How to Download and Install TSN on Firestick? [2022]

This time the write-up is up here for the sports fan! And are you a fan of Canadian sports, then you are at the very right spot. The Sports Network is a pretty famous network that streams the sports content of Canadian sports. The Sports Network offers the relay of 5 national feeds. This is actually a good deal right. Then why to wait, read this article on How to watch TSN on Firestick.

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About TSN

TSN  can be abbreviated as The Sports Network. The TSN is the streaming app that streams-TSN1,  TSN2, TSN3, TSN4, TSN5– and we all know that these are national feeds. In this TSN App, the users get to live stream it. And also get to watch ATP, PGA, F1, NASCAR, NHL, CFL, NBA, MLB, UEFA, etc… The TSN also offers on-demand viewing, video highlights, originals, podcasts, radio service, scoreboard that the users can customize. And even a lot more features.

Cost of TSN

Following are the subscription plans to avail of TSN service :

  • Day Pass costs $7.99 + taxfor 24 hours
  • Month Pass costs $19.99/month + tax
  • 6 Months Pass costs $99.95 + tax for 6 months

How to add TSN on Firestick?

The TSN app isn’t supported by Firestick, which means that the TSN app isn’t available on Amazon Appstore. So let’s see the easiest way to sideload TSN on Firestick using the Apps2Fire App.

TSN on Firestick
TSN on Firestick

What are the prerequisites to be done?

Before going ahead with sideloading, the Firestick should be ready to accept apps from unknown sources. Following are the steps:

Step1: Launch your Firestick.

Step2: Go to Firestick Settings.

Step3: Head to My FireTV option.

Step4: Further opt for the Developer option.

Step5: Then enable Apps from unknown sources and ADB Debugging.

How to add TSN on Firestick using Apps2Fire?

Since the TSN app is available on Android platforms, we can make use of the Apps2Fire app.

Step1: Associate your Firestick and TV.

Step2: Navigate to Settings.

Step3: Choose About, and under About go for the Network section.

Step4: Here you have to make note of the IP address of your Firestick.

TSN on Firestick

Step5: Using your Android device, go to PlayStore.

Step6: Using the Search bar, search for the TSN app.

Step7: From the results, opt for the official TSN app and install it.

Step8: Also you have to install the Apps2Fire app on your Android device using the PlayStore.

TSN on Firestick

Step9: Now open the Apps2Fire app.

TSN App on Firestick

Step10: In the Setup tab, enter the IP address of your Firestick.

TSN App on Firestick

Step11: Then go to the Local tab and scroll to the TSN app and tap it.

Step12: Click the Install button. This will add the TSN app to your Firestick.

Step13: And this is how you can easily add TSN App to your Firestick, even though it is not officially supported by Firestick.

Why do we need to install the Rotate Screen Orientation App on Firestick?

To have a better viewing experience of the TSN App on Firestick, the users should definitely add the Rotate Screen Orientation App. This is because the TSN App isn’t designed for Firestick. And talking about the Rotate Screen Orientation App, it is also not available on Firestick. So once more the users have to sideload another app to have better streaming of the TSN App.

Step1: Go to your Firestick home screen.

Step2: Head to Search and type in as Downloader.

Step3: From the suggestions, choose and add the Downloader App.

TSN on Firestick

Step4: Open the Downloader App and enable Javascript.

Step5: Navigate to Home Tab.

Step6: In the URL space, enter the URL for Rotate Screen Orientation App.

TSN on Firestick

You can get the apk link from any trusted website of your choice.

Step7: Further click the Go button.

Step8: This will download the Rotate Screen Orientation App.

Step9: Then tap the downloaded file and click the install button.

Step10: This will add the Rotate Screen Orientation App on your Firestick.

Step11: Then delete the apk file of Rotate Screen Orientation App.

Step12: Click open the Rotate Screen Orientation App.

Step13: Then click the Start on Boot option.

Step14: And this helps you to watch TSN App seamlessly on your Firestick without opening Rotate Screen Orientation app.

Whenever you open the TSN App, the Rotate Screen Orientation App works with it.

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What are the alternative ways to stream TSN on Firestick?

Apart from Apps2Fire, the users can go for Downloader App and ES File Explorer App to sideload TSN on Firestick. And if you are not OK with the sideloading, you can just go for Screen mirroring. As the Casting method is easy to do. But the installation of Rotate Screen Orientation App is necessary in order to have a better streaming experience of the TSN App.


To conclude, these are few possible ways to stream The Sports Network on your Firestick. You can use any of the above-mentioned methods which is easy and efficient for you to do. Hope you have got a clear idea about TSN. Thank you for reading. If you know any other ways, then please do share with us!!