Simple Ways to Fix PS4 HDMI Not Working

PS4 HDMI Not Working: PS4 is a gaming console that allows you to play various online video games. Indeed, the PS4 console must be connected to a TV or a compatible screen to access the functionality. Yet, seemingly, both devices are connected using an HDMI cable.

Accordingly, an issue with the HDMI cable will show the No Signal error on your screen. As a result, you cannot access any of your games or streaming services. If you are worried and searching for the best methods to fix the issue, do read the article below. It will provide several workarounds to resolve the PS4 HDMI Not Working issue.

How to Fix PS4 HDMI Not Working issue?

As I said, if the HDMI cable is damaged, the PS4 console will stare at you with a No Signal error. Indeed, you can resolve the respective error with some simple methods that we have mentioned below.

PS4 HDMI Not Working
How to Fix PS4 HDMI Not Working?

#1. Check the Input Options

Check input option on PS4
Check the input option on PS4

Even though you have used a high-quality HDMI cable, a wrong input selection will result in the No Signal error. Of course, many people commit the same mistake, and as a result, they can’t access any content on the screen. Seemingly, you can resolve that by choosing the correct input option.

#2. Check the HDMI Ports

Check the HDMI port on PS4
Check the HDMI port on PS4

The second thing you have to verify is the HDMI ports on your PS4 console and TV. Seemingly, both devices have multiple HDMI ports.

Ensure that you connect the HDMI cable to the apt port capable of transferring the data between both devices.

In addition, you have to cross-check the condition of the HDMI ports. Yes, connecting the PS4 console to multiple devices for a long time can damage the respective HDMI port.

In such a case, you should either connect your console to a different HDMI port or change the damaged HDMI port. Hopefully, this will resolve the PS4 HDMI Not Working issue.

#3. Use a Quality HDMI Cable

HDMI Cable
HDMI Cable

In significant cases, the primary issue relies on the damage to the HDMI cable. This occurs because of using a low-quality HDMI cable.

You can resolve this issue by replacing the damaged cable with a good-quality line. However, the best solution to get rid of this issue is by often checking the condition of the HDMI cable.

#4. Change the Resolution via Safe Mode

Enable Safe Mode on PS4
Enable Safe Mode on PS4

A change in display resolution will result in a No Signal or HDMI error. This issue can be resolved by changing the device’s resolution according to the display type. You can easily do that by following the steps mentioned below.

  • Press and hold the Power Button on your PS4 console for seven seconds.
  • This will make the device recognize the process of entering Safe Mode.
  • At this point, you will hear two beep sounds.
  • One at the moment of pressing the power button, and the other beep sounds after seven seconds.
  • Release the Power Button once you see the Safe Mode options on the screen.
  • Now connect your PS4 controller to the device via a USB cable.
  • Choose the second option stated, “Change Resolution.”
  • Either select the Automatic option or manually select the apt resolution depending upon the display type.

#5. Factory Reset PS4

Factory Reset PS4
Factory Reset PS4

If you can observe the same ‘PS4 HDMI Not Working’ issue, then factory resetting is the final option to help you fix all the problems on the PS4 console. You can do that by using the steps given below.

  • Enter the Safe Mode on PS4 by using the steps given above.
  • Choose the “Initialize PS4” option using the PS4 controller.
  • Click on the “X” button to confirm your selection.

#6. Get the Customer support

Get Customer support
Get Customer support

From this passage, you will know one more way to fix the problem of PS4 HDMI not working. As a next step better, you can move to reach customer care to fix this issue. They will guide you else they come to repair your PS4 device. So thus, contacting the customer page of the PS4 is one of the best bay to get rid of this problem. 


I hope you have the simple methods to fix the PS4 HDMI Not Working or No Signal error. A damaged HDMI cable is the root cause of the issue in most cases. Indeed, using a good-quality HDMI cable will help you eliminate such issues. Use the above-given post and methods to review and resolve the problems HDMI-related on your PS4 console.

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