How to Upgrade PS5 Storage?

Upgrade PS5 Storage: At this point, gaming consoles like PS5 has got more potential. It can deliver the dual purpose of gaming and streaming.

So that the count of installing apps on a gaming console has also increased. As PS5 has eliminated the usage of more streaming devices, we have stuck with the storage issue.

Indeed, modern day games have large file sizes as it covers more features and advanced graphics.

To accommodate that, the latest gaming machines like PS5 include efficient storage accessories by built-in.

However, even though the PS5 console has an internal storage of 825 GB, many players suffer from insufficient storage issues due to big file sizes.

Concerning that, many console developers provide the option to expand the internal storage by adding SSDs.

But is it possible to increase and get more storage space on PS5? Come, let’s find the ways to upgrade PS5 storage in the following article.

Is it possible to Upgrade PS5 Storage?

Of course, the PS5 console has a native internal storage of 825 GB, but only 667 GB is usable.

Some of the best PS5 games take more than 100 GB of storage space on your console.

At that point, obviously, it becomes essential to upgrade your internal storage on PS5.

Indeed, it is not that hard to expand the storage space. Read below for more details.

How to Upgrade PS5 Storage?

As I have said earlier, it is possible to upgrade the storage space on your PS5 in simple steps. In fact, you have two ways to expand the storage space.

Upgrade PS5 Storage
How to Upgrade PS5 Storage?

The following passage will give you the guide to increase storage on your PS5 in detail.

  • Using SSD
  • Via Deleting Unplayed games

Steps to Upgrade Storage on PS5 using SSD

While speaking about storage expansion on PS5, it is better to use an SSD instead of a hard disk. Seemingly, the only catch is in finding the best SSD for your PS5.

Yes, the latest PlayStation console has one of the best hard disks with top-end read and write speed.

It would be best if you pair it with a compatible SSD to match the existing read and write speed. So that you can use the SSD as primary storage space on your PS5.

Of course, you can use a hard drive to expand your storage, but it is hard to carry all the time. In addition, it is hard to get the top-end read and write speed on a hard disk.

When coming to choosing an SSD, ensure that you choose an M.2 SSD as it has maximum storage space and faster memory.

Furtherly, continue with the steps given below for the ways to add an SSD to your PS5.

#1. Initially, you have to disconnect your PS5 console from the power source and unplug all the cables.

#2. Gently remove the cover plate on the device.

#3. Then, unscrew the expansion space placed near the cooling vent.

#4. Now place your M.2 SSD on its slot and screw it accordingly.

#5. Place the expansion cover over your SSD and lock the screws.

#6. Turn On your PS5 console and complete the formatting process.

#7. Finally, navigate to the storage location on your console, and change the games and the installation location to SSD.

Steps to Upgrade Storage on PS5 by Deleting Unused Apps

The second effective method to solve the storage issue on your PS5 is by deleting all the unused apps and games.

Seemingly, we all have the habit of installing the latest games for a craze but not with the actual intention of playing them.

So you can easily save space on your console by deleting those apps. You can do that by following the below-given guide.

#1. Initially navigate to Settings –> Storage –> Console storage –> Games and Apps.

#2. There you can sort the apps according to their size, data installed, usage data, etc.

#3. Select the app or game that you have least used or which you wish to delete.

#4. Now, click on the Delete button at the right bottom to uninstall the app from your console.


How to check storage on PS5?

You can view the existing and available storage on your PS5 by navigating to Settings –> Storage –> Console Storage. It shows you the exact representation of the content and storage occupied on your PS5.

How much does it cost to add storage on PS5?

The best way to add storage on PS5 is by using a compatible SSD. Indeed, the cost of adding an SSD to PS5 starts at $150.

What is an M.2 SSD?

Seemingly, M.2 SSD is a solid state drive with high read and write speed. Moreover, it is well compatible with PS5, and it helps you in getting the best storage expansion on your console.


I hope you have successfully installed the SSD on your console and upgraded your storage on PS5 without any hassle.

Fortunately, Sony has provided the option to expand the storage space on PS5 without any restrictions.

Concerning that, the above article provides the best methods to save and expand the storage on your PlayStation console.

You can also visit the official PlayStation website for further queries.

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