How to Connect Nintendo Switch on TV?

Nintendo Switch on TV: At this point, we have various types of gaming consoles from multiple brands.

But, Nintendo Switch owns the crown when it comes to compactness and portability.

Even though it has a 6.2-inch screen, it is a standout feature compared to other gaming consoles.

Indeed, you may need an external TV screen or monitor to play the PlayStation or Xbox games. Whereas it is not the case with Nintendo Switch.

You get the proprietary portable screen to play all your favorite Nintendo games. But some users may feel it difficult to play the games on a small screen.

Of course, many Nintendo Switch users may have the thought of trying their games on a big screen.

If you are one among them, the following article is the right place to get the answers to your queries on playing  Switch on TV.

How to Connect Nintendo Switch on TV?

No matter if you use the regular Nintendo Switch model or the OLED model. It is possible to connect both types of Switch consoles to TV.

Nintendo Switch on TV
How to Connect Nintendo Switch on TV?

The only thing is that you must have the necessary things beforehand to get a seamless process completion.

Required Things:

  • Nintendo Switch Console with controllers
  • Nintendo Switch Dock
  • AC Adapter
  • HDMI Cable
  • HDMI compatible TV

#1. Initially, you have to place the Dock station near your TV.

#2. Then, remove the back panel of the dock.

#3. There you have three ports an AC adapter port, HDMI port, and USB port.

#4. Firstly, plug in one end of the AC adapter wire to the Nintendo Switch dock and the other to the power socket.

#5. Next, connect one end of the HDMI cable to the Dock station and the other to your TV.

#6. Now, remove the Joy-Con controllers from the console by pressing the buttons on the backside.

#7. Place the console on the Dock station and make sure the screen is facing the front part of the dock.

#8. Power On your Switch console and TV.

#9. Choose the correct HDMI input option on your TV to play Nintendo Switch on TV.


Can you connect Nintendo Switch to the TV without a dock?

Yes, you can connect Switch to TV without a dock by using a USB Type-C adapter.

Initially, connect the USB Type-C adapter to the Nintendo Switch console, and connect the AC adapter and HDMI cable to the respective adapter.

Then, connect either end of the cable to your TV. Now power on the devices and choose the apt input to play connect Nintendo Switch to the TV.

How to connect Nintendo Switch to a TV wirelessly?

Seemingly, it is not possible to connect Switch to TV without using any wires. Indeed, you must connect to an AC adapter and HDMI cable to access your games on TV.


I hope the above post has cleared all your doubts regarding connecting Nintendo Switch on TV.

Indeed, Nintendo Switch is a handheld gaming console that lets you connect it to a big screen.

By which you can enjoy a border-free game streaming experience.

The above post includes the simple ways to connect your Nintendo Switch console to your TV screen.

Make sure you follow the steps in order to get a hassle-free process completion.

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