How to Download and Install Sky Go on Xbox One? [2022]

Today we will be dealing with the write-up which is related to a famous network. That is, we are going to discuss all about the streaming of Sky TV which is been referred to as and named as Sky Go. To be in detail, we will be helping you out with the ways to install Sky Go on Xbox One.

About Sky Go

Sky Go, the name itself symbolizes its purpose. With the Sky Go streaming app the users can watch all of Sky TV on the Go. It is the streaming app rolled out by Sky TV. And the best part is it is absolutely free for the subscribers of Sky TV. This is because it is a part of the TV subscription plan. The Sky Go offers entertainment on almost all genres such as on-demand content, live TV, news, sports, etc… Talking about the features, the users can record their favorites, compatible with basic devices, good picture quality, and a lot more.

Cost of Sky Go

The users who do not have a Sky TV subscription can also watch Sky Go’s on-demand content and live TV with the help of the PPV Mode. With PPV Mode the users can just pay for what they want to watch from the Sky Go. It is pretty much simple and cost-friendly.

How to Watch Sky Go on Xbox One?

Sky Go app is supported on Xbox One, that is, one can easily get access to the services of Sky Go on their Xbox One console. There is one thing that the users should look after, that is, the user should first possess a live account of Xbox One like every other device has. 

Sky Go on Xbox One
Sky Go on Xbox One

How to install Sky Go on Xbox One?

It is going to be an easy process as the Sky Go app is easily available.

Step1: Start up your Xbox One by associating it with your TV.

Step2: Power it up with your internet connectivity.

Step3: Reach the homepage of your Xbox One.

Step4: From here, see that you navigate to the Dashboard of the Xbox One console.

Step5: Go to the section which represents Store.

Sky Go on Xbox One

Step6: You should then locate the Apps option and click it.

Sky Go on Xbox One

Step7: Now you have to search for the Sky Go App.

Sky Go on Xbox One

Step8: From the results, opt-out for the Sky Go App.

Step9: On the info page, choose the Install Or Get button. And wait for the installation to complete.

Step10: Then click open the Sky Go App and launch it on your Xbox One.

Step11: Then Sign in with the respective account credential of Sky TV.

Step12: And this is how you have to install the Sky Go app on your Xbox One.

Is any alternative way available to watch Sky Go on Xbox One?

Not every user can get along with the above-mentioned way to add Sky Go. But, we always do have backup options for you. In this case, we will make use of the casting method. The users can make use of their Android and iOS devices to cast Sky Go to their Xbox One console-connected TV.

How to stream Sky Go on Xbox One?

Step1: Open the Sky Go app on your Xbox One console.

Step2: Go to the On Now section.

Step3: You will direct to the page consists of a List of Live Channels.

Step4: Choose any channel if you wish to watch from the list.

Step5: And you can watch the Live TV which you have chosen on your Xbox One via Sky Go. This is how you have to stream live channels of Sky Go.

How to watch Sky Go’s On-demand content on Xbox One?

Step1: Open the Sky Go App and Sign in with your account credentials.

Step2: Opt for the package with respect to your subscription plan.

Step3: And finally, this is how you get to stream the on-demand contents of Sky Go on your Xbox One.


To conclude, Sky Go is a very easy and preferable option for all the users of Sky TV I guess. And apart from that, it is a better option as a streaming app itself. This is cool indeed. Hope we have shown you the ways to add Sky Go on Xbox One and more about Sky Go. Thank you for reading.