How to Rearrange Channels on YouTube TV? Easy Guide [2022]

Rearrange Channels on YouTube TV: A great day, dear Buddies!!! Cleanliness is a Godliness. As per this quote, we always keep our surroundings Clean. Also, with this platform, you can learn clean or rearrange your channels to your taste on the YouTube TV platform. Ya!! Today I’ll discuss rearranging your Suffled channels on your YouTube TV. Formerly, this YouTube TV is known as a top streaming service. With this service, you can get plenty of on-demand content as your wish.

Additionally, this YouTube TV allows you to hide and arrange the channels networks to your taste. Indeed by reading this entire note, you’ll know to rearrange your channels on YouTubeTV per your wish without anyone’s help. Hence, learn this article’s ways and tricks without making late from top to bottom. In the following passages, I will insert much info regarding this topic.

Pathways to Rearrange Channels on YouTube TV

Fortunately, many ways are available to rearrange the Mixed-up channels on your YouTube Television streaming service. In this portion, you will learn all the tricks and methods to rearrange your streaming channels on your YouTube TV service. However, the following lines carry the ways to rearrange the mixed Channels on your YouTubeTV Streaming Service. The ways are

  • Live Guide Customization.
  • Dragging method.

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How to Rearrange Channels on YouTube TV?

From the overhead section, you all learn the ways to rearrange your channels on YouTube TV. So thus, by reading this portion, you will learn to attain the steps practically. So in this sense, by reading the following lines, you will know elaborately about the ways to rearrange the messy channels on your YouTube TV. Henceforth let’s move to the upcoming lines to learn about that.

Rearrange Channels on YouTube TV
How to Rearrange Channels on YouTube TV?

Live Guide Customization

Live Guide Customization is one of the main ways to rearrange the Channels on your YouTube TV screen. Also, it is the most effortless and most time-saving method. You don’t want to spend too much time; you can complete this process quickly. Of course, live Guide customization is nothing, but it is the default option of YouTube TV. Utilizing this option, you can arrange Channels on YouTube TV depending on your taste. Moreover, it has four various types of choices on it. They are A default view, A custom view, A-Z, and Z-A.

  • A default View

A default View is the first option on this Live Guide Customization, which arranges your Channels in the current order. Unfortunately, you can’t set the channels as you desire with this option. But can organize neatly on the Screen of YouTube TV.

  • Custom View

Custom View is one of the best effective options to rearrange your channels on the YouTubeTV screen. This option arranges your Channels based on your streaming History. To be short, your recently or most watched Channels will be placed on your YouTube TV screen. For more information, this is the time-friendly Way to rearrange the channels on the YouTube TV screen.

  • A-Z

This A-Z option will arrange your Channels on your YouTube TV screen alphabetically from the letter A to Z. This option will rearrange your channels neat and cleanly on your YouTubeTV Screen.

  • Z-A

Virtually, this Z-A option is the opposite of the previous method. Then, this method arranges all the Channels of your YouTube TV in the descending order of alphabetical form, the letters Z to A.

Using the dragging method

Undoubtedly, the dragging method is perfect for rearranging your Channels to your taste. For this method, you don’t want any external tools or devices. Here your hand and fingers are enough tools to complete this action. First, drag your Favorite channels and place the Screen of YouTube TV wherever you want to set that. Then, do the following steps to rearrange your YouTube TV streaming Service channels.

  • First, launch your YouTube TV and finalize the login process.
  • Tap the vertical dots from the top of the YouTube TV Screen.
  • Select the Move to Top from the appears option.
  • Now drag your channels one by one to rearrange the channels on your YouTubeTV Screen.
  • Once complete the action then, you can exit from YouTubeTV and go back to YouTube TV to see your Changes. 

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How to Rearrange Channels on YouTube TV – On Desktop?

Do you want to know to rearrange the YouTube TV channels on your Desktop? Then this portion will help you learn the ways to Organize the YouTubeTV Channels on your Desktop. Straightforwardly you can arrange your Channels on YouTube TV on your Desktop using the following lines. The steps to rearrange the YouTubeTV channels on your Desktop are as follows.

  • Initially, launch the YouTube TV on your Desktop and clear the login process.
  • Click your profile picture from the top of your Screen.
  • Choose settings from the menu option.
  • From settings, choose the Live Guide option on your Screen.
  • There all networks will appear on your Screen.
  • You can drag the channels down or up from the Channels to rearrange all the channels of YouTubeTV as you want.
  • After rearranging the channels, exit from the current Screen and return to the home screen to check your changes.

How to Rearrange Channels on YouTube TV – On Mobile device?

Suppose you are a Mobile user or person using YouTube TV on your mobile device, then you don’t bother about it. This portion will give the ways to rearrange the YouTubeTV Networks on your Mobile devices. Do the following steps to organize YouTube TV channels on your Mobile device.

  • Launch YouTube TV on your Mobile Device.
  • Click the Home screen of your Mobile device.
  • There you will see the many options.
  • From the options, highlight and choose the sort on your Mobile device.
  • Then select the Custom option from the sort option and click to rearrange key to rearrange your YouTube TV channels on your Mobile Device.

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Bottom Line

These are all the easy ways to rearrange the channels on YouTube TV. YouTube TV Streaming service provides you with a lot of content from more than 70 Channels. Also, this YouTube TV platform permits you to hide your unwanted Channels from the Screen of YouTube TV. So thus, quickly, you can rearrange the channels on your YouTubeTV Screen as per your wish. Then this article will undoubtedly correctly lead you by holding your hand to organize the Channels on YouTube TV Screens. More you want to read like this technical articles. Then you can visit our website. From there, you can enrich your knowledge by getting and reading our articles. By the Way, thanks for visiting this page. Furthermore, suppose this note satisfies you with valid information, then you can leave your opinion about this note as your comment in the comment box for my presence.