Virgin TV Go on Firestick | How to get Virgin TV Go on Firestick?

Due to workload and official meetings people usually get stressed. To remove your stress like stress buster we are here again with a new topic today. Today, everyone knows that all are in the online. Some people usually watch movies on television and it is changing day by day to watch their movies and favorite shows on the different streaming devices like Firestick, Roku, Chromecast & more. Because of the availability of all the TV shows online, everyone prefers to watch their favorite content in online through streaming devices. You can watch movies, videos, dramas, and many online where ever you are and it is available all the time. In this post we are going to tell about how to get Virgin TV Go on Firestick? You can watch movies, TV shows, series and many more on Virgin TV Go.

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About Virgin TV Go:

Virgin TV Go is one of the cable television networks in the UK. The two largest cable operators of the UK are Telewest and NTL, and they merged to form the Virgin TV in March 2006. Then it becomes a Smallworld cable in 2014. About 51% of households in the UK are using the Virgin network for their cable TV.

Virgin TV becomes the second-largest paid TV service in the UK. Later on, Virgin TV Go app was introduced and it is available online. Various HD channels are added to Virgin media like National Geographic, ESPN, Syfy HD, ITV, Eurosport, and many. All those channels are HD in audio and video. 3D set-top boxes are compatible with Virgin media.

Key Features of Virgin TV Go:

  • In Virgin TV Go you can watch live TV and matches.
  • One of the famous application which contains most of the TV channels in one app.
  • For Live content, you can watch up to 110 selected channels.
  • Set-top boxes are available for TV called bingetastic TV box.
  • You can download the contents from Virgin TV go and watch it for later.
  • Downloaded files can be watched offline also.
  • You can set up your TV guide with your favorite shows first.
  • Own watchlist for on demands can be created on your own.
  • No extra cost will be included for your pack.
  • More compatible with IOS, Windows 10, and android.
  • It works like a charm with tablets and mobiles.
  • Usually, you can download it up to 4 devices with a single user name.
  • For telly shows, you can able to watch up to two devices at the same time.

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How to get Virgin TV Go on Firestick?

Here you can’t get Virgin TV Go directly on Firestick. Instead of that, we have to sideload the application. I am going to explain in two methods on how to get Virgin TV Go on Firestick and the two methods are,

Virgin TV Go on Firestick
  1. Using Downloader app
  2. From ES File Explorer

How to get Virgin TV on Firestick using the Downloader app?

You cannot download any app outside of the Firestick device. For downloading we have to change the settings and select turn on to allow apps from unknown sources. Below step by step instructions will help you to understand easily.

Step1: Insert your Firestick device on your home device’s HDMI port.

Step2: Turn on the device using Firestick remote and ensure for Wi-Fi connectivity.

Step3: Tap settings on the device homepage.

Step4: Go to the “My Fire TV” option.

Step5: Then move on the cursor to “Developer option” and click on it.

Step6: Choose “Apps from Unknown sources”.

Step7: Click “Turn on”.

Step8: Go to the search tab, type Downloader app, and click to install it on your device.

Step9: Open the Downloader app and you can find the URL tab.

Step10: Enter the URL for Virgin TV Go and click “Go”.

Step11: Virgin TV Go will now download and install automatically on your device.

Step12: After installation, you can open Virgin TV Go and watch your favorite shows and live TV.

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How to get Virgin TV Go on Firestick using ES File Explorer?

Step1: Open your Firestick device homepage.

Step2: Search for ES File Explorer and make sure to install it on your device.

Step3: Open the ES File Explorer app and you can find the +New option.

Step4: Click “+New” option.

Step5: A small screen opens with two options like Name and Path.

Step6: Type for the name you want and path for Virgin TV Go.

Step7: Then click Download now after it asks for permission to download.

Step8: Go to the home page and you can see the Virgin TV Go app in your apps section.

Step9: Open it and Enjoy your shows in HD.


1) Is Virgin TV Go free to use?

Yes, it is free to use. More than 2000 TV shows are launched in the Virgin TV Go app which allows users to watch and download it. Various genres like comedy channel, cartoon channel, and many are there to watch.

2)How does Virgin TV Go work?

Virgin TV Go allows its users to watch telly on four devices like mobile or tablet at a time. You can easily avoid squabbles and it lets you watch your favorite shows on the compatible devices.

3)Can I watch catch up on Virgin TV Go?

After you get Virgin TV Go on your devices you can go online television service and access anywhere. You can watch the Live and catch up through Virgin TV Go. If you missed something on your device you can catch up.

4)How many devices can you have on Virgin TV Go?

After getting the Virgin TV Go app you can register up to 4 devices to the application. If you want to change one you have to wait for a month. once if you changed your devices it allows you to set it up on the new one.

5)Can I watch Sky Sports on Virgin TV Go?

Of course, you can watch Sky Sports on Virgin TV Go if you are a subscriber. You can go to the Sky Sports app. With the compatible network connections, you can watch live and shows streaming on Sky Sports.

Sums UP:

Virgin TV Go is the best British application that allows you to watch the live TV channels available on the app. More than 2000 live channels are streaming in the Virgin TV Go app and it is easy to search for the channels. Genres like Cartoon, Sports, Animations, and many are available to ease the user’s search. Watch it on your home devices on the big screen and enjoy it. Once if you have any issues please let me know in the comment box below.

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