Peloton on LG Smart TV: How to Install and Watch [2022]

Peloton on LG Smart TV: Are you searching for an excellent fitness platform to maintain your body healthy? If you say Yes. Then, Of course, you want to continue reading this article.

Because in this article, we will talk about the excellent fitness application. The most acceptable application is Peloton. The Peloton application is an American popular Excercise  Equipment and media company. 

It produces internet-connected Stationary bicycles and treadmills for the users. Here, you can stream thousands of live and on-demand content.

In this Peloton application, you get more workout videos for strength Training like Cycling,  Yoga, Outdoor Running, HIIT, Meditation, and indoor Running.

Through this application, you can get workout videos from world-class instructors. In addition, you can connect this application to your Exercise bike or Treadmills while doing workouts.

The Peloton application is available on Apple TV,  Fire TV, Roku TVs & Roku devices, Sky Q, Smart TVs, and Android TV.

Is it attainable to get Peloton on LG Smart TV? Let us talk about this in the following section.

Peloton Subscriptions

The Peloton application has affordable and comfortable three types of subscription plans. In addition, If you are a new subscriber, this application gives a 30-day free trial period. The Peloton application Subscriptions are,

  • All Access Membership –$12.99 per month.
  • Peloton Bike –  Starts from $1,195.
  • Peloton Tread – starts from $2,345.

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Is Peloton on LG Smart TV?

Undoubtedly, Yes. The Peloton application was available in 2016 after launching the 2016 model LG Smart TVs. So, therefore, You can Straightforwardly download the Peloton application from the LG Content Store.

But, Instead, we talk about the other ways to get the Peloton app on LG SmartTV. We will see that elaborately in the following section.

How to Install and Watch Peloton on LG Smart TV?

Straightforwardly, you can install the Peloton application on your LG SmartTV. The installation process is not taking so much time. You can complete the installation process in a few steps. You will learn about the producer from the following lines in this section. The Following Techniques will teach you clearly about the process.

Peloton on LG Smart TV
How to Install Peloton on LG Smart TV?


The first step of this process is Turing on the LG Smart TV using the LG TV remote.


Then, connect your LG TV to a Standard internet connection.


Next, press the Home Screen on your LG TV remote.


After entering the home screen, click the LG content Store on yur LG Screen.


After navigating the LG Content Store, move to the Search bar on your LG Screen.


Now, type the app name [Peloton] in the Search bar on your LG Screen.


Then, press the install button to install the Peloton application on your LG smart TV.


After completing the installation process, click the Add button to add the app to your LG Content Store.


Now, your app will add to your LG content sore.


Now, open the app and complete the login process on LG Screen.


After that, Launch your app and play any content on your LG Screen.


finally, you can enjoy the Peloton application content on your LG TV.

NOTE: Before doing those Steps, Update your LG TV to the latest version if it is not updated.

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Otherways to get Peloton on LG Smart TV

Fortunately, you can stream the Peloton application content on LG Smart TV using alternate methods. In this division, we will discuss alternative ways to get Peloton content on LG TV. They are,

#1. Get Peloton on LG TV using Chromecast.

#2. Get Peloton on LG Smart TV using Screen Mirroring.


Anyway, now we reach the epilogue of Peloton on LG Smart TV. Luckily, The Peloton application is available on LG Smart TV. I believe the Peloton is the best application to train your body.

Through this application, you can track your body’s health and fitness without any disturbances. In addition, it provides multi-session workouts to the customers.

However, we hope this article gives the best experience getting Peloton on LG SmartTV. Furtherly, if you have any doubts, keep track of our website and define your doubts with our upcoming articles.


Where are the Peloton bikes available for purchase?

The Peloton bikes are available for purchase and delivery in many countries like the United Kingdom, Continental United States, Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, Canada, Australia, and Germany.

What is Peloton?

Peloton is one of the most famous American Fitness media companies. It provides multi types of workout sessions and world-class trainers to the customer. In addition, it produces the Peloton exercise bikes for the users.