How to Fix PS4 Controller Not Working on PC?

PS4 Controller Not Working on PC: An ultimate gaming console can give you the utmost gaming satisfaction. So is the PS4 console.

Seemingly, PS4 is one of the amazing gaming consoles launched by Sony. It lets you access and play tons of online and offline games.

The best part is that you can play multiplayer games with your friends across multiple platforms.

Indeed, the PS4 console must be connected to a smart TV or a compatible screen to access the video output. In addition to that, it is also possible to pair the PS4 console with a PC.

But in recent times, many PS4 users have reported that they have issues connecting their PS4 controller with their PC.

At this point, we may not know the exact reason that is causing the issue. Indeed, you can make use of the following article to fix the PS4 controller not working on PC issue.

How to Fix PS4 Controller Not Working on PC?

The primary thing to note is that the PS4 controller is not compatible with any Windows 10 based PCs.

But there are chances to play certain Steam games by connecting the controller via a USB cable with your PC.

PS4 Controller Not Working on PC
How to Fix PS4 Controller Not Working on PC?

This is because the drivers in a PS4 controller are completely different from the drivers in an Xbox controller.

Indeed, the following guide will give you more detailed methods to Fix the PS4 Controller Not Working on a PC.

Check Bluetooth Interference – Interference with Bluetooth signals is one of the major drawbacks of wireless devices.

Check Bluetooth Interference
Check Bluetooth Interference

Defective USB Port – A damaged USB port on your computer may be blocking the controller from connecting with your PC.

Check Defective USB Port
Check the Defective USB Port

Low battery issue – Ensure that your controller is turned on and has enough battery backup.

Driver issues on PC – There are certain drivers on your PC which are respective for wireless connections like Wifi, Bluetooth, and much more.

Methods to Fix PS4 Controller Not Working on PC

Below given are the steps to resolve the PS$ Controller Not Working issue concerning the above issues.

#1. Use an Alternative USB cable

Have you connected your PS4 controller to the PC via a USB cable? If so, make sure that the respective cable is in good condition.

USB Cable
USB Cable

Because a defective USB cable won’t allow your PC to detect the controller connected to it. Try using an alternative USB cable if the existing cable has been damaged.

#2. Restart PS4 console

Seemingly, the PS4 console is the primary device to which the controller is connected. So, your console may be the cause of the issue.

Restart the PS4
Restart the PS4

Indeed, try restarting the console by pressing the power button on the front of the console until you two hear beep sounds. Now again, press the Power Button to Turn On the console.

#3. Hard Reset PS4 Controller

The third method you can try is hard resetting your controller. Indeed, a bug or technical glitch on the controller may be blocking it from connecting to the PC.

Resetting the device will clear the bugs on the device. Arrange for a paper clip and follow the steps given below.

Hard Reset the PS4 Controller
Hard Reset the PS4 Controller
  • Initially, Turn Off your PS4.
  • Flip your PS4 controller.
  • Press and hold the Reset button using the paper clip.
  • Now Turn On your PS4 controller and check whether the issue is resolved.

#4. Re-enable Bluetooth

Re- enable Bluetooth
Re-enable Bluetooth

Resetting the Bluetooth settings on your PC may also help you solve the error. You can do it in very simple steps by disabling and enabling the Bluetooth option on your PC. You can find the dedicated Bluetooth button on the Control center.


I hope now you have rectified the issues with your PS4 controller. If you are still experiencing issues with connecting your PS4, try installing the DS4 Windows app on your PC.

Indeed, it will help you connect the PS$ controller to the PC via Bluetooth. If none of the methods helped you, you either have to contact PlayStation support or replace your controller. Thank You.

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