What Channel is the Patriots game on Cox? [Updated 2022]

Patriots game on Cox: Try to utilize the moment in the present so that you may not worry about the past in the future.

Sports is one of the influential elements that keep us engaging and entertaining. In that way, this article will talk about the famous NFL game in America.

Seemingly, the NFL is a popular football league in America. It consists of 32 teams which are separated into two significant groups.

They are the National Football Conference (NFC) and the American Football Conference (AFC).

Seemingly, each group will have sixteen teams, and the respective teams will carry over the three-week preseason and an 18-week regular season.

Indeed, the NFL season starts in the week of September and ends in the month of January. Furtherly, a set of seven teams will be chosen from each conference and will be sent to play in the playoffs.

And the playoffs will decide the Super Bowl champion. Meanwhile, the NFL season is going to hit the ground soon.

You can stream your favorite NFL game and the teams on various mediums like cable TV, radio, and even using online streaming services.

Concerning that, the following article examines the best channels to watch the Patriots game on Cox. Seemingly, Cox is one of the popular cable TV providers in America.

Read the article below to discover the best channel to watch the Patriots game on Cox.

About New England Patriots

The ‘New England Patriots’ is basically a professional football team in America who are based in Greater Boston.

Indeed, they compete in the National Football League, representing the American Football Conference, East Division.

Being founded in the year 1959, the team was initially named as the ‘Boston Patriots’.

Indeed, the Patriots team was once a charter member of the American Football League (AFL).

They became one of the most influential NFL franchises once after the merging of AFL and NFL in 1970.

The Boston Patriots shited their home place from Greater Boston to Foxborough in 1971.

Indeed, this respective shift has made them change their team’s name to New England patriots.

At this point, the team use to play their home games at the Gillette Stadium in Foxborough.

Moreover, the Patriots have actually played their home games at the Foxboro stadium until 2002.

Furtherly, the respective stadium was demolished for the purpose of the Gillette Stadium construction.

Talking about the achievements part, the Patriots team was actually unsuccessful during the regular and post-season in the early 1990s and 2000s.

Indeed, the respective football team has the undeniable victory rate of 6 Super Bowl wins. In addition, they remained undefeated for 16 regular seasons in the year 2007. 

Current Players Info

The New England Patriots enjoyed dominance in the Brady-Belichick era. Seemingly, the desired team has one of the most favorite players.

As it is not possible to accommodate every player on a page, the following list will give you the name of famous players concerning their positions. 

  • Quarterback – Mac Jones, Bailey Zappe, Brian Hoyer
  • Wide Receiver – DeVante Parker, Nelson Agholor, Ty Montgomery
  • Linebacker – Mac Wilson, Matthew Judon, Josh Uche
  • Running Back – Damien Harris, James White, Kevin Harris
  • Safety – Jabril Peppers, Devin McCourty,  Kyle Dugger, Adrian Phillips
  • Cornerback – Malcolm Butler, Marcus Jones, Terrance Mitchell

About Cox Communications

As the name indicates, Cox Communications is a telecommunication company. It is one of the largest broadband providers in America.

Indeed, Cox Communications is providing services like cable television, digital video, internet, telephone, and home automation products.

A valid subscription to Cox Communications will allow you to watch various live and on-demand content in your comfort on your desired device.

For example, can you catch up your favorite Cox shows while traveling? Yes, it is possible to watch your favorite shows using the Cox Contour app.

In simple words, Cox Contour is an online streaming service offered by Cox Communications to stream your favorite live and on-demand content anywhere, anytime.

Seemingly, a user can explore content in various categories like Sports, Kids, Movies, and much more.

In addition, there is an app in the name ‘Cox’ to help you manage the billing and your subscriptions.

Meanwhile, you can even check the percentage of data you have used in the respective subscription month/year.

Furtherly, the following section will offer you full details about the subscription plans provided by Cox. 

Package Price Channel Count
Cox TV Starter $53/month 75+
Cox TV Prefered $98/month 140+
Cox TV Prefered Plus $118/month 175+
Cox TV Ultimate $138/month 250+

As you have seen above, Cox Communications is providing four types of subscription plans.

Of which the first or basic plan, ‘Cox Contour TV Starter’ costs you $53/month. For that, you will be getting access to various live and on-demand shows from the included 75+ channels.

Seemingly, the second package, ‘Cox TV preferred,’ gives you access to 140+ channels at $98/month.

Furtherly, the third package, ‘Cox TV Prefered Plus’ costs you $118/month, and for that, you will get access to a maximum lineup of 175+ channels.

Finally, you can become an ultimate Cox subscriber by getting the ‘Cox TV Ultimate’ pack. Indeed, it offers you 250+ channels for $138/month.

Choosing the best subscription plan is entirely up to you, and continue reading to find more about watching the Patriots game on Cox.

What Channel is the Patriots game on Cox?

As we all know, the New England Patriots are one of the famous NFL franchises. You can stream the Patriots game on various mediums like the radio, cable TV, and online streaming services.

In that way, this passage will provide you the ways to watch the Patriots game on Cox. As we have seen above, Cox is one of the best cable television providers to watch your favorite sports.

The disadvantage is that there is no dedicated channel to watch the Patriots game on Cox. But it is not a matter to worry about.

Patriots game on Cox
What Channel is the Patriots game on Cox?

Alternatively, you can use the natively included sports channels like ESPN, Fox Sports 1, and NFL Network.

Furtherly, the below part will give you the exact channel number of the above-mentioned sports channels on Cox. So that you can enjoy watching your favorite Patriots game on Cox.

Streaming service – Cox Communications

Channel Name – ESPN

State City Channel Number
Arkansas Fort Smith 34
Arizona Phoenix 33
California San Diego 3

Channel Name – Fox Sports 1

Channel Number – 1329

Channel Name – NFL Network

State City Channel Number
Arizona Phoenix 301
Arkansas Fort Smith 126
California San Diego 332


I hope the above article will be helpful in finding the best channel to watch the Patriots game on Cox.

Seemingly, it is possible to watch the Patriots game on Cox indeed with some dedicated sports channels like Fox Sports, ESPN, and NFL Network.

Indeed, you can get the exact channel numbers of the respective sports channels using the above article. Enjoy watching your favorite Patriots game on Cox.


Is it possible to watch the Patriots game on Cox?

Yes, you can watch the Patriots game on Cox by using the natively available sports streaming services like ESPN, NFL Network, and the FS1.

What channel is the ESPN on Cox?

The ESPN channel is available with your Cox subscription. But it is hard to point out the exact number as it differs when you move on to different regions. So, you can refer to the official site to get the channel lineup of Cox.

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