How to View Roku Contents on PC?

Are you an ardent fan of Roku and its digital media players? And are you desperate in watching Roku Contents on PC? You are in the right place. Nowadays, streaming services and players have become a significant part of the arts & entertainment life. So is Roku. Being affordable and easily accessible, its need is appreciated and wanted by many. So, PC user, this article is for you to know, How to View Roku Contents on PC?

PC refers to both desktops and laptops.

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What is Roku?

Roku is an American based digital media player production company. It is under Roku, Inc. Roku was started in the year 2008. It is an online streaming service and device production as well. Roku media players are compatible with almost all the top online streaming services. Compared to other media players, Roku is an easily accessible media player, this is one of the finest features of Roku. Roku app is available on PlayStore and AppStore, for the easy access of the Android and iOS users.

Roku on PC

Roku is expanding its users by introducing new products and updating software. The following are the media player services offered by Roku: Roku TV, Roku Audio additions, Roku Subwoofer, Roku Speakers, Roku Audio, Roku Soundbars, Roku Remote’s and Roku Streaming services such as:

  • Express
  • Express+
  • Premiere
  • Streaming Stick+
  • Streaming Stick+ Headphone Edition
  • Ultra LT
  • Ultra

What are the features of Roku?

It is been 12 years of Roku’s launch. Yet, it has got hold of the people by letting out new updates and features. The following are some of the features of Roku:

  • Affordable
  • Easy to access
  • Free movie channels
  • Secret menu
  • Promising software updates
  • Unbiased search
  • Many choices of app
  • Roku app
  • Software development kit for users
  • Wireless remote control
  • Change channels via android or iOS.

And goes the list.

Is Roku app available for PC?

 The answer is Yes. You can avail of the Roku app on your PC. But, compared to Roku media players, the Roku app on your PC have limited access to Roku’s features. It came into existence in the year 2014 for Windows 8.1.

What are the Roku app features on PC?

The features of Roku on PC have slight restrictions compared to Roku digital media players. It is better to use Roku devices instead of using the Roku app on PC.

Roku on PC
  • Search for what you wish to watch without any fuss
  • Access Roku Channel Store
  • Use multiple Roku players
  • Enjoy your favorite channels
  • Live street photos from your PC or Tablet as well

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How to get the Roku app for PC?

Roku is well known for its up-gradation in its software. Likewise, the Roku has updated its Roku app for PC on Windows 8.1 to Windows 10. To get the Roku app for both the above-mentioned Windows, you can get it from Microsoft Store. But, if you aren’t using these Windows, no issues follow this article to enjoy Roku on your PC.

How to get Roku app for Windows 10 PC?

It is so simple. Just do as per the following steps:

Step1: Turn on your Windows 10 PC and tap the Start button.

Step2: On the Apps list, tap the Microsoft Store.

Roku for PC

Step3: Navigate to the Apps & Games tab or click Show all for better view.

Step4: Search for Roku app.

Roku on PC

Step5: Tap on the Roku app and then click Get to download the Roku app on your Windows 10 PC.

Roku App for PC

Now you can view all the Roku contents on your Windows 10 PC with the help Roku app

How to get the Roku app for Windows 7 PC?

Now Roku app is not available for Windows 7 PC. If you are keen on getting the Roku app, then follow the given instructions.

Step1: Download and Install the BlueStacks Emulator on your Windows 7 PC.

Step2: Now, get the Roku app apk to download.

Step3: To installation the Roku app apk, open the BlueStacks Emulator.

Step4: Launch the Roku app via BlueStacks Emulator.

Roku on PC

Step5: Now Sign in to your Google account. That’s it, you got Roku on your Windows 7 PC.

Now, you can stream Roku on Windows 7 PC.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to Sign up for Roku?

Follow as let the following instructions to create your new Roku account.

Step1: Go to Roku website.

Step2: Tap on Sign in and then click Create Account option.

Step3: Enter the necessary details asked for and tap Continue.

Step4: Follow the on-screen prompts and become a Roku user.

What are the channel categories on Roku?

There are several categories available on Roku Channel Store which gives around 1,800 channels: 4K Editor’s Picks, Apps, Cable Alternative, Classic TV, Comedy, Educational, Featured, Food & Home, Games, Health & Wellness, How to, International, Kids & Family, Lifestyle, Movies & TV, Music, New & Notable, News & Weather, Premium Services, Recommended, Rent or Buy movies, Top Free Movies & TV, Watch with Cable, etc…

What are some of the better Roku channels to add?

  • AMC
  • Apple TV
  • CBS All Access
  • Crackle
  • Disney Plus
  • ESPN
  • HBO Now
  • NBC
  • Netflix
  • Peacock
  • Peleton
  • Prime Video
  • Sky News
  • Sling TV 
  • Spotify
  • YouTube

Goes the list of vast channels

The EndNote

To end, the Windows 7 users can enjoy Roku without any worries, which you had because of the unavailability of Roku on Windows 7. Via Roku, one can get access to 1,800 channels and many of them are top-rated channels. The best part is, there are even free channels. Hope this article is useful.

Thank you for reading.