives you a variety of features. Watch all the latest movies maximum of 4 devices at the same time. It streams the content in picture quality like HD/UHD 4K. It cost 799rs per month.

How to Sign in and Subscribe Netflix?

Step1: Go to the Web browser and search .

Step2: On the Home page you can see TRY IT NOW option.

Step3: Tap TRY IT NOW, Choose your plan opens.

Step4: See the Plans by clicking it.

Netflix Chromebook

Step5: Choose the Plan as you wish.

Step6: Click Continue.

Step7: Create your own new account.

Netflix Chromebook

Step8: Make your payment.

Step9: Now your Netflix account is ready. Next, we see how to use it on Chromebook.

Netflix on Chromebook:

Netflix Chromebook

Since the launch of Chrome OS in Chromebooks, Chromebooks have been gained huge popularity among the Chromebook lovers. Chrome OS is similar to the Andriod OS. Still, there are many people think that the Chromebooks are smartphones that look like in laptop form. But it is a full-time laptop with Chrome OS instead of window OS.

Still, many people think that the Netflix service doesn’t support Chromebook. But it is not true you can access Netflix on Chromebook easily. If you are using old Chromebooks, You are facing trouble with streaming Netflix. You need to update it. After 2011 every Chromebooks have been run Netflix without any trouble

How to update old Chromebooks for streaming Netflix?

If you are using old generation Chromebook, Follow the below steps for an update,

Step1: Tap the Wrench icon which is located at the top of the screen.

Step2: Then it will move to Device Settings.

Step3: From that choose About Google Chrome.

Step4: Followed by Click the Check for updates.

Step5: Your device starts to look for any new updates.

Step6: It will display the new updates.

Step7: Download and install it on your Chromebook.

Step8: Now your Chromebook is ready to stream Netflix.

How to get Netflix on my Chromebook?

By using two different methods you can stream Netflix on Chromebook. Two methods are,

  • Stream Netflix through Netflix’s official website.
  • Stream Netflix through Netflix app from Google Play Store.

How to get Netflix on my Chromebook through Netflix’s Official Website?

Step1: Open the Chrome browser on your Chromebook.

Step2: Go to

Step3: On the home page you can see Sign IN button.

Step4: Tap the Sign in.

Step5: Enter your Login details.

Step6: Within a few seconds it will open.

Step7: Play any videos or movies, if you like to watch.

Step8: While streaming you can see download option at the bottom. If you want to download a video, click the download Icon and watch it offline whenever you want.

This is one of the easiest methods to stream Netflix on Chromebook.

How to get Netflix on my Chromebook through Netflix’s App from Google Play Store?

Step1: If you want to download the Netflix app on your Google Play Store. First of all, we need to enable the Google Play Store on your Chromebook.

Step2: Go to the Settings.

Step3: In that Settings, Click Google Play Store.

Step4: Click Turn on.

Step5: Followed by Select More option.

Step6: At last, Agree on all terms and conditions. Click I Agree.

Step7: Launch your Google Play Store.

Step8: Search the Netflix App.

Step9: Download the latest version of the Netflix app.

Step10: Install the app on your Chromebook.

Step11: Click the Sign IN.

Step12: Enter your login details.

Step13: Play any video you want to see.

Step14: Enjoy all the award-winning movies and tv shows anywhere at any time.

To Conclude:

From the above two methods, you can stream Netflix on your Chromebook easily. Use Netflix’s official app for streaming gives you better viewing experience. Enjoy unlimited movies, tv shows and many more.

Thank you for your patience. For more queries or doubts regarding this article, tell us in the below comment box.

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