How to get Spotify App on Vizio Smart TV?[2022]

Spotify App on Vizio Smart TV
Spotify App on Vizio Smart TV

Listen to the millions of tracks and podcasts for free of cost using the Spotify app. This is one of the best ways to hear all your favorite tracks on single app. The Audio speaker on the smartphone or tablet is not much audible as compared to a TV audio speaker. Spotify users are want to hear their favorite songs or Podcasts in Smart tv or Home theatre. So they are looking for the best smart tv on the online market. Vizio Smart TV is one of the best Smart TVs with good audio speakers. In this guide, we are going to tell you how to Chromecast Spotify App on Vizio Smart TV.

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Spotify on Vizio Smart TV

The user can search any track, artist, albums or songs for free. You can make your own playlist by downloading it. Thousands of Podcasts available in this app. Some of the Podcasts are you can’t find it anywhere else.

Features of Spotify:

  • Listen to your favorite tracks in various languages like English, Tamil, Telugu, etc…
  • Discover your favorite podcasts from various categories like Music, Entertainment, Education, Games, Health and many more.
  • Create your own playlist and enjoy it at any time.
  • Pick up and listen to music based on your mood.
  • Multiple Genre are available.
  • Spotify Supports platforms are Andriod, iOS, PC, PlayStation, Chromecast, Smart TV, Speakers, etc…
  • New release music albums, movie songs are available at free of cost.
  • Trending tracks are available at the home page itself.
  • Search your favorite singer songs and Listen to the songs instantly.
Spotify on Vizio Smart TV

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Premium Features:

  • The premium at the cost of $2 per month.
  • Hear Ad-free songs and music.
  • There is no Ad breaks.
  • The premium user can listen to the songs even in offline also.
  • Extreme audio quality is available.
  • The Premium package for Student is $0.75, For family up to six accounts, it cost 2.5$.

How to Download and Stream Spotify APP on Vizio Smart TV?

Are you ready guys, Learn the Download and Stream process of Spotify app on Vizio Smart TV. In some of Vizio Smart TV doesn’t support the Spotify app but they support the Chromecast process. So you can stream the Spotify app using Chromecast Method.

Step1: OK, First Connect the Wifi network.

Step2: For that, Go to the Settings option.

Step3: In that Settings Choose Network option.

Step4: Tap on your Wifi Network.

Step5: Enter your Wifi Password.

Step6: Connect it.

Step7: Now Press the V-shaped button on your Vizio remote control.

Step8: In that all apps column you can see all inbuilt apps.

Step9: Spotify app is not available by default and also it will not be available in the Vizio Internet Plus App Store.

Step10: For bringing Spotify to Vizio Smart TV we need to do the casting process.

Step11: The things required for the casting process are Mobile, Chromecast device, Vizio Smart TV.

Step12: Connect your Mobile to the same wifi connection which is connected to your Vizio Smart TV.

Step13: Plugin the latest Chromecast device on the back of your Vizio Smart TV.

Step14: Once connected your Chromecast device. Download the Spotify app on your Smart Phone.

Step15: Install and Launch it.

Step16: On the home page, you can see Cast Icon.

Step17: Tap the cast icon.

Step18: It starts looking for nearby devices. Connect your Chromecast device from the list.

Step19: You can see your Spotify home page on your Vizio Smart TV screen if you connected it correctly.

Step20: Now, Hear all the Songs at extreme audio quality in Vizio Smart TV.

Wrapping UP:

Enjoy all the trending, new releases, favorite songs on your Spotify app at free of cost. If you love to hear the songs without any interruption means use a premium version. With the help of Vizio Smart TV, you can get the best experience of hearing songs. I think we have covered almost all the details regarding Spotify on Vizio Smart TV. If you want more info on the Spotify app or Vizio Smart TV means tell us in the comment box.

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