Vudu on Roku | How to add and install Vudu on Roku?

Hi Friends Hope everyone is fine. All smartphone users must know about the various media player applications. After the invention of smartphones, everyone needs their privacy in space and with their devices. Most people use their mobile to watch content streaming online. Most of the working people used to watch movies and TV shows on their smartphones. If you like to watch this streaming application on the big screen means use streaming devices like Firestick, Roku, Chromecast and many. So everyone uses their own smart devices to streaming their online content. Here we are going to use streaming device Roku. Let’s see about the “ How to add and install Vudu on Roku?” and their features.

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What is Vudu?

Founded Vudu in Jan 2004. Vudu is a media technology company that is responsible for interactive media services and devices. Vudu, Inc. delivers the American content. It mainly distributes Tv shows and full-length movies to the internet-enabled devices. Recently Vudu was acquired by the Fandango in April 2020.

A genre like Action and adventure, Animation, Children, Comedy, Crime, and many contents are available in the Vudu. Vudu application is available in the play store which can stream all the contents of it. You can add it to other online streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime.

Features of Vudu

  • Vudu is a Video content delivery service.
  • It brings new releases like Films, Hollywood classics.
  • It offers more control which makes you enjoy TV shows and Movies in the peace of mind.
  • Available in iOS and Android devices.
  • It is also available in web applications like Google chrome.
  • Possible to get Vudu on a smart TV.
  • Various Hollywood movies are streaming in Vudu and you can watch as per your wish.
  •  A genre like Comedy, Crime, Drama, Fantasy, and many are also there.
  • The filter option is there to filter by Genre.
  • Sort by is also there to sort by name, date, and size.
  • Compatible with online streaming devices like Roku, Firestick, Chromecast and many.

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Is Vudu on Roku?

Yes, Vudu is available in Roku. For Roku users, Vudu is available at free of cost. You can able to earn $5.99 when you link the player on Roku with Vudu Channel. Let’s see how to get Vudu on Roku?

How to add and install Vudu on Roku?

There are two possible methods to add Vudu on the Roku device to stream the online content on Vudu to your Roku device. Below are the steps,

vudu on roku
  1. How to get Vudu on Roku directly from the channel store?
  2. How to get Vudu on Roku by screen mirroring?

Let’s start the process,

How to get Vudu on Roku Directly from channel store?

Step1: The first step is to plug in the Roku device and switch on the device.

Step2: Connect your Roku device to the home Wi-Fi network.

Step3: Sign in to the Roku device using your credentials.

Step4: From the home page of Roku select “Channel store”.

Step5: Scroll down to the “Movies and TV” category and click it.

Step6: By using remote arrow buttons, make a highlight on the Vudu channel.

Step7: Click “Add Channel”. Vudu will install it on your Roku device.

Step8: After installation launch the Vudu app and enjoy the shows and Films in HD quality.

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How to get Vudu on Roku by screen mirroring?

Step1: Take your smartphone and go to the play store.

Step2: Search for the Vudu app and Install it on your mobile.

Step3: On the other hand, connect the Roku device to your home devices.

Step4: Ensure Wi-Fi connectivity for both Roku device and smartphone are connected to the same network.

Step5: Login to Roku accounts and goes to settings.

Step6: In the settings option select “System option”.

Step7: Then Click the “Screen mirroring” option and select “Enable screen mirroring”.

Step8: Followed by “Prompt”.

Step9: Now go to settings in your mobile and choose “Connected devices”.

Step10: Then click “Connection preferences” and you can find Cast option.

Step11: Click “Cast” and it will show the available network devices.

Step12: Select your Roku device and now your mobile screen is visible on the Roku TV.

Step13: Now you can open the Vudu on mobile and play the shows or films as you want to watch on the big screen.

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Sums UP:

Vudu is the best Video content delivery app available online. Vudu releases thousands of new content like independent films, Hollywood classics, and TV shows. User friendly and available at free of cost. Let me know if you have any discrepancies to follow the above steps. Please leave your words in the comment box below to sort out your issue.

Thank you readers…

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