How to Install Showtime on LG Smart TV? [2022]

Showtime on LG Smart TV:  The thirst for searching for an online platform to spend our time with entertainment is endless until we get it. You will surely get the best on-demand Streaming online platform through this application. The best application is Showtime. The Showtime application is a famous American premium television network. The Paramount Media Networks owns the Showtime application.

The showtime application programs include Theatrically released motion pictures, original television series,  Boxing matches, Mixed Martial Arts matches, Standup comedy specials, and made TV movies. Indeed, the Showtime brand has a righting license to use by a number of channels and platforms worldwide. As of September 2018, the showtime application has 28.567 million subscribers in the United States.

In addition, the Showtime application is available in two different types of languages English and Spanish. The Showtime application has 15+ sister channels: BBS, The CW, Flix, MTV, TV land, Pop TV, and much more. This application is available to stream on various devices like Apple TV, Android TV, Roku, Firestick, iOS, and Smart TVs. In addition, the Showtime application has much-advanced control like parent control, Ads free options, etc. So is it doable to get the Showtime application on LG Smart TV? Let us see about That in this article.

Showtime Subscriptions

The muli-played Showtime application has a very compact two types of subscription packages for the users. Indeed, if you are a new subscriber, you can get the 30 days free trial period to stream your favorite content. The showtime subscriptions are,

  • $10.99 per month.
  • $99 per year.

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Is it possible to get Showtime on LG Smart TV?

Undoubtedly, Yes. The Showtime application is officially available in LG Smart TVs. So, therefore, You can Install the Showtime application  Straightforwardly from the LG content store. Here, also we will talk about the other ways to get the Showtime application on LG Smart TV. Following our methods quickly lets you get the Showtime application on your LG SmartTV. We will see that elaborately in the following section.

How to Install Showtime on LG Smart TV?

Straightforwardly, you can install the Showtime application on your LG SmartTV. The installation process of Showtime on LG TV is not a longtime process. In addition, You can complete the procedure in a few actions. You will learn about the producer ideally from the following lines in this section. The Following Techniques will teach you clearly about the process.

Showtime on LG Smart TV
How to Install Showtime on LG Smart TV?


As the first step of this process, you want to do Turning on the LG Smart TV using the LG TV remote.


Then, connect your LG Smart TV to an internet connection.


Next, press the Home Screen button on your LG TV remote.


After entering the home screen, click the LG content Store on your Smart TV.


After moving to the LG Content Store, navigate to the Search bar on your LG Screen.


Now, type the app name [Showtime] in the Search bar on your LG Screen.


Then, press the install button to install the Showtime application on your LG smart TV.


After completing the installation process, click the Add button to add the app to your LG Content Store.


Afterward, your Showtime app will add to your LG content sore.


Now, open the app and complete the login process on LG Screen.


After that, Launch your Showtime app and play any content on your LG Screen.


Eventually, now you can enjoy the Showtime application content on your LG TV.

NOTE: Before doing those Steps, Update your LG TV to the latest version if it is not updated.


By the way, we reached the conclusion stage. So, therefore, this is the time to conclude the topic of Showtime on LG SmartTV. Undoubtedly, the showtime application is the best platform for vanishing your tiredness and boredom. In addition, here, you can stream all types of videos depending on your Mode. So instead, it has the most useable features for safe and entertainment. I hope this article will give you a clear idea about the installation process of Showtime on LG SmartTV. Furthermore, if you have any doubt, keep minding our website and clarify your doubts with our upcoming article.

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Does Showtime available on LG Smart TV?

Of course, Yes. The Showtime application is available on LG Smart TV. Fortunately, You can install the Showtime application Straightforwardly from the LG Content Store on LG SmartTV.

Is Showtimes free on Hulu and Roku?

For Hulu: Luckily, You can stream your desired content free for one week. After that, you want to pay $10.99 monthly to continue streaming.

For Roku: Unfortunately, you want to pay for Stream the Showtime content. You want to pay $3.99 per month for three months.