What Are The Ways To Screen Mirror iPhone To Chromecast?

Screen Mirror iPhone To Chromecast

Google Chromecast is a device which is developed by Google, It is a broadcasting device that helps the user to cast the photos, music, videos, games, documents, etc. It can stream the media contents on the larger screen like Andriod Smart TV, Mac and many more. By using Chromecast dongle you can stream your favorite videos on the larger screen. This device is more compatible with Andriod phone users.

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If you are an iPhone user you don’t know how to mirror the iPhone to Chromecast means don’t worry this article will guide you easily. iOS devices directly don’t support screen mirroring to Chromecast. You can do iPhone Screen Mirroring to Chromecast by various different methods.

Well, follow the below steps carefully it will help you to screen mirror iPhone to Chromecast.

Mandatory things for Screen Mirror iPhone to Chromecast

  • Branded Google Chromecast device
  • iPhone ( any version)
  • Smart TV
  • High-Speed Wifi Connection
  • Plug-In your Google Chromecast to Smart TV
  • Connect all the devices to same wifi connection

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Methods to Screen Mirror iPhone to Chromecast

We can screen mirror iPhone to Chromecast by three different methods

  • By using app Momocast (Non-Apple TV)
  • Using Lonely Screen ( Apple TV)
  • Using the Google Home App ( Apple TV)

Screen Mirror iPhone to Chromecast by using Momocast app

All of us know that we cannot screen mirror iPhone to Chromecast directly apart from apple tv. So first, we are going to mirror the device by using the Momocast app. Read the below instructions carefully,

Screen Mirror iPhone To Chromecast

Step1: Go to the App store on your iPhone device

Step2: Click the Search bar, enter the Momocast and click go

Step3: From the search, you can see Momocast app. Tap the app and download it.

Download Momocast

Step4: Once the app gets downloaded, Tap and install the app.

Step5: Open the app and launch it

Step6: You can see Cast icon on the right corner of the application

Step7: Tap on it, you can see the Chromecast devices

Step8: Click the device to Chromecast, you will get a notification as Connected to Chromecast

Step9: Once again click the Chromecast icon, You will get a pop-up screen as Mirror Screen.

Step10: Tap on the Mirror Screen, Immediately you can see your iPhone screen on your TV.

Screen Mirror iPhone to Chromecast by using Lonely Screen app

This is the second method of the Screen mirroring process. You can cast PC to TV and then iPhone to PC by using this method.

Screen Mirror iPhone To Chromecast

Step1: Connect your Apple device, PC, and Google Chromecast to the same Wifi connection.

Step2: Next, Download the Lonely screen app, For than open the chrome and screen as Lonely Screen and download the app.

Download LonelyScreen

Step3: Then launch the chrome browser. Click the three-dotted icon on the right top of the corner.

Step4: Next, Tap on the Cast menu from the list

Step5: Where you can see Chromecast device and then click the source option

Step6: Click the Cast Desktop from the source option

Step7: Now your PC screen will be displayed on your TV

Step8: After that, Tab the Airplay mirroring in your iOS device.

Step 9: Select LonelyScreen, Now your iPhone will be Chromecast to tv. Now your iPhone is ready to stream.

Screen Mirror iPhone to Chromecast by using Google Home

This is another method to cast your iPhone to TV Screen. Google Home is an app that helps the user to stream all your iPhone contents in a very simple way. This tool is completely different from both the above method. If you using Apple TV, you can cast directly through this app.

Screen Mirror iPhone To Chromecast

Step1: Go to the app store and click the search bar

Step2: Type as Google Home and click Go

Step3: Tap on the app and download it

Download Google Home

Step4: After downloading, install the app and launch it

Step5: Open the app, you can see cast icon on the right top of the corner

Step6: Tap the cast icon, List of Chromecast device displayed.

Step7: Choose your Chromecast device, Immediately your iPhone will be displayed on your TV.


Can I mirror my iPhone to my TV?

Yes, you can mirror the iPhone to TV by using the above methods

How do I screen mirror with Chromecast?

Just follow the above instructions, you can easily mirror with Chromecast

Can you Chromecast from iPhone?

Yes, we can easily Chromecast from iPhone

How can I mirror my iPhone to my TV without AirPlay?

By using Momocast app you can do it

Final Words:

From the above three methods, you can choose the best one. Momocast helps the non-apple tv user to screen mirror your iPhone to Chromecast. LonelyScreen app is the lightweight app that helps the Apple TV user to mirror the device. Google home occupies more space for storage but it will cast easily. For more information above iPhone to Chromecast follow our site regularly.

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