How to Watch TSN App on Roku Streaming Device? [2022]

TSN App on Roku: Hello, Folks!! We are back!! By the way, coming to point, today we are going to know about the topic How to watch TSN on Roku? Further, to learn more about this topic, let’s go overlooking the article and gain more stuff from the note. Our guide be waiting to teach you more about the theme of How to Watch TSN on Roku? Let will see about that in this article.

An Overview of TSN

Correspondingly, the TSN application is known as The Sports Network. TSN has eight sister channels; they are TSN2, TSN3, TSN4, TSN5, ESPN Classic RDS, RDS, and 2RDS Info. The founding year and date of this application are September 1, 1984. Unluckily, the application is only available in Canada. Through this application, you can stream all types of Sports content, including NFL, MLB, F1, Hockey, Tennis, CFL, MLS, NASCAR, Golf, and so more. Additionally, you can stream the most significant sports and major champion leagues like Curling Canada’s Championships, Toronto Raptors, Major League Soccer, Canadian Football League, and so more. In addition, the TSN application is available on many devices like Android, iOS, Apple TV, Firestick, and much more.

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Is TSN accessible on Roku?

Unfortunately, the answer is No. The TSN application is not Straightforwardly available on Roku. But, no worries, here we are going to present the possible ways to get the TSN application on Roku. So, therefore you can easily access the TSN application on your Roku device by following our steps. Formerly, from the upcoming portions, you will know the access procedures and watching procedures of TSN on Roku elaborately.

How to Create a TSN account on Roku?

Fundamentally, to Watch all the TSN content first, you want to create a TSN account on your Roku Device. In addition, the process of creating the TSN account is a very easiest one. Additionally, using by below-given methods, you can create the TSN account on your desirable device. In this sense, the steps apply to making the TSN account on all devices. The following steps will correctly lead you to reach the path. The steps are,


To start this process, First, you want to Boot up your Roku device and connect it to the internet connection.


After that, launch your Roku browser and move to the search bar.


On the next screen, type the TSN and click the lens icon to get the TSN Website.


Afterward, select the correct TSN official Website from your search result.


Now, open the TSN Oficial website and go to the Home screen on your Roku device.


After reaching the home screen, hit the profile button and click the Sign-in button on your Roku Screen.


Next, highlight the option of Subscribe Now on the official website.


Afterward, on the subscription page, give your Mail address and click the continue button to move to the next step.


After that, follow the instruction correctly on the official website of TSN to create the TSN account on your Roku device.


Finally, now you can create the TSN account successfully on your Roku screen.

Note: Before doing these steps, update your devices to the latest version if it is not updated.

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How to Watch TSN App on Roku?

Undoubtedly, you can watch all the TSN Content on your Roku device without facing any disturbance or inconvenience. However, the best method to monitor the TSN on Roku is Screen Mirroring. Indeed, you can perform the screen mirroring method in two ways. They are as follows.

  • Mirror TSN on Roku using a SmartphoneTSN on Roku

How to Watch TSN on Roku?

How to Watch TSN on Roku using screen mirroring – using a Smartphone?

Emphatically, the mirroring method of TSN on Roku using through a Smartphone is a very Straightforward and more accessible way to watch all TSN content on your streaming device. Additionally, by referring these our following steps, you can complete the process without any mistakes. Furtherly, the next steps will correctly lead you to reach the goal.


The first step of this process is connecting the Roku device with your respective Smart TV.


After connecting the Roku device, please turn up your Roku device and connect it to the stable Wi-Fi connection.

On Smartphone


Now, take your Smartphone and connect it to the same Wi-Fi connection as your Roku device.


Now, go to the Home screen of your Smartphone and go to the Google Play Store or Apps Store on your Smartphone.


After reaching the Googe Play Store or Apps Store, navigate to the search bar of Google Play or Apps Store on your Smartphone.


On the next screen, type the TSN using your Screen Keyboard in the search bar of your Smartphone.


After typing the TSN on the search bar, click the lens icon to find the TSN application.


Here, you want to leave your Smartphone for some moment to load the TSN application from the Google play store.


After finding the TSN application from your search result, click the Install button to install the TSN application on your Smartphone.


Here, you want to wait sometime until the TSN application installs on your Smartphone.


After completing the installation process, launch the TSN application on your Smartphone and complete the log-in process with the required details.


Now, go to the home screen of the TSN application and choose your favorite content on your Smartphone.


Now, you want to enable the screen mirroring option on your Smartphone and your Roku device.


After some time, you will get the available device on your Smartphone.


Afterward, click the Roku device name from the available device and click on it.


Within a few moments, your Roku and Smartphone will pair up.


After paring the devices, Your Roku device will be ready to display your mobile screen.


Finally, your Roku screen will display your Smartphone screen with the TSN content.


Successfully, now we will make the bottom line for our topic, TSN on Roku. TSN is the best application to stream your all favorite on-demand content. Furthermore, you can use this application on your Android, iOS, Apple TV, Firestick, and so more. Emphatically, from the above-given sections, you will learn all the ways to get TSN app Sports content on a streaming device. If you want more details, get them from our forthcoming articles by following our website.


How to get TSN on Roku by screen mirroring using a PC?

Fundamentally, you can stream all TSN content on your Roku device easily. You can get the TSN on your streaming device after installing the TSN application on your PC and then click the cast icon on both devices.

Is TSN free?

Unfortunately, No. The TSN application has three types of valid subscription plans for the customers. They are,

  • Day Pass – the cost of $7.99.
  • Monthly Pass –  the cost of $19.99.
  • Yearly Pass –  the cost of $16.66.