What Channel is the Steelers game on Dish? [Updated 2022]

Steelers game on Dish: Sports is one of the unique elements that can make us happy and engaging even in hard times.

Everyone has their own favorite sport. In that way, this article discusses about football and the famous NFL game.

In short, the National Football League is a very popular game in America. The NFL is nothing but a football game but in a different style.

Seemingly, the people of America call their way of football as ‘Super Bowl’. Moreover, the NFL is a famous game that has been carried over every year regularly since 1920.

As of every game, the NFL too starts with the process of selecting the respective thirty-two teams. Furtherly, the bunch of teams will be split into two equal groups with sixteen teams in each group.

Of Which, the first group will be called as the National Football Conference (NFC), and the second group will be called as the American Football Conference (AFC).

Then, a three-week preseason and an eighteen-week regular-season game will be conducted for those teams.

In the month of January, a set of seven teams will be selected from each conference on a score basis and will be moved to the playoffs in February.

The final team which withstands the game will be given the Super Bowl Championship. It is possible to watch this exciting NFL Super Bowl game on the radio, on cable, and without cable services.

As for the thirty-two teams, this dedicated article will discuss watching the Steelers game on Dish. Read the entire article for further details.

About Pittsburgh Steelers

In simple words, the “Pittsburgh Steelers” is a popular and professional American football team based in Pittsburgh.

As we all know, the Steelers compete in the National Football League on behalf of the American Football Conference (AFC) North division.

Interestingly, the Pittsburgh Steelers are the seventh oldest NFL franchise. The Steelers franchise was founded in the year 1933 and becomes the oldest AFC franchise.

Indeed, the Steelers were one of the most undefeated NFL teams during the 1970s. But shockingly, they have never won a single league championship before merging with the NFL.

The New England Patriots was the team that was made to accompany the Steelers team most times. Eventually, these were the teams that played and hosted many conferences together than any other NFL franchises.

Moreover, the Steelers have a maximum victory rate and winning percentage than other teams. They have twice won the Lombardi trophy and are the proud champions of 10 divisional titles.

The Steelers team have also won eight AFC championship in partnership with the Denver Broncos. Furtherly, they also have a worldwide fan following under the title “Steeler Nation”.

Current Players Info

The above-given board of fame will prove the efficiency of the Steelers team. In that way, the following section will offer you a list of popular players depending upon their position.

  • Quarterback – Kenny Pickett, Mitch Trubisky, Mason Rudolph
  • Linebacker – T. J. Watt, Devin Bush Jr., Myles Jack
  • Running Back – Najee Harris, Derek Watt, Benny Snell Jr., Trey Edmunds
  • Wide Receiver – George Pickens, Dionte Johnson, Myles Boykin
  • Defensive Tackle – Cameron Heyward, Tyson Alualu, Demarvin Leal
  • Center – Kendrick Green, James Daniels, Mason Cole

About Dish Network

In direct words, Dish Network is a popular telecommunication provider in America. Indeed, the service of Dish includes cable, satellite TV, internet, DVR, and many wireless services.

In addition, Dish is the owner of the popular IPTV service, Sling TV. Meanwhile, you can enjoy watching a wide range of live and on-demand content by getting a Dish subscription.

However, what sounds more interesting is the online streaming service of Dish. Indeed, the Dish Anywhere app helps you access various of your favorite content from anywhere, anytime.

Furtherly, it also includes a built-in DVR that helps you save your favorite live shows to stream in the future. In addition, you can stream some exclusive games like NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB, and much more.

So that you can stay updated with the live scores of your favorite games. Unlike most TV providers, the Dish Network has one of the most affordable subscription plans with loaded benefits.

The following part will give you further details about the subscription plans available with the Dish Network.

  • Basic – $69.99/month with 190 channels 
  • Popular – $94.99/month with 240+ channels
  • Premium – $104/month with 290+ channels

What Channel is the Steelers game on Dish?

Seemingly, the Pittsburgh Steelers are one of the favorite teams for many people worldwide. You can catch up with the Steelers game on various mediums like the radio and with/without cable services.

Talking about our primary concern, it is possible to watch the Steelers game on Dish. Indeed, you don’t have a dedicated channel to watch the Steelers game on Dish.

Steelers game on Dish
What Channel is the Steelers game on Dish?

But fortunately, the Dish network has many dedicated sports channels that you can get with your subscription.

As a result, you can watch your favorite Steelers game on Dish network using sports streaming channels like ESPN, NFL Network, Fox Sports, and CBS Sports.

Furtherly, the below section will give you the exact channel numbers of the respective sports channels.

Streaming service – Dish Network

Channel Name – ESPN

–>Airing On – 140

Channel Name – Fox Sports 1

–>Airing On – 150

Channel Name – NFL Network

–> Airing On – 154

Channel Name – NBC Sports

–>Airing On – 2-70


This is all to say about watching the Steelers game on Dish. Seemingly, there is no dedicated channel to access and watch the Steelers game on Dish.

But, alternatively, you can use the natively included channels like ESPN, NFL Network, Fox Sports, CBS Sports, and NBC Sports.

Indeed, the above article gives you the exact channel numbers of the dedicated sports channels to watch Steelers game on Dish.

So, choose your desired sports channel using the above guide and enjoy watching the Pittsburgh Steelers game on Dish.


Is it possible to watch the Steelers game on Dish?

Yes, it is possible to watch the Steelers game on Dish. But you can’t find any exclusive channel to watch the Steelers game. So instead, you can use the dedicated sports channels on Dish to watch the Steelers game without any hassle.

What channel is the NFL Network on Dish?

You can find the NFL Network channel on Dish using channel number 154.

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