How to Download and Watch Paramount+ on PS5? [Updated March 2022]

Physiologically, having fun is a good thing because it helps us to balance our stress factors and also produce feel-good hormones in our body. Every human being needs to have a happy healthy mind and body for the long run of life. Nowadays, we are running towards our career, passion, and all other elements to be worthy. In the meanwhile, we are spending our leisure time in our home only, in this case, you can use Paramount Plus to utilize your free time on watching feel-good movies. Paramount Plus is a good snack for your free hours. Consequently, in this write-up, we are going to learn about Paramount Plus on PS5.

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Paramount Plus

Paramount Plus is a solid application for watching enormous movies from CBS, Paramount Pictures, BET, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, MTV, Smithsonian channel, and so on, then you can have 30,000 episodes of TV shows. You can access all the Original media contents of CBS in Paramount Plus. Then this Paramount Plus was owned by the ViacomCBS streaming network.

The subscription plans of Paramount Plus include two plans which were the “Premium plan” and the “Essential plan”. In this Premium plan, you can watch the media content without any commercials, the Premium plan costs $9.99/month. Latter was the Essential plan, in this one you can watch commercials supported media content which means you can stream with commercials, then the Essential plan costs $4.99/month. Then there is one last plan, that’s not accessible for new subscribers which costs $5.99/month. For an annual plan, Paramount PlusPremium costs $99.99/year, and Paramount Plus Essential costs $49.95/year, then you can get 7 days free trial. Paramount Plus allows users to watch on three devices simultaneously.

Is Paramount Plus available on PS5?

Presently, the Paramount Plus app is not accessible on PlayStation5, but fortunately, you can use the Screen Mirroring method to watch Paramount Plus on PS5.

How to Watch Paramount+ on PS5 via Screen Mirroring method

You can follow the given steps below to get Paramount Plus on PS5 by using the Screen Mirroringmethod.

Step1: Switch on your Playstation5, connect your Smartphone and your PS5 with the same internet.

Step2: Swipe up your Smart Phone, get into the Apps Store or Play Store and search for the Paramount Plus app.

Step3: Select the Paramount Plus app from the search field results then Download the Paramount Plus app on your Smart Phone.

Step4: After downloading the Paramount Plus app, then install it on your Smart Phone.

Step5: Now, move on to the PS5 and set up the Speaker with your PS5.

Step6: Then click on the PlayStation button on the PS5 controller of the PlayStation5 device.

Step7: Now navigate to the Game Base and click on the Options section on your PS5.

Step8: Then move into the Game Base and pick a friend on PS5. Then send a message as on your friends chat on PS5.

Step9: Tap on the link that you’ve to send to your friend on PS5, then browse it as on your PS5.

Step10: After browsing. It has shown you one QR code on the PS5 screen, now to go to the Screen mirroring option on your Smart Phone.

Step11: Scan the QR code of your PS5 through your Smart Phone and couple them up.

Step12: As of now, your PS5 mirrors your Smart Phone and you can click any video on ParamountPlus that’ll be shown on your PS5.

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How to sign up for Paramount+ on PS5

Step1: Get into the browser on your PS5.

Step2: Enter in the search field and click start the search.

Step3: click on the official website of Paramount Plus and open it.

Step4: Then click on the TryParamount+ option on the screen.

Step5: Now tap on the Try it free option, select the plan of your accessibility and select the Continue option.

Step6: Enter your personal information regarding the field, choose your password, and select the continue option.

Step7: Click on the Payment information and check it out then follow the screen guidance for the Payment process.

Step8: After completing your payment process, click on the Start Paramount+ option. Now you can start to use your Paramount Plus account.


Paramount Plus is a good application to use your free time wisely, then it allows three simultaneous streams, you can use the parental control option on the Paramount Plus app. This Paramount Plus is a valid choice for endless entertainment make use of it. All media content, feature, and services with a budget-friendly price on Paramount Plus, grab your subscription soon. So though this article would turn out to be a piece of good information for your needs. We feel pleasure to have your virtual presence on this article about Paramount Plus on PS5.

Frequently Asked questions

What is the difference between Paramount and Paramount Plus?

Actually, Paramount is the normal cable channel then Paramount Plus is the online streaming platform in a form of application.

How can I watch Paramount Plus for free?

If you want to watch the video contents of Paramount Plus, you have to subscribe for it, then Paramount Plus gives us seven days free trial to users.

How do you get Paramount Plus?

You can get this Paramount Plus app from the Google Play store. Then log in to your subscribedParamount Plus account for more details you can read this article about Paramount Plus on PS5.