What Channel is BET on DirecTV? [Updated 2022]

Hi Guys! are you searching for an entertainment channel that fulfills your needs? Yes, there is a channel named BET. DirecTV is the favorite satellite TV provider in America, and it provides numerous channels. BET channel includes shows of music, current affairs, comedy, etc. The main focus of BET is to cover the African-American Audience. You can enjoy BET on DirecTV also. So without delay, let’s get into the content.

What Channel is BET on DirecTV?

BET on DirecTV
What is BET on DirecTV?

BET is referred to as Black Entertainment Television which mainly focuses on African-American Audiences. Satellite TV is a common source of entertainment for American people in that DirecTV is one of the top providers in that category, and it has different channel lineups. BET offers diverse programs that involve comedy, current affairs, news affairs, and music programming. The music program includes hip-hop, rap, R&B.

And BET is also known for its Award shows. These awards include people from other parts of entertainment. Already we know that the Channel number will vary for different cities and states. So we prepare a table to find the Channel more quickly.

ChannelChannel Number
BET on DirecTV

Popular Shows on BET

  • Being Mary Jane
  • Twenties
  • American Soul
  • The Waiting Room
  • Bet Mancave
  • Boomerang
  • Body of Work
  • The Breakdown
  • College Hill
  • Cooked In 5
  • Copwatch America
  • Curves
  • Face Value
  • Gotta Have it
  • Finding Justice
  • The Grand Hustle
  • I Went Viral
  • Hit The Floor
  • Hustle in Brooklyn
  • Ladies Night
  • Klutch Academy


I hope that this article satisfies your needs about BET on Direc TV. BET channel will keep you and your family joyfully. BET on Direc TV shifts gives you perfect shows that according to your mood. To know more about this channel, read this article to the end.


What Channel Number is BET on DirecTV?

Channel Number 329 is running as BET on DirecTV.

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