What Channel is the Packers game on Dish? [Updated 2022]

Packers game on Dish: Do you love watching football games? If yes, you might have heard about the NFL games in America.

Yes, the National Football League or NFL is a popular and professional football league in America. In addition, it is the first wealthiest game in the world which is followed by MLB.

Speaking about the NFL, it has 32 teams selected for every season. Furtherly, the respective thirty-two teams will be split into two equal groups.

Indeed, the first group is the American Football Conference (AFC) and the second group is the National Football Conference (NFC).

Moreover, the NFL game conducted every year will commence in the month of August and ends in the month of January.

The following February month marks the playoffs for the qualified teams. As I said earlier, the NFL franchise has thirty-two clubs, and each club shall have 55 payers.

Of those 55 players, only 48 players can be active in the current roaster. Indeed, the NFL has many popular clubs like the Seahawks, Packers, Vikings, Colts, Titans, Cowboys, Raiders, etc.

You can watch the upcoming NFL game on various modes like TV, radio, and online channels.

Concerning that, the following article will examine the best channel to watch the Packers game on Dish. If you are wondering the same, continue reading the article for more details.

About Green Bay Packers

In simple words, the ‘Green Bay Packers’, is an American professional football team based in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Being a member of the National Football Conference (NFC) North Division, the Packers team participates in the National Football League.

Indeed, the Green Bay Packers are one of the oldest NFL franchises, founded in the year 1919. Besides the third-oldest franchise, the Packers are the non-profit team that is owned by a sports community.

In addition, being a US-based team, the Green Bay Packers use to play their home games at Lambeau Field since 1957.

Seemingly, the Packers teams are one of the existing ‘Small Town Teams’. Indeed, small-town teams were very common in the early stages of the beginning of the NFL during the 1920s.

Tuning back to the 1920s, the Green Bay Packers team was founded by Early Curly Lambeau and George Whitney Calhoun.

Moreover, America’s popular magazine, ‘Forbes’ ranked the Packers team as the 27th most valuable sports franchise in the year 2019.

Coming to the achievements part, the Packers team has won 13 league championships. In addition, they have also won 9 pre-Super Bowl titles and four Super Bowl victories.

Moreover, the Green Bay Packers have recorded one of the most wins in both playoffs and regular seasons. Continue reading to know the best channel to watch the Packers game on Dish.

Current Players Info

The Green Bay Packers team has one of the most influential players in the NFL franchise. In addition, it has a large worldwide fanbase. So, the following section will offer you the list of the current roaster in the Packers team.

  • Quarterbacks – Danny Etling, Jordan Love, Aaron Rodgers
  • Running Backs – A. J. Dillon, Tyler Goodson, Kylin Hill
  • Wide Receivers – Randall Cobb, Romeo Doubs, Allen Lazard
  • Tight Ends – Dominique Dafney, Tyler Davis, Marcedes Lewis
  • Linebackers – Krys Barnes, Randy Ramsey, Preston Smith, Quay Walker
  • Cornerback – Rasul Douglas, Jaire Alexander, Keisean Nixon

About Dish Network

Seemingly, the Dish Network is a satellite TV provider in America. It provides various services that include cable TV, internet, mobile, telephone, and multiple wireless services.

Of course, it is a subscription-based service with multiple packages. It is also serving over-the-top media services like Sling TV.

Indeed, the satellite TV provided by the Dish Network helps you watch a wide range of live and on-demand shows on your desired streaming device.

In addition, Dish subscribers can enjoy their favorite content anywhere using the Dish Anywhere app. The built-in DVR allows you to save your favorite live shows for future use.

Seemingly, you can use the Dish Anywhere app to manage your DVR recordings. Furtherly, even you can follow your favorite sports teams and players in the Sports section.

You can stay updated with the live scores of popular sports like NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, and much more.

The Dish Network has one of the most affordable and value-for-money subscription packs. Continue reading for more details.

  • Basic – $69.99/month with 190 channels 
  • Popular – $94.99/month with 240+ channels
  • Premium – $104/month with 290+ channels

The first basic package of the Dish network offers you 190 channels at just $69.99/month. In addition to the channels, you can also watch America’s Top 120 shows.

Furthermore, you can explore channels like ESPN, CMT, E!, and much more. Indeed, this package also gets you 28,000 free on-demand titles to stream with the Dish subscription on your desired device.

Followingly, the second package costs $94.99/month. This pack gets you a massive lineup of 240+ channels and additionally America’s Top 200.

In addition, you can find channels like Disney XD, Sundance, and many local channels. Wait, it is not over. You also have 35,000 free on-demand titles to watch on your desired streaming device with a valid Dish subscription.

Finally, the premium package allows you to access 290+ channels at $104.99/month. You can watch entertainment, sports, and many movie contents with this pack.

It has some premium channels like Starz, Smithsonian Channel, The Movie Channel, etc. Yes, as you expect, you also have America’s Top 250 shows with this package. Choose and customize the package of your own wish.

What Channel is the Packers game on Dish?

As we have seen above, the Green Bay Packers were one of the most popular NFL franchises in history.

You can watch the NFL games on various modes like TV, radio, and using many online TV providers. And, of course, you can watch the Packers game on Dish.

The only issue is that you can’t find a dedicated TV channel to watch the Packers game on Dish. But, don’t worry, it doesn’t mean that it is impossible to watch the Green Bay Packers game on Dish Network.

Packers game on Dish
What Channel is the Packers game on Dish?

Seemingly, you can use the native sports streaming services on Dish to stream your favorite games.

Indeed, the Dish Network has some popular sports streaming channels like ESPN, NFL Network, Fox Sports1, and NBC Sports.

Furtherly, the following section will offer you the channel number of the above-mentioned channels. So that you can watch your favorite Green Bay Packers game on Dish without any hassle.

Streaming service – Dish Network 

Channel Name – ESPN 

–>Airing On – 140

Channel Name – Fox Sports 1

–>Airing On – 150

Channel Name – NFL Network 

–> Airing On – 154

Channel Name – NBC Sports

–>Airing On – 2-70


I hope the above article will be helpful for you in watching the Packers game on Dish. Of course, there is no separate channel on Dish to watch the Packers game.

But alternatively, you can use dedicated sports channels like ESPN, Fox Sports, and much more to watch the desired game.

The above article gives you the exact channel numbers of the sports channel that you can use to watch the Packers game on Dish. With that being said, we would like to conclude our article. Thank You.


Is it possible to watch the Packers game on Dish?

Yes, it is possible to watch the Packers game on Dish. Indeed, you don’t have any dedicated channels to watch the respective game. But you can use the natively supported sports channels on Dish to do so.

What channel is Fox Sports 1 on Dish?

You can find the Fox Sports 1 or FS1 channel using channel number 150 on your Dish service.

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