How many USB Ports on PS4?

USB Ports on PS4: Whatever the gaming console may be, its ports, especially the USB ports, have a significant part.

In that way, the following article will discuss about the USB Ports on a PS4 console.

Seemingly, PS4 is one of the most popular and professional consoles for pure gaming.

It connects with your TV via the HDMI cable, which supports the video output. Indeed, the PS4 console will connect wirelessly with its controller.

Moreover, the respective console has dedicated ethernet and Wifi bands for network connection.

What about the USB ports? Does PS4 have USB ports? If so, how many USB Ports are on PS4?

Let’s answer your questions in detail in the following section of this article.

How many USB Ports on PS4?

In simple words, the PS4 console has two USB 3.0 ports. It is similar to all the PS4 original, slim, and pro models. You can find or locate the USB port on the front side of the console.

Indeed, the primary advantage of these USB ports is to connect external devices like HDD, keyboard, mouse, flash drive, and much more.

USB Ports on PS4
How many USB Ports on PS4?

Moreover, as PS4 has the latest USB 3.0 port, you can enjoy a faster data transfer of up to 625 Mbps.

In addition, you can connect a storage device to the console and get unlimited game storage.

USB Ports on PS4
USB Ports on PS4

What if the USB port is damaged or not working? Well, you can get rid of the USB port shortage issue by connecting an external USB hub.

Furtherly, the desired console can accept five more USB connections in addition to the two native ports.

External USB ports for PS4
External USB ports for PS4

Indeed, the USB Hub will be helpful in connecting additional PS4 accessories like VR, headsets, and much more.


How to fix USB Port on PS4 not working issue?

If the USB port is physically damaged or not working due to a hardware issue, you have to call a technician for help.

Instead, the console is not recognizing the USB devices due to a software issue, you can try updating or resetting the system to fix the issue.

How do you replace a faulty USB port on PS4?

Replacing a faulty or damaged USB port is not a DIY task until you are a professional technician. Therefore, it is better to reach the PS4 customer support once you find the USB port is faulty.


This is all to say about the number of USB ports on a PS4 console. Seemingly, the PS4 device has two USB ports.

Even though the respective ports are limited in number, the USB 3.0 technology lets you experience a faster data speed.

In addition, you have the option to connect a USB hub to connect and access more accessories. Thank You.

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