Now TV on Roku | How to get Now TV on Roku? [2022]

In the year 1940s and 1950s, People started to watch television, they received signals over the air. After that in the year 1970s and 1980s, cable and satellite companies supplanted the broadcast signal. But today it is not possible for everyone to watch tv shows on their initial airing and also the cost of the cable TV subscription has increased. To overcome cable TV, subscription, they are plenty of streaming devices out there in the market. From that Roku is one. With the help of Roku, you can stream many applications and watch whatever you like. If you don’t want to spend too much money on watching movies and TV shows on Roku TV, then Now TV is my first stop. In this post, we are going to tell you about how to get Now TV on Roku?

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Here I am going to teach you,

  • What is a Roku streaming device?
  • What is Now TV?
  • Features of Now TV
  • How to get Now TV on Roku?

What is a Roku streaming device?

Roku device

Roku is a small digital media player which makes user to watch entertainment shows whatever they like. It receives the signal from your internet or wifi, Then the signal is outputted to your signal. Roku is a streaming device that lets you stream movies, tv shows, series, sports, games, and other types of apps from the internet and display it to your TV. There are seven Roku devices out there. You can choose the device based on your features have. Roku is a family of streaming devices which was launched back in the year 2008 by Roku Inc. To set it up, First of all, plug it on the TVs HDMI port and connect the device to your home wifi network. This allows you to watch streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Spotify, Even games also.

What is Now TV?

Now TV on Roku

Now TV is a subscription-based video streaming service developed by Sky. It was started in the year 2012. NOW TV is one of the services that belongs to the division of pan-European telecommunications company sky limited with operations in the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Italy. It offers a subscription-based video-on-demand service. NOW TV also provides a contract-free broadband network and landline telephone services in the UK. NOW TV is especially for the customers who do not want to tie to a contract. You can get movies, shows, sports programs by merely subscribing to NOW TV. It offers five different passes, such as entertainment, cinema, sports, kids, and Hayu. You could watch NOW TV on your smartphones, tablets, and computers. You can change your subscription to channels often according to your wish.

Features of Now TV:

  • The Popular Channels available in the Now TV are Sky One, Sky Atlantic, Sky Living, Sky Arts, Fox, Comedy Central, MTV, Challenge, Viceland, ABC Studios, Discovery Channel, Nat Geo, Pick, SyFy.
  • Watch the new and popular TV shows without any contract.
  • Can stream more than 1000 on-demand movies in Sky Cinema pass.
  • Get more than 300 binge-worthy box sets in Entertainment Pass.
  • Now TV has a special plan for kids also. In the Kids pass you can watch all the Kid’s favorite movies and 1000+ kids shows.
  • Famous Kids Channels are Boomerang, Cartoonito, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Nick Jr, Nick Toons and many.
  • Reality shows of the US are available in the Hayu pass.
  • To watch sports use Sky Sports Pass, Here 11 live Sky Sports channels including Sky Sports Premier League and Main Event.
  • The Genres available in the Now TV are Select, Greats. Fantasy, Sci-Fi & Horror, Family, Premiere, Drama, Hits, Adventure, Thriller, Action, Comedy Disney and many.

Now TV Plans & Pricing:

  • Entertainment Pass costs £8.99
  • Sky Cinema Pass costs £11.99
  • Kids Pass Costs£3.99
  • Sky Sports Month Pass costs £33.99
  • Hayu Pass costs £3.99

How to get Now TV on Roku?

For streaming Now TV on Roku, We need some essential things for streaming this app. Now TV is one of the most added channels in the Roku Channel Store. It is available by default in the Roku store.

Now TV on Roku
Now TV on Roku

Required things are

  • Roku streaming stick or box
  • Smart TV
  • Good and stable Internet connection.
  • Smartphone for screen mirroring method

You can get Now TV on Roku by two different methods. The two different methods are

  • How to get Now TV on Roku Channel Store?
  • How to get Now TV on Roku using Screen Mirroring?

Let see both the method in the below section.

How to get Now TV on Roku Channel Store?

As we already said that Now TV is officially available in the Roku. Let’s see how to download it from Roku Channel Store.

Step1: Plugin your Roku TV on your Smart TV’s HDMI port.

Plugin your Roku device

Step2: Power on your Roku Player.

Step3: Connect your Roku TV to your home wifi network.

Step4: Enter your login details for signing the Roku account.

Step5: Home Page of Roku opens.

Roku Home

Step6: For opening the channel store, Click the Streaming Channel options first.

Streaming channels option

Step7: Inside the Streaming Channels, You can see the search channels option.

search option

Step8: Tap the search option

Step9: Enter as Now TV in the search box.

Step10: Select the Now TV

Step11: It will show the Information screen of Now TV, In that Click the Add Channel.

Now TV

Step12: Now TV starts to download.

Step13: After downloading, Open the Now TV.

Homepage Now TV

Step14: Choose the Plan as per your wish.

Step15: Create a Now TV account and Subscribe to it.

Step16: Now TV is now ready to stream on your Roku in 4K UHD.

How to get Now TV on Roku using Screen Mirroring?

If your Roku device doesn’t have an official Now TV channel, then use this screen mirroring. This one of the alternative methods for streaming Now TV on Roku.

Step1: Connect your Roku device on your Smart TV.

Step2: Power ON the Roku TV and Connect it to your home wifi.

Step3: Login into your Roku account.

Step4: When you reached the home page of Roku, you can find the Settings option.

Roku Settings

Step5: Open the Setting option.

Step6: Next, Tap the System option which is located inside the settings.

Roku Screen Mirroring

Step7: Followed by Click the Screen Mirroring option in System option.

Step8: Finally, Enable your Screen Mirroring option.

enable screen mirroring

Step9: Take your Smartphone now, Go to the Play store.

Step10: Download Now TV and install it.

Step11: Once installed, Open the Now TV.

Step12: Create a new Now TV account.

Step13: Choose any plan as per your wish and subscribe to it.

Step14: Now, close the Now TV app and open the settings on your smartphone.

Step15: In the settings, Choose the Connected devices.

connected preference

Step16: After that, Click the Connection preferences in the Connected device.

Step17: Now you can find Cast Icon in Connection Preferences.


Step18: Tap the Cast Icon.

Step19: It will start to search for nearby devices with the same wifi server.

Step20: Choose your Roku TV.

Step21: Once it gets connected, Your entire phone screen will be displayed on your Roku TV.

Step22: Now, open the Now TV app.

Step23: Play any video you want. The same video will be played on your Roku TV also.

Sums UP:

Now TV is one of the most used streaming services that allow you to stream all the US reality shows in HD quality at a very low cost. From the above two methods, you can get Now TV on Roku easily. These two methods are the simplest way to get Now TV on Roku. You will never miss any tv shows on Now TV. Just follow the above steps and install it on your own. Are there any issues while installing, leave a comment in the below comment section.

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