How to Watch Netflix on Philips Smart TV?

In this quarantine period, People started watching the shows that make them enthusiastic about it. People prefer Online Streaming rather than cable networks. Netflix is the supreme service which provides online streaming services. Netflix works well on most of all Smart TVs. Here, you’ll get the steps to watch Netflix on Philips Smart TV.

How to Watch Netflix On Philips Smart TV?

We have given the procedures to watch Netflix on 3 different Philips Smart TVs.


Netflix on Philips Smart TV


  1. Watch Netflix on Philips Smart TV [Android TV]
  2. Watch Netflix on Philips Roku TV
  3. Get Netflix on Philips Old Model TV

How to Watch Netflix on Philips Android Smart TV?

The upcoming procedures will help you to watch Netflix on Philips Smart TV.


Power on your Philips Smart TV.


Tap on the Netflix button on your Philips Smart TV remote.

 (If your remote doesn’t have the Netflix button, then tap on the NET TV button and select Netflix.)


Select Sign in or Yes Are you a member?


Now configure your membership if you’re not already a member.


Log in with your credentials and enter the activation code that appears on your screen to


Now, get started to watch Netflix on Philips Smart TV.


How to Switch Plans?

It is very easy to upgrade or downgrade your plans. The steps are:

  • Browse
  • Open the Accounts page and select Change Plans under the Plan details section.
  • Now, your screen will display the plans available.
  • Choose the plan that you want and tap on Continue or Update.
  • Tap on Confirm Change or Confirm, and it’ll reflect on your next billing.

Is Netflix not working on Philips Smart TV?

If any problems occur while watching Netflix on Philips Smart TV, do the following.

  • Turn on and off your devices.
  • Restart your devices.
  • Check the speed of the internet connection.
  • Uninstall and reinstall the app.
  • Check whether there is an update for your device and the app.
  • Check the plan renewals.

Sums Up

Netflix is the platform that suits most of devices. Netflix offers its best to the subscribers, so what it’s being used all over the world. We have given the easiest procedures to watch Netflix on Philips Smart TV. And we hope that we have given the best to provide you with the procedures.

Thank you…

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