How to Install TNT on Xbox One?

TNT on Xbox One: Do you want to watch all your TNT shows on your gaming console? If your answer is yes, then you reached the right spot, here, we are going to discuss how to install and access TNT on Xbox One.

Hereafter, there is no need to worry about the availability of TNT service on your Xbox One gaming console. Let’s join us to explore more interesting facts about TNT and its installation.

TNT is abbreviated as Turner Network Television, it is owned by the company Warner Bros. Discovery Networks. It is an American cable television service, with TNT, you can stream a lot of movies, TV shows, series, and so on.

You can use your existing streaming service’s active subscription to stream TNT shows on your gaming console without any restrictions. TNT is available on Sling TV, YouTube TV, and Hulu.

TNT is available on the Xbox One gaming console, the installation process is effortless and straightforward. Also, you can access TNT on Android, iOS, Apple TV, Smart TVs, and so on. To learn the installation process of TNT on Xbox One, follow the upcoming guide.

How to Install TNT on Xbox One?

Now, installing the TNT app on your Xbox One gaming console is effortless and straightforward. In this portion, we are going to show the simple methodology to access TNT on your smart device.

TNT on Xbox One
How to Install TNT on Xbox One?

Step 1:

Firstly, connect your Xbox One gaming console and head to the Home page.

Step 2:

Then, select the Microsoft Store on your console and hit the Search button.

Step 3:

Now, enter TNT using the virtual keyboard and look for the app.

Step 4:

Select the TNT app from the suggestion list and click on the install button to get TNT on Xbox One.

Step 5:

Once the TNT app is installed on your gaming console, then launch it on your gaming console.

Step 6:

Then, sign in to your TNT account using your proper credentials.

Step 7:

Finally, you can stream all your favorite TNT shows endlessly.


Can I Get TNT on Xbox One?

Of Course, TNT has an official app on Microsoft Store, so you can directly install the TNT app on your gaming console. Now, you can stream all your favorite TNT shows on your Xbox One gaming console using the direct method.

Is TNT free?

You can access TNT service on your desirable devices using your existing streaming services like Sling TV, YouTube TV, or Hulu. Also, you will get the free trial pack for a certain period if you are s new to TNT.


Let’s stream all your favorite TNT shows on the big screen without any restrictions. Here we mention the simple method to get TNT on the XboxOne gaming console.

Fortunately, TNT is officially available on your gaming console, so that the installation process will be straightforward. If you want to get more apps on your Xbox One gaming console, visit our website under the Xbox One category.

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