How to Watch NHL on PS5?

NHL on PS5: What’s up, guys! Are you a sports lover? If you love sports, get into this article and learn about NHL on PS5. Firstly, the NHL app is an online streaming service, and this is the best and most popular platform for Sports. So, the particular purpose of using this NHL app is for a Hockey.

NHL is expanding as National Hockey League, and Henry Samueli was the owner of the NHL. Therefore NHL  is a sports game of professional Ice Hockey in the place of the US and Canada.

Desktop Computer, Xbox One, Android mobile phone, iOS devices like iPhone and iPad, Roku, Android TV, PlayStation 4, Google Chromecast device, and Apple TV are the Streaming device that supports the NHL app.

At this point, the NHL app is very useful for sports news, highlights, stats, and even more benefits are available on NHL.

As long as there are 32 teams is available in the NHL app. Therefore 25 teams from the US and seven teams from Canada.

Features of NHL

  • NHL contains on-demand highlights.
  • Highlights
  • Schedules for NHL game.
  • Live sports content.
  • Update every sports news.
  • You can get more details about your favorite sports team.
  • Easy to access.

How to Watch NHL on PS5 using PS Remote Play?

At present, the NHL app is not compatible with the PS5 console. In detail, the PlayStation 5 users can not install the NHL app directly from the PlayStation Store. At this time, the PS5 console users can use the Screen Mirroring process to Stream all the NHL content on their PlayStation 5 console. At last, we mention the simple steps to watch the NHL on PS5 with the help of the PS Remote Play.

NHL on PS5
How to Watch NHL on PS5?

Step 1:

Firstly, Combine your PS5 console with your Smart TV.

Step 2:

Turn on your PlayStation 5 and make a Wifi internet connection to your device.

Step 3:

Install the NHL  and PS Remote Play app with the help of the Google Play Store and App Store from your Smartphone.

Step 4:

After installing the NHL  app, Launch the NHL app on your Smartphone like an Android mobile phone or iOS device.

Step 5:

Log In to the NHL app by using your account details.

Step 6:

Now you can access your NHL app on your Smartphone.

Step 7:

Move to the System and click on the Remote Play to turn on the Enable Remote Play option.

Step 8:

Now open the PS Remote Play from your Smartphone.

Step 9:

Log In to the PS Remote Play app with the help of your PlayStation account details.

Step 10:

Now your PS Remote Play merges to PS5.

Step 11:

After that, play any video from the NHL app on your Smartphone, and that video will display on your PS5.

Step 12:

At last, the Smartphone connects to PS5.


Is the NHL app contains a Subscription?

Undoubtedly, the NHL app has a Subscription. In other words, the NHL  is free to install, but it contains a  subscription to stream all the NHL  contnte. Therefore the subscription plans for the NHL are,

  • $6.99 – per month
  • $69.99 – per year

Does the NHL app available on PS5?

Unfortunately, the NHL app is not available in PS5. In detail, the PlayStation 5 console users cannot install the NHL app directly from the PlayStation Store. At this time, use the Screen Mirroring or Casting process to stream all the NHL app contnte on your PlayStation 5 console.


At last, here we conclude the NHL on PS5. In detail, NHL is the best and most popular streaming app stand that app fills with plenty of sports content. Therefore, all the sports game lovers will jump into this article to stream all the video content only after the subscription.

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