How to use Twitter on Apple Watch?

Apple Watch is another one signature smart device developed by Apple Inc. Apple Watch is a smartwatch that allows the user to connect with another Apple device like iPhone. Once you have connected with your iPhone, Apple Watch allows the user to do all the same things that you can do on your iPhone. It is also called as a wearable smartphone. With the help of Apple Watch, you can make calls, send texts, and run other apps. More than 37 inbuilt apps are available on Apple Watch right now. You can also get more apps by downloading it on the App Store. If you wondering how to use Twitter on Apple Watch, read out the below guide to get the solution.

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What is Twitter?

Twitter is another one famous social networking service that allows the user to send and receive posts called as tweets. This social networking site was launched back in the year 2006. More than 100 million active users using this service daily. You can create your profile, upload photos and videos, post tweets on other’s tweets, chat live, receive news, follow your favorite celebrities, etc. It is also the best place to stay in touch with your friends. This service supports all the major platforms like Android, iOS, PS4, Xbox One, Firestick, Roku, and many.

Twitter on Apple Watch:

Twitter on Apple Watch makes it very easy to tweet, retweet, like, reply in a flash. You can see tweets and trends quickly. There is no direct twitter app on Apple Watch. But still, you can use this app on Apple Watch. Follow the below guide, how to use it.

How to use Twitter on Apple Watch?

Step1: Open the Apple App Store on your iPhone.

Step2: Search “Chirp for Twitter” and install the app on your smartphone.

Step3: Open the Chirp for Twitter app.

Step4: Login with your Twitter account.

Step5: Install the Chirp for Twitter app on your Apple Watch too.

Step6: Once the app is linked with your Twitter account. Now, you can ready to use a Twitter account on your Watch.

Browse your twitter newsfeed, view trending, view mentions, view others profile, view like, and more on your Apple Watch.

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How to Fix Twitter problems on Apple Watch?

If you facing any issues using this app on your Apple Watch, do these following steps to solve the issues.

Step1: Power off your Apple Watch and restart it.

Step2: Turn off the Wi-Fi network and reconnect it.

Step3: Unpair and re-pair with it.

” This will help you to run the app on Apple Watch, still it doesn’t work on Apple Watch use the following steps”

Step4: Click on the Watch app on your iPhone.

Step5: Inside that click on My Watch.

Step6: Select Twitter from the list of apps.

Step7: Disable the app.

Step8: Uninstall and reinstall the updated version of the Twitter app.

Now, you can run the app on Apple Watch without any issues.

Our Opinion:

This is the best solution to get the Twitter app on Apple Watch. With the help of Chirp for Twitter app, you can browse the app on your Watch. If you know any other methods to use this app on Apple Watch, let us know in the below comment section. Follow the for more catchy articles.

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