What Channel is the Ravens game on Spectrum? (Updated 2023)

Ravens game on Spectrum: Do what you love and make sure you find happiness in it. In that way, here is a joy-filled article for football fans. I hope many football fans will be familiar with the famous NFL game. If so, you people will know that the NFL game is going to hit the ground in the upcoming months. Seemingly, the NFL has 32 teams, and one among them is the Baltimore Ravens.

Indeed, this article will discuss the possible ways and the best channels to watch the Ravens game on Spectrum. If you are a Spectrum subscriber, make sure you read the entire article to enjoy watching the Ravens game on Spectrum. But before that, let’s have a look at what NFL Network is. Seemingly, NFL, in other words, National Football League, is a professional football league in America.

Indeed, NFL Network is the primary streaming partner, and you can stream it via the internet, radio, cable TV, and much more. Moreover, the 32 teams in the NFL will be segregated into two conferences. Seemingly, those conferences are named the National Football Conference (NFC) and American Football Conference (AFC).

Furtherly, an eighteen-week regular-season game will be conducted between the two conferences, and the qualifying teams will be sent to the playoffs. Finally, the team with more points will achieve the Super Bowl Championship. With that being said, now let’s get into the primary article to find the best channel to watch the Ravens game on Spectrum.

About Baltimore Ravens

Indeed, the ‘Baltimore Ravens’ is an American Professional Football team based in Baltimore. Seemingly, the Ravens team participates in the National Football League representing the American Football Conference (AFC), North Division. They have their headquarters in the Owing Hills and use to play their home games in the M&T Stadium.

Moreover, the Baltimore Ravens are indeed a fresh team in the NFL as they were conceived in the year 1996. Regardless of that, they were very successful and one of the most influential NFL franchises. Even though they faced a lot of struggles in the early stages of 1990, the Ravens team has an achievements board of 233 wins, 183 losses, and 1 tie.

Meanwhile, they have qualified 13 times for the playoffs and have won two Super Bowl titles (Super Bowl XXXV and Super Bowl XLVII). In addition, they have also registered four AFC Championship game appearances and won six AFC North division titles. What’s more interesting is that the Ravens are one of the two teams who are undefeatable in multiple Super Bowl appearances.

Current Roster Info

The above article confirms that Baltimore Ravens is an influential NFL franchise. Indeed, it has a great achievement history and Hall of Fame players. Concerning that, the below section will give you the details of the players depending on their position in the Ravens team.

  • Quarterback – Lamar Jackson, Tyler Huntley, Brett Hundley, Anthony Brown
  • Running Backs – Tyler Badie, Mike Davis, J. K. Dobbins, Gus Edwards, Justice Hill
  • Wide Receivers – Rashod Bateman, Slade Bolden, Devin Duvernay, Jaylon Moore
  • Tight Ends – Mark Andrews, Nick Boyle, Charlie Kolar, Josh Oliver, Tony Poljan
  • Linebackers – Vince Biegel, Tyus Bowser, Josh Bynes, Malik Harrison, Steven Means
  • Cornerbacks – Kyle Fuller, Marlon Humphrey, Marcus Peters, Damarion Williams, Brandon Stephens

About Spectrum

Indeed, Spectrum is a popular American telecommunication company that is currently operated by Charter Communications. Meanwhile, the services provided by Spectrum include telephone, internet, cable/satellite TV, and much more.

Primarily on the satellite streaming part, Spectrum allows you to watch a wide range of live TV shows and multiple on-demand contents. Have you ever thought of watching your favorite shows on the go? If so, now it is possible with the Spectrum TV service. Yes, ‘Spectrum TV’ is an online platform to watch your favorite content anywhere on the go.

What’s more interesting is that the respective online streaming service is entirely available free of cost for the existing Spectrum subscribers. Significantly, a valid subscription to Spectrum is essential to enjoy the above-mentioned benefits. Concerning that, the following section will give a magnified perspective on the subscription plans available with Spectrum. 

  • Spectrum TV Select – $44.99/month with 125+ channels 
  • Spectrum TV Silver – $69.99/month with 175+ channels 
  • Spectrum TV Gold – $89.99/month with 200+ channels

What Channel is the Ravens game on Spectrum?

Finally, here we are here to explore the best channel to watch the Ravens game on Spectrum. Concerning the above article, we can easily state that Spectrum TV is one of the best cable TV options to catch up with the Ravens game. Of course, you can also catch up on the Ravens game on various other options like radio, internet, Spotify, and online streaming services. Indeed, when it comes to Spectrum, you have no dedicated channels to watch the desired NFL game.

Ravens Game on Spectrum
What Channel is the Ravens Game on Spectrum?

But fortunately, you can use the dedicated sports channels, which are included with your Spectrum subscription. Moreover, Spectrum TV has some popular sports streaming channels like ESPN, CBS Sports, NBC, Fox Sports, and much more. Make sure you have an active subscription with the Spectrum service to enjoy watching your favorite Ravens game on Spectrum without any hassle. Furtherly, the below-given table includes the apt channel numbers of the sports channels mentioned above.

Streaming Service – Spectrum TV

Channel NameChannel Number
NFL Network310
Fox Sports112
NBC Sports314
CBS Sports315


I hope the above article has helped you gain knowledge about watching the Ravens game on Spectrum TV. Of course, Spectrum is one of the best cable TV to watch the Ravens game. Unfortunately, there is no dedicated channel to catch up with the desired Ravens game on Spectrum.

Luckily, you can use the natively included sports channels like Fox Sports, CBS Sports, NBC Sports, ESPN, NFL Network, and much more. Furtherly, you can refer to the above post for more details. In addition, visit our website to explore more ways to watch the upcoming Ravens game on Spectrum.


How to watch the Ravens game on Spectrum?

Indeed, Spectrum subscribers can watch the Raven game and much more NFL games by tuning to dedicated sports streaming channels like ESPN, Fox Sports, NFL Network, and much more.

Where Can I Watch Ravens Game Tonight?

Fortunately, Hulu + Live TV Streaming Service offers all the local channels like ABC, CBS, Fox, and NBC along with ESPN and NFL Network. These all are covered within the Base plan of Hulu TV, which costs about $70. This will be the best option to watch the Baltimore Ravens game.

What channel is CBS Sports on Spectrum?

Spectrum users can access the CBS Sports channel by tuning in to channel number 315. Now you can enjoy watching your favorite sports like NFL, MLB, and much more.

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