What Channel is the Ravens Game on Xfinity?

Are you seeking the channel number for the Ravens game on Xfinity cable TV provider? Suppose you are saying yes to this question then this note will be a helpful kit to know the channel number of the Xfinity Ravens game channel. So if you want to learn that, let’s start reading this guide without ignoring it. 

Fortunately, via this note, you will learn more info about the Ravens game and Xfinity cable TV provider. Baltimore or Baltimore Ravens is an American-based professional football team that participates in National Football League every year.

By their performance, this Ravens team owns a huge fan crew. So if you are also one of the fanatics of the Ravens game then read this note thoroughly from start to end.

What Channel is the Ravens Game on Xfinity?

What Channel is the Ravens game on Xfinity
What Channel is the Ravens game on Xfinity?

As we have seen in the above-shared portion potentially you can watch the Ravens channel on the Xfinity cable  TV provider. With good luck, there are so many sports channels available to stream this Ravens game on the Xfinity cable TV provider. 

The names of the Ravens game channels are ESPN, NBC, CBS, FOX, Universo, and NFL Network. As well as you can also stream the Ravens game on Spanish channels such as Fox Deportes and Telemundo Deportes. And these channels are also official Xfinity Sports channels.

Fortnately there is a separate channel number for each channel on the Xfinity cable TV provider. So with the help of those channel numbers quickly you can find these Xfinity sports channels on the respective cable TV provider.

Luckily to make your work easier with this note I am going to insert the exact channel numbers for these channels. They are,

Streaming Service: Xfinity or Comcast Xfinity

Channel Name: ESPN

Airing On: 700 in SD & 1309 in HD 

Channel Name: NBC

Airing On: 3 in SD & 1030 in HD

Channel Name: CBS

Airing On: 9

Channel Name: Universo or NBC Universo

Airing On: 652

Channel Name: FOX

Airing On: 1061

Channel Name: NFL Network

Airing On: 180

Channel Name: Fox Deportes

Airing On: 602

For more information, on this Xfinity cable TV provider, the channel numbers will vary depending on the location. 

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Bottom Line

Fortunately, without missing you are able to watch and enjoy the Ravens game on the Xfinity cable TV provider. Actually, to do this action we have some sports channels in our hands. 

Indeed you will know the names of the eligible Ravens game channels from the above shared portions. Additionally, this note will list out the channel numbers for those channels on this Xfinity cable TV provider. Therefore refer to this note from top to bottom without skipping it to know that. 

For more information, you can enjoy the Ravens game on Xfinity Flex streaming service. In a way, I hope this note will provide the wanted information about this topic as much as you want to know about this topic in an elaborate manner.

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