What Channel is Super Bowl on Antenna? [Updated 2022]

Super Bowl on Antenna: When we talk about Sport, the one game that comes to our mind is Super Bowl. We all deserve some time to seek to relax and to watch our favorite sports programs. On thinking about that Super Bowl is a perfect option for you. You can watch Super Bowl on NBC Sports App. Otherwise, you can stream online on CBSSports.com.

Super Bowl has more than a million fans in America. If you are a fan of Sports, you will enjoy NBC Sports. Luckily you can get Super Bowl on Antenna. In Antenna, you can watch free channels on air for free. The NFL is the one show that is watched by many Americans still. So to know many about this Channel, let us dive into the content without delay.

What Channel is Super Bowl on Antenna?

Super Bowl on Antenna
What Channel is Super Bowl on Antenna?

One of the significant American Sports is NFL, and millions of people in the US enjoy that. And it is still without a subscription you can get. So the only thing you want to do is an Antenna capable of pulling in your CBS affiliate to catch big games. Thanks to modern broadcasts technology, you can get free channels on over-the-air antennas. In that, you can get high-quality picture quality in some cases that you won’t get in your subscription channels.

If you are near the broadcast tower, you can keep indoor antennas. Whether you live far away from the tower, you can use a roof antenna. And the last thing that takes your sunshine of happiness is you get confused in the channel numbers. The channel numbers vary from place to place because there are more than hundreds of channels in the Antenna. So we are here to help you; we prepared a list of channels that help you find your favorite channels so easily.

Channel NameChannel Number
Super Bowl04
Super Bowl on Antenna
  • NHL on NBC
  • NFL on NBC
  • American Ninja Warrior
  • NASCAR on America
  • The Dan Patrick Show
  • IndyCar Series on NBC
  • Wednesday Night Hockey
  • NBC Sunday Night Football
  • Mecum Dealmakers


The above information about the Channel Super Bowl on Antenna will get you more clarity about it. This Channel will give you and your family fill of joy and happiness. If you are a crazy sports fan, then the Super Bowl is a needed channel in your lineup. This channel will keep you engaged with it. So to learn more about this channel, read this article to the end without skipping.


What Channel Number is Super Bowl on Antenna?

Channel Number 4 is running as Super Bowl on Antenna

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