How to Use Netflix Party on Xbox?

Netflix Party on Xbox: At this point, we have many smart devices and streaming apps to watch our desired content.

Indeed, Netflix is one such app that contains popular video content. The Netflix app helps you watch popular content in various categories.

Moreover, the desired app is available worldwide on multiple streaming platforms. You can access the Netflix shows on smartphones, streaming devices, and smart TVs.

So that it is possible to stream our favorite content from the rest of our couch. But you know what, it made us to stay away from our friends.

As everyone started watching their favorite content on their own, it has become impossible to enjoy the movies with our family and friends.

Have you ever thought of finding a solution to it? Well, we have a solution for you, and that is Netflix Party. Indeed, Netflix Party lets you watch movies with your friends even though you are long apart.

But is it possible to access Netflix Party on Xbox? Let’s dig out the answer to your query in the following article.

Is Netflix Party available on Xbox?

Actually, Netflix Party is a chrome extension that is available to access only on browsers. As Netflix Party is not available as an app, there is no way to get it on Xbox.

But there is a possibility to cast Netflix Party to Xbox from PC or Mac. Read the following section of this article for more details.

How to Use Netflix Party on Xbox?

The following guide includes the simple methods to get TeleParty on Xbox via casting. Concerning that, Windows PC users must install the Wireless Display app on their Xbox.

Netflix Party on Xbox
How to Use Netflix Party on Xbox?

On the other hand, Mac users have to install the AirServer app on their console. Indeed, the following method applies to all Xbox consoles like Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

With that being said, let’s get into the primary procedure.

Steps to Cast Netflix Party on Xbox from PC or Mac

Before getting into the primary process, make sure you add the Netflix Party extension to your browser from the Chrome web store.

Next, log in to the official Netflix website with your account credentials. Then, click on the Netflix Party extension on the title bar.

Click on the Start Party button and share the URL with your family/friends. Once you are done with sending the invite link, continue with the below-given steps.

Step 1:

Initially, open the respective screen mirroring app on your Xbox 360, Xbox One, or Xbox Series X/S device.

Step 2:

Then, click on the three dotted menu icon at the top right corner of your browser.

Step 3:

Choose the Cast option from the list.

Step 4:

Select the name of your Xbox from the list of available devices.

Step 5:

Accept the pairing request on your Xbox.

Step 6:

Finally, you can access the NetflixParty on your Xbox.


I hope you have successfully installed NetflixParty on your Xbox console. Seemingly, the desired feature has got a new name which is Teleparty.

Indeed, unlike Netflix Party, Teleparty lets you chat with your family/friends via many apps like Hulu, HBO Max, DIsney+, and much more.

Teleparty is available as an extension on the chrome browser, and the above post includes the ways to get Teleparty on Xbox.

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