How to Turn On Nintendo Switch Controller?

Turn On Nintendo Switch Controller: There is no need to hover over the entire ocean when you have an exact point to collect your treasure.

Similarly, GC Tricks is the treasure point to get tips and tricks to use with your gaming consoles.

Even though we have a wide range of gaming devices, handheld consoles always have a special place in our console collection.

Nintendo Switch is the first thing that strikes our mind when speaking about handheld gaming consoles.

Unlike PlayStation and Xbox, Switch is popular for its form factor and portability.

Till now, you may be using the proprietary power button to turn on your Switch console/controller.

But today, this guide will give you a simple hack to turn on your Switch that you may have never heard of. Come, let’s get into the primary part of this article.

How to Turn On Nintendo Switch Controller?

You can easily turn on your Nintendo Switch controller just by pressing the sync button for one minute and docking them to the central console.

Turn On Nintendo Switch Controller
How to Turn On Nintendo Switch Controller?

Another tip for you is that you can also use the Switch controllers to turn on the primary console. It is as simple as turning On your TV.

Some Switch users like to use their console in the docked position. Are you wondering how it is possible?

This is possible with both the general Nintendo Switch controller and the Pro controller, which is available separately.

The following steps will offer you a simple guide to Turn On Switch Controller.

#1. Initially, you have to point the IR Camera Sensor(Shiny Black part) on your right side Switch controller towards the Switch console.

#2. Then, press and hold the ‘Home button’ on the Joy-con.

#3. Hopefully, this will turn on your Nintendo Switch Controller.

You can also turn on Nintendo switch Controller with Nintendo’s Pro or Wireless controller.

Only thing is that the Wireless or Pro controller has to be paired with the Nintendo Console beforehand to accomplish it.

What if my Switch controller is not turning on?

There may be instances where your joy-con controller may turn unresponsive. At that point, you can reset the controller either by pressing the sync button or detaching and reattaching the controller to the console.


I hope you have got a clear idea to turn on Switch controller with some simple tricks.

You can simply press and hold the Home button to wake up or turn on your Switch console.

Of course, the tricks mentioned above will be more useful when your Nintendo console has turned off or while in sleep mode.

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