How to Reset Password on PS4?

PS4 or Play Station 4 is one of the most used gaming consoles by millions of people all over the world. PS4 is like any other device, it is mandatory for the user to create an account to use PS4 and its features. All the PS4 users need to reset the password regularly. Resetting your password will help you to keep your account safe from hackers and intruders. The security for every online account is very important. Hackers will find a new way to hack your personal data. So, you need to reset the password regularly. If you’re curious to know how to reset password on PS4 / PS4 Pro, this guide will show you everything in detail.

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About PS4:

reset password on ps4

Play Station 4 or PS4 is a home video game console owned by Sony Computer Entertainment. It is the eighth generation game console developed by Sony. You can play all the high-end video games on this device without any interruption. Not only games, but you can also stream movies and TV shows from Netflix & More in PS4. It offers the user to experience Virtual Reality with PlayStation VR. Watch Live TV channels with PlayStation Vue. The user interface is simple to use, just connect your game console to the TV and get unlimited entertainment.

How to Reset Password on PS4?

You can reset password on PS4/ PS4 Pro in two different methods. The Working procedure is the same for both PS4 and PS4 Pro.

Reset Password
Reset Password
  • Using PS4 Consoles
  • Using PC

To reset your password, you must need to know at least your email id link with your account.

Reset Password on PS4 ( Using Console)

There are two ways of resetting the password on PS4 using console.

  • Know your current password
  • Forgotten your current password

Reset Password on PS4 using console ( Know your current password)

Step1: Switch on your PS4.

Step2: Choose settings on the home page.

Step3: Then, choose Account Management.

Step4: After that, choose Account Information.

Step5: Next, Select Security.

Step6: Inside the Security, you can find the Password option.

Step7: Tap and open the Password.

Step8: On the next screen, enter the new password twice.

Step9: Click continue.

You have successfully reset your password.

Reset Password on PS4 using console ( Forgotten your current password)

Step1: Power on your PS4.

Step2: On the home page, You can find the settings option.

Step3: Select settings

Step4: Inside the settings, select Account Management.

Step5: Followed by tap the Sign In option.

Step6: On the Sign In page, Press the triangle button.

Step7: On the next screen, Enter your email on the email address column.

Step8: Click Next, to send a password reset email to your email address.

Step9: Go to the internet browser on your PS4.

Step10: Search Gmail and login to it.

Step11: On the Gmail inbox, open the Play Station email.

Step12: Click the link in the email.

Step13: Verify your identity by entering your Date of Birth.

Step14: Rest your password page opens, enter the new password twice on the screen.

Step15: Click OK.

That’s it. This is the way to reset the forgotten PS4 password.

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Reset Password on PS4 ( Using PC)

Step1: Open the on your web browser.

Step2: Click Sign In.

Step3: On the Sign In page, Click Trouble Signing In.

Step4: On the next page, Tap the Reset your password.

Step5: Enter your Email address.

Step6: Click Send Email. ( A link will be sent to your email address to reset the password )

Step7: Open the Gmail and login to it.

Step8: Tap the Play Station email.

Step9: Click the Change Password option on the email.

Step10: Verify your identity by entering your Date of Birth.

Step11: Click Continue.

Step12: Tap the new password twice and click OK.

Now, you have successfully reset your PS4 Password.

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These are the two easy methods to reset password on PS4. I wish these methods will be easier for people to reset your password. I think I have given the most ideal solution. Still, you have any doubts means tell that in the comment box.

Thank you…