How to Install Plex on PS5?

Plex on PS5: Plex app is the most outstanding popular Online Streaming Service, and on this platform, the user can get plenty of video content. Look up this article to gain more details about the Plex app, like users, features, and installation process.

Plex, Inc was the developer for Plex and Plex is a global streaming platform. Therefore, the Plex app is available in 200 countries overall.

Through this Plex app, the users can stream tons of original and on-demand content like blockbuster movies, series, live TV, kids’ shows, TV shows, and even more unique video content.

Android mobile phone, iOS device, macOS, LG Smart TV, Windows, Roku TV, Samsung Smart TV, VIZIO Smart TV, Android TV,  Hisense Smart TV, Apple TV, Xbox, Amazon Alexa, PlayStation, etc., are the Streaming device that supports the Plex app.

BAMBU, CONtv, Bedroom Beats, 80s Party, AFV Espanol, AsianCrush, AFV Family, Cooking Panda, DrinkTV, Deal or No Deal, Electric Anthems, Game Show Central, Hollywood Classics, Friday Feels, and even more Channels that are available in Plex.

Features of Plex

  • More than 200 Live channels.
  • Plex contains HD quality and on-demand content.
  • 50,000+ free movies and shows.
  • Plex supports further all the devices.
  • Easy to access.
  • Save your favorite video in Library.
  • Download the Plex content and watch it offline.
  • Plex app has subtitles.

How to Install Plex on PS5?

Luckily, the Plex app is available on the PS5. Therefore, the PlayStation 5 users can install the Plex app directly from the All Apps section. However, before installing the Plex app, with the help of the Plex official website, Sign up for the Plex by using a Google account. In the below line, we mention the simple step to install the Plex on PS5.

Plex on PS5
How to Install Plex on PS5?

Step 1:

In the beginning, Merge your PS5 console to your Smart TV.

Step 2:

Turn on your PlayStation 5 console and make a Wifi internet connection to your device.

Step 3:

From the home screen of your PlayStation 5 console, get into the Media option.

Step 4:

Tap the All Apps option and click the Search option.

Step 5:

In the text box, type the Plex app name and find it.

Step 6:

Once you find the Plex app icon, hit the Download option.

Step 7:

After installing, Open the Plex app and move to the login option.

Step 8:

Now you will get the Activation Code from the current screen of the PS5.

Step 9:

With the help of Bowser, move to the Offical Website for the Plex by using the Smartphone or PC.

Step 10:

Type the Activation Code in the text box and hit Link.

Step 11:

At last, you can activate the Plex on your PlayStation 5.


Does the Plex app available on PS5?

Luckily, the Plex app is available on PS5. At this time, the PlayStation 5 console users can install the Plex app directly from the All Apps section and log in to the Plex app with the help of the activation code.

Is the Plex app has a Subscription?

Undoubtedly, the Plex app is free to access. Meanwhile, you need to subscribe to the Plex without negotiation to get more features.

  • $5 – per month
  • $40 – per year


At last, we conclude the Plex on PS5. Plex is a great and popular streaming platform, and it contains plenty of video content like movies, series, TV shows, kid’s shows, and even more programs. In short, Plex is a subscription-based streaming service.

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