Netflix Party on Firestick | How to get Netflix Party on Firestick? [2022]

Millions of people all over the world continue to practice social distancing due to the effects of the Corona Virus. If you are stuck in your home, not able to watch movies with your friend’s means don’t worry. Netflix helps you to connect with your family and friends with a new feature called Netflix Party. Everyone loves to watch movies on a big screen, with the help of Firestick you can stream all the Netflix contents on your TV and watch with your friends using Netflix Party. In this guide, we will teach you on how to get Netflix Party on Firestick?

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Here I am going to discuss on,

  • What is Firestick?
  • What is Netflix Party?
  • Features of the Netflix Party?
  • How to get a Netflix party on Firestick?

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What is Firestick?

Amazon Firestick

The Amazon Firestick is another one video streaming device out there in the online market. Firestick is a tiny flash drive shaped device, it turns all the normal tv into smart tv. It is one of the best devices for home entertainment streaming technologies. Just plugged in the latest Firestick on your TV’s HDMI with the help of Firestick remote you can stream whatever you like. The user can access to free and paid contents of movies, tv shows, sports, music, photos, games and many. The device is easily portable, so you can watch it anywhere at any time. You can stream content in popular services like Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Netflix, and many more.

What is Netflix Party?

Netflix party

Netflix Party is a famous Google Chrome Extension that allows the user to watch Netflix movies, TV shows with your family and friends even they are not in the same place. This extension is not officially developed by Netflix. It is available only on the Chrome browser. The extension has highlighted features like synchronize video playback and also adds a group chat option. Using group chats option you can chat with your friends while watching movies. It is the best way to keep in touch with your friends. You will need a Chrome browser to make Netflix party work. It only supports the desktop version of the chrome browser.

Features of Netflix Party:

  • The best way to watch Netflix content with your friends even when they are not with you.
  • Synchronize video playback.
  • Chat with your friends while streaming.
  • Can Invite any Netflix party users also
  • You can stream all the video contents in HD quality.
  • It is completely ad-free to stream.
  • The user can watch multiple shows at the same time.
  • The user can watch Dolby Vision content.
  • Stream HDR content.
  • It is User-friendly to use.
  • There won’t be any interruption while streaming.
  • More than 1,000,000 people using this extension.

How to get a Netflix party on Firestick?

To get Netflix Party on your Firestick, it is very easy to get it. Just follow the below steps to use the Netflix party on your Firestick.

Netflix Party on Firestick
Netflix Party on Firestick

How to Add Netflix Party on Firestick’s Chrome browser?

Step1: Switch on your Firestick using Firestick remote control.

Step2: On the home page of Amazon Firestick you can see plenty of apps by default. In that search for the Chrome browser.

Netflix party on Firestick

Step3: If the Chrome browser app is not available by default, download it on the Amazon app store or download it by sideloading. Here we are downloading the Chrome browser by sideloading process

Netflix party on Firestick

Step4: Once you have a Chrome browser on your Firestick, Search the Chrome web store on Chrome browser.

Step5: Once you have reached the Chrome web store, Click the search in store.

Netflix party on Firestick

Step6: Enter the keywords as a Netflix party and search it.

Netflix party on Firestick

Step7: Open the Netflix Party from the result.

Step8: Inside the Netflix Party, You can see Add to Chrome button.

Step9: Tap the Add to Chrome.

add to chrome

Step10: Followed by Click Add extension.

add to extension

Step11: In a second the extension will be added on your Chrome browser. Netflix Party will be located next to the address bar and looks like gray in color.

How to use Netflix Party on the Netflix Website in your Firestick?

Step12: Next, open the new tab on the chrome browser.

Step13: Search Netflix website.

Step14: Click Go. Open the Netflix website.

Step15: Enter your Netflix account details and sign into it. (if you don’t have Netflix accounts means, first of all, create an account and subscribe it, then sign into it)

Step16: Play any video which you like to watch on Netflix.

Step17: When the video is starting to play, the NP icon logo changes to red in color.

NP logo in red

Step18: Click the NP icon logo, A pop up opens.

Step19: In that, Click the “Only I have Control” you only the person to control the video.

Step20: In the same popup, Click the Start Party.

Start a party

Step21: Once you clicked, it will generate a unique URL. Copy the URL and share with your friends through messaging.

Copy URL

Step22: If your friend click the link, the video will start to play on his firestick also.

Note: For watching together, Your friend must have a Netflix party extension on the device and also sign in into it at the same time when you watching.

Step 23: The user can monitor who has joined or who has left the Chatroom.

Step24: To end the party, click the Disconnect button to stop the party

Step25: This the way to get Netflix Party on your Firestick and this way to watch with your friends together.

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Sums UP:

These are steps to get Netflix Party on your Firestick. Netflix Party is one of the most used extensions out there. Due to the current coronavirus outbreak, this extension will definitely helpful for you to watch movies with your friends. I have tried it in my Firestick device. It works great on my Firestick without any interruption. By using the below comment section you can share your feedback related to this article. For more info about Firestick, visit

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