How to Install and Watch Stremio on Roku? [Complete Guide]

People want to watch the streaming content on a large screen. To do so, they own a Smart TV. But not all the streaming services are available in the Smart TV’s Appstore. Stremio is also a streaming service which is the best app to watch your favorite streaming content in one. But Roku doesn’t allow you to install Stremio. But if you want to stream Stremio on Roku, go through this article. Here you’ll get the steps to watch Stremio on Roku.

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What is Stremio?

Stremio on Roku

Stremio is the streaming service that provides the contents through the Add-onsStremio is completely free to use. But you should pay to watch your favorites through the Add-ons. Add-ons are available such as Official Add-ons and third-party Community Add-ons. You can install the Add-ons in order to your wish. You can also uninstall the Add-ons if you don’t want it. In order to watch your favorite MoviesLive TVOnline content, go to Stremio and enjoy it.

The most amazing fact is that you can sort your own library and know your watching lists through the Stremio Calendar. Get notified whenever a new episode or release is available. Stremio is harmonious on the AndroidiOSWindows desktop, Mac desktop, Linux desktop, and Chromecast. Now you can directly cast to Chromecast by tapping the Chromecast icon on the video playing page.

How to Download Stremio?

 You can download both the Stremio app and apk from the Stremio’s official website. Do the following steps.

Step1: Connect your device to the internet.

Step2: Go to the desired web browser on your device in which you want to download Stremio.

Step3: Browse

Step4: Move to the end of the page and select Downloads.

Step5: Now select the Operating System of your device and download the Stremio app or Stremio apk file on your device.

Step6: After downloading the app or apk, install it.

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Is Stremio available on Roku?

Stremio is not available in the Roku Channel Store. And you can’t sideload apps in Roku. The only way to watch Stremio on Roku is the Screen Mirroring method. Make use of a VPN to protect you from the ISP.

How to Watch Stremio on Roku?

You can watch Stremio on Roku by the Screen Mirroring method. And follow the upcoming procedures to do so.

Stremio on Roku
  1. Android to Roku
  2. iOS to Roku
  3. Windows PC to Roku

Mandatories to do, Before performing the steps, do the mandatories. Do the following on your Roku. Go to Settings on Roku > System > Screen Mirroring > Screen Mirroring mode > Prompt or Always allow

How to Watch Stremio on Roku From Android?

 You should follow the below-given steps to watch Stremio on Roku from Android by Screen Mirroring method.

Step1: Connect your Android and Roku to the same Wifi.

Step2: Download the Stremio app or apk and install it in your Android device.

Step3: Go to Settings in your Android and select Connections and Sharing.

Stremio on Roku

Step4: Under Connections and Sharing, choose the Cast option and enable it.

Stremio on Roku

Step5: It’lllook for the nearby available devices. Select the Roku connected TV name from the available devices list.

Stremio on Roku

Step6: Now your Android device’s screen is displayed on your Roku TV.

Step7: Open Stremio in your Android device and enjoy watching Stremio on your Roku TV.

How to Watch Stremio on Roku From iOS?

Watch Stremio on Roku by Mirroring the iOS screen. To do so, proceed with the upcoming steps.

Step1: Connect your iOS and Roku to the same wifi network.

Step2: Download and install the Stremio app or apk in your iOS device.

Step3: Install the Mirror for the Roku app in your iOS.

Stremio on Roku

Step4: After setting up the Mirror for the Roku app, it’ll look for the available devices.

Stremio on Roku

Step5: Tap on the Roku TV name and it’ll send a notification by requesting the TV for mirroring.

Step6: Click Ok on your Roku TV.

Step7: Select the Roku TV name again to get the notifications on your iOS.

Step8: Follow the on-screen instructions and it’ll display the Screen of iOS to Roku TV.

Step9: Open Stremio in your iOS and start watching it on your Roku TV.

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How to Watch Stremio On Roku from Windows PC?

 You can watch Stremio on Roku from your Windows PC by Screen Mirroring method. Get along with the steps instructed below.

Step1: Connect your Windows PC and Roku TV to the same Wifi.

Step2: Download and install Stremio on your Windows PC.

Step3: Select the Action Center icon in your Windows PC.

Stremio on Roku

Step4: Now select Connect and it’ll search and show the nearby available devices.

Step5: Select the Roku connected TV name from the list.

Stremio on Roku

Step6: Open Stremio on Windows PC and watch it on your Roku TV.

Sums Up

Stremio is the only online service to fetch all your favorites. You can watch your favorites from other services named by Add-ons such as Official and Community Add-ons. The above-given information is literally simple and elaborated for your convenience. We hope that our information and procedures will be very useful to you.

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