How to Watch Netflix on Nintendo Switch?

Netflix on Nintendo Switch: At this point, we all wish to have a multi-use gadget. As a result, we have started using gaming consoles as streaming devices too.

It helps us in streaming movies and live content. Seemingly, we have varieties of streaming services like Hulu, YouTube, Amazon Prime, Netflix, and much more.

Particularly, this article discusses the possibilities of installing and watching Netflix on Switch.

Indeed, the Netflix app needs not much introduction. Moreover, Netflix is a popular video streaming service available worldwide.

Furtherly, the Netflix app provides you with the best-in-class movies, TV shows, series, and exclusive Netflix Originals.

The desired app is compatible with multiple platforms, including certain gaming consoles. But is it possible to watch Netflix on Nintendo Switch?

Let’s explore the possibilities and ways to get Netflix on Switch in the following article.

How to Watch Netflix on Nintendo Switch?

Unfortunately, the Netflix app is not available for Nintendo Switch at this point. It means that you can’t install and watch Netflix content on your Switch console.

Of course, there were times when the Netflix app was accessible on Nintendo Wii devices.

Netflix on Nintendo Switch
How to Watch Netflix on Nintendo Switch?

But now you can’t find the Netflix app on the Nintendo eShop. Accordingly, there is no any statement from the official people about bringing Netflix to Switch.

Moreover, the desired app was discontinued in 2020 from all of its Nintendo Wii U and 3DS consoles.

Furtherly, there is no official way to get and watch Netflix on Switch. It is not even possible to access Netflix via the browser on Switch.


Is Netflix available on Nintendo eShop?

Of course, No. At the time of writing, the Netflix app is not available on Nintendo eShop. And, moreover, there is no any official method to install and watch Netflix on your Switch console.

What are the streaming apps available on Nintendo Switch?

Well, Nintendo eShop has some fresh and useful streaming apps like YouTube, Hulu, Funimation, and Pokemon TV.


I hope the above-given article will be fair enough to know about the possibilities of watching Netflix on Switch.

Unfortunately, the Netflix app is not compatible with Switch. And there is no official statement from Netflix or Nintendo Switch regarding the app’s availability.

Get in touch with GC Tricks and the official websites to know about the future plans of bringing the Netflix app to Switch.

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