What Channel is TNT on Uverse?

TNT on Uverse: In this digital television world, anyone can watch any kind of content with just a single click. But all want to stream all kinds of content under a single platform. I think all want to know what I will say in the below article. It is nothing but TNT. Yes! TNT is the best platform to stream all kinds of television things. Day to Day streaming industry improved a lot.

In the current generation, Uverse is one of the best streaming services in the United States. Uverse subscribers want to watch the TNT channel on it. So this is the right time to reveal the exact information about What Channel is TNT on Uverse. So read the below article and get exciting news about what you expect.

What is TNT?

TNT is a basic Cable television service in the United States owned by Warner Bros. Discovery. TNT stands for Turner Network Television, launched on October 3, 1988. Warner Bros. Discovery Network is the parent of TNT. TNT currently broadcasts original drama, reality shows, movies, sports content, etc.

It has a movie license with Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, Touchstone Pictures, Marvel Studios, Lucasfilm, 20th Century Studios, Columbia Pictures, Universal Pictures, and Paramount Pictures.

TNT telecasts lots of sports content like the National Basket Ball Association, National Hockey League, College Basket Ball, Golf, UEFA Champions League, Major League Baseball, NASCAR, and National Football League. The TNT cable Network is telecasting in Canada, Latin America, Germany, Spain, Turkey, Scandinavia, Netherlands and Flanders, Poland, Romania, Africa, and Thailand.

Some TNT tv shows are NBA on TNT, Animal Kingdom, AEW Dynamite, NHL on TNT, AEW Rampage, Inside the NBA, The Closer, Will, Major Crimes, Cold Justice, The Last Ship, The Librarians, Good Behaviours, and The Alienist, Southland, Public Morals, and I am the Night and Perception. The subscription cost of TNT is $6.99 per month.

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About Uverse

Uverse is a brand of DirecTV. It is one of the types of Internet Protocol television. Owners of Uverse are AT&T and TPG Capital. It was founded on June 26, 2006. DirecTV is the Parent of Uverse. Services of Uverse are Broadband Internet, Phone, and Television.

Subscription plans for Uverse TV Service

Subscription PlanSubscription CostTV Channel Count
U – Family$39.99 per month180+
U – 200$59.99 per month370+
U – 300$64 per month485+
U – 450$114 per month550+

It broadcasts a lot of exciting content like AC HD, Galavisi6n, Galavisi6n – West, GEM Shopping Network, Go 4 It, Golf Channel, GolTV, Great American Country, GSN, Hallmark Channel, Hallmark Movies and History, HBO, HBO – W, Olympic Channel, Once Mexico, One America News Network, Outdoor Channel, OuterMAX, Ovation, OWN, OWN – West, Oxygen, Oxygen – West, Paramount Network, Paramount Network – West.

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Is TNT on Uverse?

Luckily the TNT channel is available on Uverse. In this sense, you can use the TNT channel on your Uverse Cable TV provider directly from its channel lineup. More the following passage will provide you with the exact channel number of the TNT on Uverse. 

What Channel is TNT on Uverse?

TNT is so popular because it telecasts interesting content to admire the audience. Uverse is a superb streaming service in the United States. The only reason for creating this article is to explain the information about TNT and Uverse and to Convey What Channel is TNT on Uverse.

Read the below part carefully and know the channel number of TNT on Uverse Streaming Service. This information is based on referred by official websites of TNT and Uverse.

TNT on Uverse
What Channel is TNT on Uverse?

Channel NameChannel Number
TNT (Turner Network Television)108/1108 HD
TNT (Turner Network Television) – West109/1109 HD

The above channel numbers are collected from the Official website of Uverse. So now, you can stream your desired content of TNT on Uverse is possible in just a single click.

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Popular Shows on Uverse

There are lots of popular shows available on Uverse service. Below are some famous user-rating movies on Uverse.


“Trained” is 19 minutes short Drama Romance short film. Yuri Rutman is the Director of “Trained.” Yuri Rutman, Jenny Damico, and Jason Elkins are the starring persons in the Trained movie. The storyline of Trained is about a heroine who suffered from Siderodromophilia, her boyfriend is trying to rescue her, but she keeps pulling him into her tortured world.


It is a 2015 documentary film. David T. Friendly and Mick Partridge are the directors of this film. Starring characters of Sneakerheadz are Rob Dyrdek, Mike Epps, DJ Skee, and Jeff Staple. It is based on the collectors who go to extreme lengths to find a pair of sneakers.

Jennifer Day TV

It is a series based on Comedy with Music. Jennifer Day, Jeneen Prissy Nicole, Star Asil, and Jillisa Lynn are the starring cast of Jennifer Day TV. It is full of Jennifer Day and her girlfriends dancing and singing their pop music.

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I hope the above article helped you to solve your queries. TNT is a well good platform to watch various types of television things. This article contains a crisp about Turner Network Television and Uverse. In addition, this article holds the exact subscription plans of TNT and Uverse streaming services.

So if you didn’t skip any words in this article, you could understand all information about TNT and Uverse because this article covers the maximum things about Turner Network television. In addition, it covers the exact details of Uverse. So don’t skip any words and get What Channel is TNT on Uverse.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the channel number of TNT on Uverse?

TNT is well-known for its various types of programs. Watching TNT on Uverse is possible with just a single click. 108 is the channel number of TNT on Uverse. 1108 is the TNT HD channel number on Uverse. In TNT, West 109 is the channel number on Uverse. In TNT West HD 1109 is the channel number on Uverse.

Which subscription plan in Uverse has the highest Channel Count?

U – 450 has the highest channel Count in Uverse subscription plans. It has more than 550+ Channels with a monthly subscription cost of $114.

How many types of subscriptions are available in Uverse?

There are four types of Subscription plans available on Uverse. U- Family is the minimum subscription package of Uverse at $39.99 per month with more than 180+ channels.