How to Get Twitter on Xbox One?

Sharing our thoughts and opinions via social media is trending nowadays and will reach a large audience. Too many of us are sharing them through social media. Among those social media platforms, Twitter plays a vital role in sharing our opinions. And getting Twitter on the large screen is not a tricky thing. And this can be done in a lot of ways. One of them is getting via a Video Game Console. Here we’ve used the Xbox One video game console which was designed by Microsoft. Our article will guide you to get Twitter on your Xbox One.

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What is Twitter?

Twitter on Xbox One

Twitter is a social media platform that is also known as a microblogging network. Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Biz Stone, Evan Williams developed the Twitter service on March 21, 2006. People of the whole world can access Twitter service. You can share your thoughts and opinions via Tweets. You can watch videos, post tweets, chat with others and the list can go long. Twitter has specific apps for Android, iOS, Desktop. And the web browsers which can be used to access Twitter are Safari, Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, and the browsers which are Chromium or Webkit based.

How to Get Started On Twitter?

To get started on Twitter, you need your email address or your phone number. Go to the official website of Twitter and register an account with your email address or your phone number. If you’ve given your email address, you’ll receive a verification mail and follow the onscreen steps. Otherwise, you’ll receive a verification SMS or a call. Then pick a username from the suggestions or on your choice. Then register a Twitter account for you. You can now access your Twitter account by signing in on any specific Twitter app or its official website.

How to Get Twitter on Xbox One Using Web Browser?

To get Twitter on your Xbox One using the web browser, get along with the procedure.

Twitter on Xbox One
Twitter on Xbox One

Step1: Access the network settings and provide the network connection to your Xbox One.

Step2: Open Microsoft Edge on your Xbox One.

Twitter on Xbox One

Step3: Search for Twitter and select Twitter’s official website.

Twitter on Xbox One

Step4: Now create a Twitter account or sign in to your existing Twitter account.

Twitter on Xbox One

Step5: You are now in your Twitter account on your Xbox One.

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How to Link Your Twitter Account to Xbox One Using Xbox App?

To link your Twitter account to your Xbox One game console using the Xbox app on your PC, proceed with the following steps.

Step1: Connect your PC to the internet.

Step2: Install the Xbox app on your PC.

Step3: Open the Xbox app on your PC.

Twitter on Xbox One

Step4: Access the Profile & Settings option.

Step5: Now specify the Settings option and then choose Account.

Twitter on Xbox One

Step6: Sign in to your Xbox Live account.

Step7: Pick Twitter from the list.

Step8: Now choose Link and follow the onscreen instructions. And now your Twitter account is linked to your Xbox One.

Twitter on Xbox One


How to Capture Game Clips and Screenshots on Xbox One?

The following procedure will guide you to capture game clips and screenshots on your Xbox One game console.

Step1: Select a game and start playing it.

Step2: To capture the happenings after playing, on your Xbox One controller, press the Xbox button and press the X button to capture the game clip and choose the duration after pressing the View button or press the Y button to capture a screenshot.


To capture the upcoming happenings, press the Xbox button on your Xbox One controller. Then prefer the Capture & share option. Now choose Start recording. To stop the recording press the X button on your Xbox One controller.

How to Share Game Clips And Screenshots of Xbox One to Twitter?

To share the game clips and screenshots of your Xbox One to your Twitter account, follow the given steps.

Step1: Go to the Xbox app on your PC.

Step2: Choose the captured game clips or screenshots on your Xbox Live account you want to share on your Twitter account.

Step3: Download the chosen game clips or screenshots to the local folder of your PC.

Step4: Now share the downloaded game clips or screenshots on your Twitter account.

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Twitter is the platform where you can share your opinions in short terms of words called Tweets. There you can follow your friends and favorites. We’ve given the procedure to get Twitter on your Xbox One game console and some other additional information. We hope that we’ve given you the best to satisfy your needs.

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