How to Turn Off Nintendo Switch Controller?

Turn Off Nintendo Switch Controller: Nintendo Switch is one of the most versatile handheld gaming consoles ever made.

The standard joy-con controllers are one element that makes the device awesome.

You can now interchange the native joy-con controllers with many third-party controllers.

In addition, you also have this official Nintendo Switch Controller Pro, which gives you the experience of playing an Xbox or PS.

But the issue is that most players will leave the controllers connected, which leads to battery drainage.

As a result, you won’t have enough battery during gameplay.

So, here we will be providing you with the simple methods to Turn Off Nintendo Switch Joy-Con and Controller.

How to Turn Off Nintendo Switch Controller?

Seemingly, the Nintendo Switch controllers are designed in a way to turn off automatically after certain hours of inactivity.

Indeed, it happens when the controller is left alone or when the console enters sleep mode.

Turn Off Nintendo Switch Controller
How to Turn Off Nintendo Switch Controller?

In addition, you can force either or both controllers to turn off from settings.

Continue reading the following section of this article for the methods to Turn Off a Switch Controller.

  • Specific Controller
  • All Controllers

How to Turn Off a Specific Nintendo Switch Controller?

Nintendo Switch allows you to disable/turn off a particular controller.

You can do this from the joy-con settings menu. Follow the below-given guide for more details.

#1. Initially, Turn On and access the Home Screen on your Nintendo Switch.

Turn on the Nintendo Switch
Turn on the Nintendo Switch

#2. Tap on the Joy-Con icon placed at the bottom.

Joy-con Icon
Joy-con Icon

#3. Choose the Change Grip/Oder option from the list.

Change Grip order icon on Switch
Change the Grip order icon on the Switch

#4. You must press either the L or R button on the controller. This is to identify the controller that you wish to remain on.

press L or R button on Switch
Press L or R button on the Switch

#5. The remaining connected controllers will be turned off except for the chosen controller.

How to Turn Off All Nintendo Switch Controllers?

It is effortless to instantly turn off all the controllers by putting your console in sleep mode.

Sleep mode is the best option for your console and controllers as it consumes less energy.

Indeed, you can easily switch your console to sleep mode by pressing the power button or the Power icon on the screen.

But what if you want to turn off the controller alone by keeping the console alive?

The options to disconnect the controllers alone are mentioned in the below-given steps.

#1. Initially, click on the System Settings icon on the home screen.

System Setting on Nintendo switch
System Setting on Nintendo Switch

#2. Choose the Controllers and Sensors option from the list.

controler and sensor option
controller and sensor option

#3. Click on the Disconnect Controllers option.

#4. Press and hold the “X” button on any of the controllers.

Press the X button on Switch
Press the X button on the Switch

#5. Finally, press the OK button on the screen, and this will disconnect all the connected controllers.

How to Turn Off Nintendo Switch Wireless controller?

Directly press the Disconnect Controllers option from the System settings menu to turn off a wireless Switch controller.


I hope the above-given article will help turn off a Switch controller. Unfortunately, it seemingly reconnects all the controllers once again after disconnecting them.

You can use the Nintendo dock station to charge your Switch and the controller simultaneously. Hopefully, you can extend the battery life of your controller by following the steps above.  Additionally, this note will give all the wanted details regarding the topic in a clear way. 

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