What Channel is The Weather Channel on DirecTV? [Updated 2022]

The Weather Channel on DirecTV: Weather Channel is the best and most popular streaming channel, and using this platform, users can stream all the Weather reports.

So keep reading this article and get more details about the Weather Channel on DirecTV.

Weather Channel is one of the most critical channels in weather forecasting. You are on the right platform if you want to know more about Weather Channel on DirecTV. Without delay, let’s get into the content.

DirecTV has many channel lineups and is nothing but a Streaming service or TV provider.

TWC was the abbreviation for the Weather Channel, and Entertainment Studios was the owner of this streaming channel. Meanwhile, Weather Group Television, LLC was the parent of this streaming channel.

Through this Weather Channel, the users will get plenty of benefits and information on the manner of Incoming floods, storms, heavy rains, wildfires, doppler radar maps, hurricane trackers, heat waves, and even more detail are available on this Weather Channel.

Therefore, people can receive weather updates and weather warnings using this Weather streaming channel. Meanwhile, this is the only platform that updates every Weather report each day without fail.

Android mobile phone, iOS devices like iPhone and iPad, Android TV, Apple TV, LG Smart TV, Sony Smart TV, Roku streaming device, Amazon Fire TV, Google Chromecast device, Windows, Samsung Smart TV, Mac, and VIZIO Smart TV are the Streaming device that supports The Weather Channel.

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About DirecTV

DirecTV is also called DirecTV Stream, and it is just but a Streaming service or a TV provider.

TPG Capital and AT & T was the owner of the DirecTV streaming service, and the parent of this TV provider is DirecTV.

Through this DirecTV streaming channel, the people can stream all the original with HD quality video content like super hit movies, series, TV shows, sports, news, live shows, kids shows, and even more are available on this DirecTV TV provider.

Concurrently, The Weather channel includes news about the weather and entertainment shows regarding weather.

Undoubtedly, more people are using this DirecTV streaming service because it contains more number of live channels. And the channels are CBS, PBS, USA, TLC, ABC, E!, Nickelodeon, Cartoons Network, Bravo, FX, The CW, Fox News, Disney, MSNBC, Univision, and even more channels.

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If you want to stream all the DirecTV content means without fail, you need to subscribe to this streaming service. And the subscription package of the DirecTV streaming service is $79. 99 per month for Entertainment with more than 160 channels, $79.99 per month for Choice that contains more than 185 channels, $99.99 per month for an Ultimate subscription that has 250+ live channels, and $149.99 per month for Premier subscription package and it contains more than 330 channels.

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What Channel is The Weather Channel on DirecTV?

Weather Channel on DirecTV
What Channel is The Weather Channel on DirecTV?
What Channel is The Weather Channel on DirecTV?

Weather Channel is helping us to know the perfect forecast for your location. When you plan to go on a trip, the Weather channel will help you see the weather in that place.

Weather-related programs firmly maintained the Weather Chanel popularity funnily. The Channel number may vary for different locations.

There are over 79 million subscribers throughout the United States. This Channel includes news about the weather, entertainment shows, predictions about storms, etc.

Undoubtedly, you can access The Weather Channel from streaming services like DirecTV Stream, frndly TV, and fubo TV.

In case you are searching for weather news in your locality, this Channel will help you know about the weather.

In the below line, we mention the complete details about the Weather channel on  DirecTV. 

Streaming service – DirecTV

Channel name – The Weather channel

Channel number – 362

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Popular Shows on The Weather Channel

Undeniably, this Weather channel is a more famous channel because using this platform, you can get a more unique and popular Weather channel.

Look below and get the more popular shows that are available on the Weather streaming channel.

Weather Center Live

Weather Center was renamed Weather Center Live, and it is nothing but the Weather news TV program from the place in America.

Undoubtedly, this Weather Center Live show is only accessible in the country of the US. Meanwhile, Weather Center Live shows are only available in the language of English.

By using these Weather Center Live shows, the users will gain a lot of information like Global, Forecastwatch, and Regional Forecast Accuracy Overview.

Storm Stories

Storm Stories is nothing but a non-fiction TV series, and this Storm Stories series is available on platforms of Zone Reality and the Weather Channel.

Undoubtedly, this Storm Stories series runs up to 9 seasons, and the total number of episodes of this Storm Stories show is 371. Meanwhile, the time duration for this Storm Stories series is 30 minutes.

Full Force Nature

Full Force Nature is a documentary TV series from America, and this is a popular show which is available on the platform Wearth channel.

Bill Ratner was the writer of this Full Force Nature series, and this Full Force Nature show is only available in the language of English.

Therefore, this Full Force Nature shows contain only one season and fill with the 12 episodes in that season.


At last, we conclude the Weather Channel on DirecTV. With the help of the Weather Channel, you can come to know all the weather updates for your day. In addition, the Weather Channel is coming out with packages that will be pocket friendly for everyone. I hope that I have covered all the information about the Weather Channel on DirecTv in this article.


What Channel is The Weather Channel?

It tells us about Weather forecasting in your surroundings.

Can we watch The Weather Channel Live?

Undoubtedly, there is the availability of  Weather Channel on DirecTV streaming service. In detail, the people using the DirecTV streaming service can stream all the unique and latest weather content with the help of the Weather Channel.

Can we watch all the live programs?

Yes, you can watch all live programs according to their schedule. Meanwhile, this is the only app that updates very quickly, so in that case, you can stream all the live weather content with the help of this Weather Channel on DirecTV.

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