What Channel is the Saints game on Dish? [2022]

Saints game on Dish: Be compelling, not confusing. Here is an exciting article for football fans. Being a football fan, you may be familiar with the National Football League. Seemingly, the National Football League is nothing but a popular football game in America. It will hit the ground in the upcoming months. However, it is a yearly event that is famous worldwide.

Moreover, it has 32 football teams, and one among them is the New Orleans Saints. Indeed, this article will mention about the respective Saints team and how to catch up on their game on Dish. Initially, let’s have a look at what NFL is. As we have seen above, NFL or National Football League is a professional football game in America. It has 32 professional football teams that are equally divided into two conferences.

You may know the conferences by the name National Football Conference (NFC) and American Football Conference (AFC). Furtherly, the respective packages will undergo an eighteen-week regular-season game. Then, a set of seven teams from both conferences will be qualified upon points scored and sent to the playoffs.

Finally, the respective team that qualifies for the playoffs will be awarded the Super Bowl Championship. Indeed, you can watch this exciting NFL game on multiple mediums like radio, internet, Spotify, cable\satellite TV, and much more. Concerning that, the following article examines what channel is the Saints game on Dish. Continue reading to explore more details.

About New Orleans Saints

The ‘New Orleans Saints’ is an American professional football team based in New Orleans. Indeed, they compete in the National Football League representing the National Football Conference (NFC), South division. The respective Saints team was established in the year 1966 and further joined the NFL as an expansion team in 1967.

During the first eight seasons, the Saints team occupied Tulane Stadium to play their home games. Whereas from 1975, the home games were played at the Caesars Superdome. Coming to the achievements part, the Saints are one of the NFL teams with the least success rate. In addition, failure was the only face they met for the 20 consecutive seasons. Seemingly, they haven’t earned any winning record and do not qualify for the playoffs.

Fortunately, the year 1987 marked the first victory milestone for the Saints. However, they haven’t won playoffs till 2000. Indeed, they become more consistent in the early stages of the 2000s and 2010s. In such a period, as a consistent contender, the Saints achieved their first Super Bowl championship (Super Bowl XLIV) in the year 2009 by defeating the Indianapolis Colts team. And, of course, that is the first and the only Super Bowl appearance and achievement so far.

Current Roster Info

Even though the Saints team does not have a large page of records and achievements, it is one of the famous NFL franchises. Seemingly, the Saints team has a fan-following community worldwide. Concerning that, the following passage will offer you the list of players and their position on the team.

  • Quarterback – Jameis Winston, Taysom Hill, Andy Dalton, Ian Book
  • Running Backs – Dwayne Washington, Abram Smith, Adam Prentice, Devine Ozigbo
  • Wide Receivers – Kawaan Baker, Marquez Callaway, Deonte Harris, Jarvis Landry
  • Tight Ends – Brandon Dillon, J. P. Holtz, Adam Trautman, Nick Vannett, Juwan Johnson
  • Linebackers – Zack Baun, Demario Davis, Andrew Dowell, Kaden Elliss, Pete Werner
  • Cornerback – Alontae Taylor, Marshon Lattimore, P. J. Williams, Bryce Thompson, Bradley Roby

About Dish Network

Basically, Dish Network is a subscription-based telecommunication company in America. The Dish Network is known for providing services like internet, radio, cable/satellite TV, telephone, etc. However, satellite streaming is the primary concentrating part of Dish Network. As a Dish subscriber, you can get access to a lot of live TV shows and on-demand content.

As I said earlier, Dish is a subscription-based service with various subscription plans. Being a consistent competitor of DirecTV, Dish also provides online streaming via the Dish Anywhere app. As the name signifies, Dish Anywhere is a reliable app to watch your favorite shows from anywhere, anytime. Moreover, the Dish Anywhere app is compatible with multiple platforms.

The exciting part is that existing Dish subscribers can use the Dish Anywhere app without any additional subscription. In that way, the following section will offer you the overall view of the subscriptions available with Dish Network. 

  • Basic – $69.99/month with 190 channels 
  • Popular – $94.99/month with 240+ channels
  • Premium – $104/month with 290+ channels

Furtherly, continue reading to find what channel is the Saints game on Dish. 

What Channel is the Saints game on Dish?

Undoubtedly, the New Orleans Saints are one of the significant teams in the NFL franchise. Therefore, I hope many Saints team fans will be awaiting the NFL game. Indeed, it is possible to access and watch the Saints game from any part of the world using radio, online streaming service, cable/satellite TV, and Spotify. Concerning the cable/satellite streaming option, this section will give you the ways to watch the Saints game on Dish. Seemingly, the Dish Network is one of the best options to watch the Saints game as it has multiple sports streaming channels.

Saints game on Dish
What Channel is the Saints game on Dish?

The unfortunate part is that there is no dedicated channel to watch the Saints game on Dish. However, Dish subscribers can tune to the natively included sports channels like ESPN, Fox Sports, CBS Sports, and much more. In account of that, the following table will mention the exact channel numbers of the above-mentioned sports channels. Therefore, choose your desired sports channel and watch your favorite Saints game on Dish without any hassle.

Streaming Service – Dish Network

Channel Name Channel Number
ESPN 140
CBS Sports 158
NFL Network 154
NBC Sports 2-70
Fox Sports 150


I hope the above article has given you the most needed info about the ways to watch the Saints game on Dish. Make sure you have an active subscription to Dish to watch the Saints game and much more without any hassle. In addition, you can also use the Dish Anywhere app to catch up on your favorite sports from anywhere, anytime. Refer to the above post to get the respective sports channels and enjoy watching the Saints game on Dish. Finally, check out our website for further details and the ways to watch the Saints game on Dish.


What Dish channel has the Saints game?

Seemingly, it is effortless for Dish subscribers to catch up on the Saints game on Dish using their desired streaming device. Indeed, you can tune to the natively included sports channels like Fox Sports, NBC Sports, NFL Network, ESPN, and much more.

What channel is Fox Sports on Dish?

The Fox Sports channel is natively available on all types of Dish packages. Furtherly, Dish users can tune to channel number 150 to catch

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