How to Install and Watch Netflix on PS5? [Updated February 2022]

Cord-cutting is seen visible in and around us. Cord-cutting is happening because it is one of the ways to save money in the arena of entertainment. There are various online streaming platforms to get rid of cords. Netflix is one of the better options to cut your cord. This article is exclusively for PlayStation5 users. You will be knowing, How to install and watch Netflix on PS5.

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What is Netflix?

Netflix on PS5

Netflix is an over-the-top content service based in America. It is a production company as well. Netflix is one of the most popular technology and media services provider. It was launched in the year 1997. It offers movies, TV shows, series, and many more to enjoy watching. Netflix works on subscription. Netflix has 203.7 million users around the globe.

It is compatible with various devices. To name a few: Android, iOS, Chromecast, PlayStation, Wii U console, Blu-ray disc players, Xbox consoles, set-top boxes, Windows, PCs, Tablets, LG Smart TV, Samsung Smart TV, Panasonic TV, Sony Smart TV, Redmi TV, Philips TV, Apple TV, Hisense Smart TV, Toshiba Smart TV and goes the list.

Features of Netflix

Netflix is a top-notch online streaming service. This is because of its features. Let us have a look at them:

  • Multiple accounts
  • Unlimited movies and TV shows
  • Frequently updated with shows and movies
  • Download shows and watch
  • Netflix Originals to binge-watch
  • Watch downloaded movies with a week’s time
  • Parental controls
  • Pause in one and resume in other device
  • Consistent interface
  • Ultra HD Quality streaming
  • Closed captions

And many more exclusive features.

What is are the subscription plans of Netflix?

Netflix offers following subscription plans:

All the subscription plans offers unlimited access to movies & TV shows

  • Basic costs $8.99/month
    • One screen streaming at a time
    • Downloads can be accessed on only one device
  • Standard costs $13.99/month
    • Two screens streaming at a time
    • Downloads can be accessed on two devices
    • HD Quality streaming
  • Premium costs $17.99/month
    • Four screens streaming at a time
    • Downloads can be accessed on four devices
    • HD Quality streaming and Ultra HD Quality streaming

Currently No Free trial is available

How to Register for Netflix?

Step1: Head to page.

Step2: Choose the plan you want. You can even change it later.

Step3: Enter your mail address and password to create an account.

Step4: Give a payment method.

Step5: You have successfully registered for Netflix.

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Is Netflix available on PS5?

The answer is Yes. As stated above, Netflix is available on PlayStation5. In most cases, Netflix is pre-installed in PlayStation5. If you can’t locate the app follow the below-given instructions to get Netflix on PlayStation5.

How to install Netflix on PS5?

Step1: Launch your PlayStation5.

Step2: Go to Media Tab.

Netflix on PS5

Step3: Go for App option.

Netflix on PS5

Step4: Here, choose Movie/TV section.

Netflix on PS5

Step5: Search for Netflix.

Netflix on Playstation5

Step6: Tap on Netflix.

Netflix on PS5

Step7: Go for Download option.

Step8: Wait for the Netflix App to download.

Step9: After downloading, click Open the Netflix App.

Step10: Sign in with your Netflix credentials and binge-watch Netflix on your PlayStation5.

How to download Netflix on PS5 using controller?

Step1: Launch your PlayStation5.

Step2: Press the PS button in your controller.

Netflix on PS5

Step3: Now, click Home. This will take you to the homescreen.

Step4: Go for All Apps.

Step5: Head to Video and Music Apps section.

Step6: Now, Tap on the Netflix icon.

Step7: Click Download.

Step8: After downloading the Netflix app,  go ahead by streaming it on your PlayStation5.

How to watch Netflix on PS5 using PS5 media remote?

Connect your media remote to PS5 console:

Step1: Head to Settings.

Step2: Choose Accessories.

Step3: Go to Media Remote and click on Set up Media Remote.

Step4: Follow the onscreen prompts to pair it up.

Step5: If not, opt for Set up manually and go ahead with the onscreen instructions for pairing.

Netflix button:

Step1: Launch your PlayStation5.

Step2: Pair your Media Remote to PS5 console.

Step3: Press the Netflix button in the Media Remote.

Netflix on PS5

Step4: You can stream Netflix easily, provided you have an active Netflix account.

Troubleshooting Guide

If Netflix gets freezes and not responding to your PlayStation5, follow the given steps to get rid of the issue.

  • Does your Netflix App freezes when you Open the Netflix App, then:
    • Do not use cellular network look for alternate means
    • Get rid of public Wi-Fi networks as they block streaming video intentionally
  • Sign out and Sign in to your Netflix account  
  • Restart your PlayStation5
  • Plug out and plug in your PlayStation5
  • Check your internet connectivity
  • Check the internet connection speed
  • Uninstall and install the Netflix App on PlayStation5

The EndNote

To end, there is always no reason to deny Netflix. This implies that you can try Netflix for sure. Netflix is highly addictive as well. But there are minor flaws such as limited regions, internet issues. Hope you find this article useful. Thank you for reading.

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Frequently asked questions

Can you watch Netflix on ps5?  

PlayStation5 is compatible with various media apps. Also, it avails Netflix on PlayStation5. It is an official app of the PlayStation Store. Binge-watch Netflix and it’s content on your ps5

How to download Netflix on ps5?

It is a very simple process. Since Netflix is an official app on PlayStation5, one can launch their PlayStation5 and directly download Netflix App from the PlayStation Store.

What are the pros of Netflix?

  1. Ad-free streaming
  2. Affordable cost being a new user
  3. Streaming library of High Quality
  4. Multi-user account with a Premium membership
  5. Offline viewing
  6. Available on a wide range of devices
  7. Easy-to-use

What are the cons of Netflix?

  1. Regional constraints
  2. Popular contents are removed
  3. Requires high speed and internet for buffering less streaming
  4. The streaming library isn’t updated regularly
  5. Highly addictive
  6. Should wait for a new episode for a long time
  7. Cost increases as days pass

How many devices can I have on Netflix?

The number of devices you use Netflix on depends on your subscription plan.

  • Basic – one device
  • Standard – two devices
  • Premium – four devices

How can I see who is using my Netflix?

Step1: Sign in to your Netflix account through web browser.

Step2: Move your cursor over Account symbol in the top right corner.

Step3: Now, tap Account.

Step4: Go to Recent device streaming activity link.

Step5: Now, select the See recent account access link.

Step6: You will see the IP address, device, location and time that is using your Netflix account.

Step7: If you want to get rid of this, get back to your Account page.

Step8: Go for Sign out of all devices.

Step9: Change your Netflix account password.

Step10: In this case, you are safe and secure from someone who is using your Netflix account.

What is the required internet speed to avail Netflix?

  1. Ultra High Definition Quality streaming – 25mbps
  2. High Definition Quality streaming – 5mbps
  3. Standard Definition Quality streaming – 3mbps
  4. The minimum requirement for streaming – 0.5mbps to 1.5mbps