How to Install Trakt on Firestick?[Updated 2022]

Trakt on Firestick: Do you want to continue streaming your favorite movies and series without forgetting? If yes, then you chose the correct page. Here, we are going to tell the excellent application for you. Through this application, you can get your watched history. In addition, you can get your videos from wherever you stop in the previous streaming time. The great application is Trakt.

The Trakt application is a video service. This service is allowed you to track your movies and videos. Here, you can get your history for the past streaming days with the date and app.

The application will enable you to create your watchlist, watch record, and more. Fortunately, this application is free and easy to use. Instead, by using this application, you can set reminders to watch the movies or shows, etc. The Trakt application is available on Netflix, ABC channel, prime video, and much more.

The app gives your watch history depending on your suggestions. In addition, the Trakt app has a custom calendar. In this calendar, you can find all history for about 30 days. Is it possible to install the Trakt application on your Firestick? Let will argue about that in this note.

Trakt Subscription

The Trakt application has the best and most affordable subscription packs for customers. In addition, this Trakt application is free to stream with basic and limited features.

  • Trakt VIP Pack – $2.5 per month-it includes the [custom badges, custom calendar, night mode, Alexa support, and more].
  • Trakt VIP EP$5 per month-it includes [all VIP features along with Executive Producer Credits].

Is it Possible to get Trakt on Firestick?

Unfortunately, The answer is No. The Trakt application is not available on the Firestick device. But don’t worry, here we have the best alternate solution to get the Trakt application on your Firestick device. Following our methods will surely get the Trakt application on your Firestick device.

How to Install Trakt on Firestick using a downloader?

Fortunately, you can easily Watch your Trakt application content on your Firestick device using the downloader app. The process is the easiest way to get the Trakt content on your firestick device. In addition, you can complete the process with a few efforts. In this portion, you will know about the process.

Trakt on Firestick
How to Install Trakt on Firestick?


As the first step of the process is starting the process, is connect your Amazon Firestick device to your desired  Smart TV.


Now, do the turning on your Firestick device carefully.


Next, press the Home button on your Firestick device remote.


Next, click the Find option in the main menu on your Streaming Screen.


After that, tap the Search bar from the find option on your Big Screen.


Now, type the downloader application in the search bar on your screen.


Afterward, click the Install button to install the downloader application on your firestick device.


Afterward, the app will install on your screen within a few minutes.


After that, go back to your home screen and the Settings icon.


Then, click the My Fire TV and developer option on your Firestick device from the settings.


Then, click the  Install unknown apps option and click the downloader option on your Firestick screen.


After that, click the turn-on key on your Firestick device.


Now, you can install your desired apk files into your Firestick device.


As a next step, open your previously downloaded Downloader application on your Firestick screen.


Within a few moments, the URL box will appear on your Firestick device


AS a next step, put the URL of the Trakt application in the URL box and click the go button on your Big Screen.


Wait some moments for the apk file to download. Then, After downloading the apk file, click the install button to install the application on your screen.


After completing the installation process, open the app on your screen.


Then, open your app and complete the sign-in process.

[Here, you can sign with your details or social media account].


Finally, now you can see all your histories in one place on your screen. Select your favorite content and start streaming that content on your Firestick.


Eventually, successfully we reached the conclusion stage of this tutorial. So, therefore we are going to conclude this topic with Trakt on Firestick. Accordingly, the Trakt application is the best platform to stream your favorite content on repeat mode. Chiefly, you can set the reminder to watch your favorite movies. Indeed, without missing, you can stream your content from your assigned time by the reminder through this application. However, we hope this article will help you complete the process correctly. Otherwise, if you have any doubts, ping our website and clarify your doubts with our upcoming updated articles.


What is Trakt TV?

Trakt is an application that automatically tracks your watching history. Indeed, the Trakt application is completely safe and legal to use. In addition, also you can access Trakt basic version for free.

Does the Trakt application available on Firestick?

Of course, Yes. But, Unfortunately, the Trakt application is not directly available on Firestick. But instead, you can stream the Trakt app content on your Firestick device using by Downloader application.

Is there any other way to stream the Trakt app on Firestick?

Absolutely, Yes. In addition, You can stream the Trakt application content on your Firestick device using ES Explorer.