Steps to cast Foxtel GO on Google Chromecast [2022]

Well, We are back with another Chromecast app. Today we are going to tell about one of the famous television services apps Foxtel GO. Watch out the Live TV and On-demand video content on the Foxtel GO app.

Foxtel GO app allows the users to watch live sports, dramas, live tv programs, blockbuster movies, and many more. This app is a pay television service app. Foxtel Go is available in Australia and Certain Australia territories. If you are an outside Australia user means you will definitely need a VPN for streaming. The app is a geo-restricted app. This application is one of the popular apps for streaming live content. It supports devices like Andriod, IOS, Smartphones, PCs, Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast, etc…

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Foxtel GO has famous Australian TV series like Bloom, Diary of an Uber driver, Five Bedroom, etc… There is only one subscription plan available in this app which costs $88 per month. Read out the below steps carefully that will help you to guide how to cast Foxtel Go on Google Chromecast.

Features of Foxtel GO:

  • You can watch the videos in this app anywhere at any time.
  • You can log in 5 devices at a time, Stream 2 device at the same time.
  • Low data usage mode available in this app you can switch it to the low mode when you are using it in the mobile.
  • It has parental control
  • Closed Captions present in this application
  • You can cast easily to the big screen
  • Stream live TV and On-demand contents in HD.
  • Kids Content is available in the home page

Two ways to cast Foxtel GO on Chromecast

You can do this process in two ways, both the methods are very simple and easy to cast the device.

  • The First one is, Using SmartPhone
  • The second one is, Using Chrome browser on PC

Minimum Requirements for Cast Foxtel GO on Chromecast

  • Andriod Smartphone
  • PC
  • Andriod Smart TV
  • Google Chromecast device
  • Strong Wifi Connection

What are the things to do for casting Foxtel GO on Chromecast

  • First, connect your Google Chromecast on your Andriod Smart TV
  • Connect both the smart devices to the same wifi connection.

Steps to cast Foxtel Go on Chromecast

Casting a device by using a smartphone is very simple and easy. Read out the below instructions carefully

Method 1: Using SmartPhone

For inside Australia users

Step1: First of all, We need to register on the Foxtel official website for that click the link and register it.

Foxtel GO on Google Chromecast

Step2: If you are an old user of Foxtel means skip step one. After register, Purchase the subscription plan

Step3: Connect your Smartphone and Smart TV to the same wifi connection. Check Whether it is connected to the same one or not.

Step4: Click the menu button in your smartphone

Step5: Go to the play store or App store and search the Foxtel GO app

Step6: From the results, you can see the Foxtel GO app. Tap and download the app

Step7: Install the app in your Smartphone

Step8: Open the app, Enter your Login details

Step9: Click any video in the app, while stream you can see cast icon in the top

Step10: Tap the cast icon in the right corner. Within a second pop up appears and displays the list of Chromecast devices

Step11: Tap your Chromecast smart tv

Step12: Once connected means, you can see the same video in your smart tv

Foxtel GO on Google Chromecast

For Outside Australian Users:

Step1: Download the best VPN app from the store

Step2: Purchase the plan for VPN service

Step3: Open the VPN app and change the server location to Australia

Step4: Follow the same above instructions now.

Method 2: Using Chrome browser on PC

Step1: Switch on your PC

Step2: Open your Chrome browser on your PC

Step3: Enter this URL on the search box and click GO

Foxtel GO on Google Chromecast

Step4: Open page of Foxtel GO, Click the Login.

Step5: Enter your Login details and Click GO

Foxtel GO on Google Chromecast

Step6: You can see the list of videos on the home page of Foxtel GO

Step7: Click any one video

Step8: While the video is streaming, Tap on the three-dotted icon on the right side.

Step9: You can see the cast menu from the list, Tap on it

Foxtel GO on Google Chromecast

Step10: Next, Click your Chromecast Smart TV

Step11: You can see the source menu tap on it.

Step12: Tap the sub menu Cast tab from the souces menu

Step 13: Now your Foxtel Go video on your PC will be streamed on your Smart TV.

FAQ’s of Foxtel GO on Chromecast

Can you use Chromecast with Foxtel Go?

Yes, you can use Chromecast on Foxtel GO

Can I mirror Foxtel Go to my TV?

Yes you can mirror Foxtel GO on your Smart TV

How do I Chromecast Foxtel Go App?

Just, follow the above steps that will help you to Chromecast Foxtel GO

Is Foxtel go free?

Now you need to pay $88 per month

How many devices can I use Foxtel GO on a time?

You can connect up to 5 device

Final Words:

Foxtel GO is the best television app to watch live tv shows and on-demand shows. For outside Australian users please connect the VPN server and stream your favorite shows. If you have any doubts means tell us in the comment box.

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