What Channel is the Patriots game on Xfinity? [Updated 2022]

Patriots game on Xfinity: Start your day with a smile, and here is an article to make you smile today. Sports is one of the favorite entertainments for many people.

Especially, Football is a favorite game for most of us. In that way, NFL is one of the major football leagues conducted in America.

Seemingly, the NFL legacy has begun in the year 1920. The process of the NFL league starts with the selection process of the thirty-two teams.

Once after that, the selected teams were split into two groups on equal ratios. Eventually, the two groups will be called as National Football Conference (NFC) and American Football Conference (AFC).

Each group will consist of sixteen teams. Furtherly, the league starts in the month of August with a three-week pre-season and an eighteen-week regular season.

Indeed, the league will complete its first half in the month of January. As a result, seven franchises from each conference will be selected and sent to the second half, that is, playoffs.

Finally, the winning team will be awarded the Super Bowl Championship. Indeed, the NFL franchise has many influential teams which have a widespread fan following worldwide.

One such team is the New England Patriots. You can watch the Patriots game on various modes like the radio, cable TV, online sports streaming services, and much more.

In that way, the following article shows the best channel to watch the Patriots game on Xfinity. Continue reading to explore more.

About New England Patriots

In direct words, the ‘New England Patriots’ is an American professional football team based in Greater Boston.

Seemingly, they are one of the NFL franchises that represent the American Football Conference East division.

However, the respective NFL franchise was founded in the year 1959, which makes them one of the oldest clubs in the National Football League.

Indeed, the New England Patriots use to play their home games at the Gillette Stadium in Foxborough. However, the desired stadium was located  22 miles the Southwest of downtown Boston.

Seemingly, the Patriots joined the NFL in the year 1970 only as a result of the merging of AFL and NFL. Till that, the Boston Patriots were a charter member of the American Football League.

As a major shift, the Boston Patriots moved to Foxborough in the year 1971. Only then the Boston Patriots got their name changed to New England Patriots.

Initially, the home games were played at Foxboro Stadium, which was eventually destroyed in the process of creating the Gillette Stadium in the year 2002.

Even though the Patriots were unsuccessful during their initial stages, they hold the record for 6 Super Bowl wins. In addition, they also remained undefeated for 16 game regular seasons during 2007.

Current Players Info

The New England Patriots team was well known for their renowned players like Brady and Belichick. And it is one of the favorite franchises for many people.

Concerning that, the following section will provide you with a list of famous players in every position.

  • Quarterback – Mac Jones, Bailey Zappe, Brian Hoyer
  • Wide Receiver – DeVante Parker, Nelson Agholor, Ty Montgomery
  • Cornerback – Malcolm Butler, Marcus Jones, Terrance Mitchell
  • Linebacker – Mac Wilson, Matthew Judon, Josh Uche
  • Running Back – Damien Harris, James White, Kevin Harris
  • Safety – Jabril Peppers, Devin McCourty,  Kyle Dugger, Adrian Phillips

About Xfinity

Basically, Xfinity is a telecommunication company in America. The desired service was owned by Comcast Cable Communications.

Seemingly, the services provided by Xfinity include Cable TV, telephone, internet, and various wireless services.

On the entertainment part, you can watch various live and on-demand content by subscribing to the Xfinity service.

Indeed, Xfinity is a subscription-based service with multiple subscription plans. Are you an existing Xfinity subscriber?

If yes, you can make use of the Xfinity app to manage your subscriptions. In simple words, the Xfinity app is the one-stop hub to pay your monthly/yearly bills in a single place.

Moreover, you also have the Xfinity Stream app. In short, the Xfinity Stream app from Xfinity is an online streaming service to enjoy watching your favorite content from anywhere, anytime, in your comfort.

The desired streaming service helps you explore some popular channels like AMC, Comedy Central, Disney Channel, and much more.

Make sure you subscribe to Xfinity to avail yourself of all the above-mentioned benefits. Furtherly, the below section will give you detailed info about the subscription plans available with Xfinity.

  • Best Overall – $49.99/month with 125+ channels 
  • Best Bundle – $134.99/month with 185+ channels
  • Best Value  – $59.99/month with 185+ channels 

The first plan is the best overall subscription which offers a package of 125+ channels for $49.99/month. You can find some exciting TV options like HBO Max, Comedy Central, and AMC.

Seemingly, the second plan is the best value for money package. It offers you 185+ channels just at $59.99/month. Here you can explore channels like Showtime, HBO Max, and ESPN.

Finally, the ultimate bundle gets you the same 185+ channels at $134.99/month. In addition, the Xfinity subscription includes 20-300 hours of DVR recording option. Choose the plan upon your wish and need.

What Channel is the Patriots game on Xfinity?

Seemingly, the New England Patriots is one of the favorite NFL franchises. And I hope you are excited to know the channel to catch up on the Patriots game on Xfinity.

Of course, Xfinity is one of the best options, and it is possible to watch the Patriots game on Xfinity. But the problem is that you can’t find any direct channel to watch the Patriots game on Xfinity.

Patriots game on Xfinity
What Channel is the Patriots game on Xfinity?

Wait a minute. You can catch up on the Patriots game on Xfinity using some workarounds. Seemingly, you can use the dedicated sports streaming channels to watch the Patriots game on Xfinity.

You can find plenty of sports channels like ESPN, CBS Sports, Fox Sports, and the NFL network. Concerning that, the following section will mention the exact channel numbers of those respective sports channels. So that you can easily find the exact channel to watch the Patriots game on Xfinity.

Streaming Service – Xfinity 

Channel Name – NFL Network 

–> Airing On – 265

Channel Name – ESPN 

–> Airing On – 33,34

Channel Name – Fox Sports1

–> Airing On – 601


I hope you would have found the above article helpful in finding the best channel to watch the Patriots game on Xfinity.

Seemingly, there is no particular or separate channel to watch the Patriots game on Xfinity. But fortunately, the above article will provide you with the best alternate channels to watch the New England Patriots game on Xfinity.

Indeed, avail of your Xfinity subscription and start watching the upcoming exciting NFL game using Xfinity service on your desired streaming device. Thank You.


Is it possible to watch the Patriots game on Xfinity?

Yes, it is possible to watch the Patriots game on Xfinity. As you know, there is no dedicated channel for New England Patriots to watch their game. But you can use the included sports channels with the Xfinity service to watch the Patriots game on Xfinity.

What channels is Fox Sports on Xfinity?

The Fox Sports 1 channel will be available on channel number 601 on your Xfinity service.

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