VLC on Roku | How to Get VLC on Roku?

Roku streaming device would be incomplete without using all one media player application like VLC. It is one of the topmost multimedia players that supports all file formats without any trouble. VLC on Roku helps you to enjoy all the video files like movies, tv shows, and many more. Not only video files but also supports audio files. This VLC is a powerful media player which is completely free to use. This video player application has an ability to stream even the damaged or incomplete files. Here you can also learn about Twitch on Roku by reading this tutorial.

VLC media player for Roku is a popular media player app, which is currently used by millions of users all over the world. VLC player is well known and reputed video player application for windows. A few years before VLC developers released this VLC application for many devices but still, there is no official VLC app for Roku. You can get a VLC media player on Roku through this guide.

In this guide, we will show you on step by step instructions to get VLC Media Player on Roku. Let’s see how to do it

What is VLC?

VLC is a media player application that is a free and open-source media player application. Undoubtedly, it is one of the popular and most used video player applications all over the world. It is a cross-platform media player software and media streaming server. VLC is also known as VideoLAN Client was developed by VideoLAN in the year 2001. It supports all the major platforms like Windows, iOS, Android, Mac, Linux, Fire TV Stick Firestick, Roku, Chromecast & more. This media player can play not only audio and video files but also streams discs, devices, and even network streaming protocols.

If you having a new brand Roku device but didn’t know how to use the app on Roku means don’t worry. Here we will help you with how to get it. The media player like the VLC has the ability to play all the video files on your Roku. Installing the VLC for Roku is very and easy to use. It will take only a couple of minutes to install it on your device.

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Features of VLC :

  • VLC is a powerful media player that is completely free to use.
  • It supports multi-track audio features.
  • It supports subtitles along with widgets like for audio control, audio media library, and many more. 
  • High definition recordings are possible in this application.
  • It can play audio and video files, network streams, network shares and drives, and DVD ISOs.
  • It supports video formats like MKV, MP4, AVI, MOV, Ogg, FLAC, TS, M2TS, Wv, AAC & more.
  • The application is fully customizable. You can do auto-rotation, aspect-ratio adjustments, gestures to control volume, brightness, seeking & more.
  • The app includes all the codecs and there is no separate download is required for this application.
  • The user interface is simple, So the application supports flawless functionality.
  • Teletext and Closed Captions are also supported in this app.
  • There is no ad’s interruption while watching any video.

Is VLC available on the Roku device?

Still, now, there is no official VLC application available on the Roku Channel Store. it doesn’t mean you can’t get this app. You can install this application through the sideloading process. The only alternative way to get VLC for Roku connected TV is screen mirroring or casting process.

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How to get VLC Media Player on Roku?

As we already said that you can get this VLC app by using screen mirroring or casting process. Let see how to get it in two different ways.

VLC on Roku
VLC on Roku
  • Cast VLC App on Roku from your smartphone
  • Cast VLC App on Roku from a PC

Things required:

  • Roku device
  • Good and Stable wifi connection.
  • Smartphone
  • PC
  • TV with an HDMI port

Before starting the casting process we need to Turn ON on the Screen Mirroring process.

Turn ON on the Screen Mirroring:

Step1: Plugin the Roku device on your TV’s HDMI port.

Plugin your Roku device

Step2: Using your Roku remote control, Power ON your Roku device.

Step3: Stick all the working devices to the same wifi server.

Step4: By using the Roku remote, Click the settings option on the home page.

Step5: Within a settings option, you can see the system settings option.

Step6: Tap and open the system settings option.

Step7: In the system settings, you can find the screen mirroring option.

Step8: Open the screen mirroring option and choose the screen mirroring mode.

Step9: Inside the Screen mirroring mode, Tap the prompt option and click ok.

Step10: Now, you can screen mirror the device to Roku connected TV.

Cast VLC App on Roku from your smartphone:

Once your Roku device is ready for screen mirroring, next start the casting or screen mirroring process.

Step1: Connect your Smartphone and Roku to the same home wifi network.

Step2: Go to the respective app store on your smartphone and search the VLC app.

Step3: From the search result, download and install the VLC app.

Step4: Minimize all the running applications.

Step5: Swipe down your notification bar on your smartphone.

Step6: Choose the Cast option on the notification bar.

Step7: Now, your smartphone starts to search nearby devices to cast.

Step8: Choose your Roku connected TV from the search list.

Step9: Once your smartphone is mirrored to your Roku connected TV, The TV screen displays your smartphone screen.

Step10: Tap and open the app and stream all your videos files on your Roku connected TV.

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Cast VLC App on Roku from a PC:

If you are a PC user, Still you can cast this App on Roku through this method.

Step1: Stick your PC and Roku to the same wifi network.

Step2: You can see the notification icon at the bottom of the screen.

Step3: In that notification icon, you can see the connect option.

Step4: In that click the connect option.

Step5: It will start to search for nearby devices to connect.

Step6: From the search result choose your Roku connected TV.

Step7: Within a second PC is connected with your Roku, your desktop screen will be displayed on your Roku connected TV screen.

Step8: Download the VLC player on your PC from the respective app store.

Step9: Open the media player, The media player also display on your Roku connected TV.

Step10: Play any video on the media player on PC, The same video will be shown on your Roku connected TV.

This is another one alternative way to get the VLC for Roku.


Can you install VLC on Roku?

There is no official VLC app on the Roku channel store. So you can’t install the VLC on Roku. Roku doesn’t work on this application. Still, you can get the VLC on Roku using screen mirroring or casting process.

Is there a VLC app for Roku?

No, there is no VLC app for Roku. VLC application designed as Android software. Roku doesn’t run Android applications. The only way to get the VLC app on Roku is by screen mirroring.

How do I cast from VLC to Roku?

Read out the above article fully. Through this article, you can cast VLC to Roku very easily. The user can cast the VLC app to Roku from the smartphone and PC.

What is the best media player for Roku?

There are plenty of media players available in the Roku. From that Plex Roku Channel, Roku Media Player, MyMedia, PlayTo, roConnect, RealPlayer Cloud, Emby, are the best media player for Roku.

Our Opinion:

VLC media is one of the best and most used media players in the online market. For Roku, this media player is not as good as compared to other devices. Because there is no direct application for this media player and you can’t install the VLC app on your Roku. By using the above steps, you can cast contents from the app to Roku connected TV. If you know any other alternative way to get a VLC media player on Roku, tell us in the below comment box.

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