What Channel is the Cowboys Game on Dish? [Updated 2022]

What Channel is the Cowboys game on Dish: The joy of living is in the spirit of being happy. So I hope you all are doing good, and welcome to the arena of streaming the popular NFL game.

Indeed, NFL (National Football League) is one of the most famous and oldest football games in the world.

The professional NFL game consists of 32 teams that will be equally divided between two teams, AFC and NFC.

Seemingly, AFC refers to American Football Conference, and the NFC refers to National Football Conference. It is a popular event that is conducted every year regularly.

Indeed, we are expecting the exciting 2022 NFL game in the month of September. Every NFL game has three weeks of preseason and an eighteen-week regular season.

The NFL game consists of some of your favorite teams like the Seahawks, Vikings, Packers, Bills, Broncos, Cowboys, Titans, Saints, and more.

Among them our desired team, ‘Dallas Cowboys’ comes under the National Football Conference.

The days are getting closer, and are you ready to watch your favorite Cowboys players? But on what channel is the Cowboys available on Dish? Read the following article to explore more.

About Dallas Cowboys

The ‘Dallas Cowboys’ is a professional football team in America and is based in Dallas. Indeed, the Cowboys is a popular team that participates in the National Football League (NFL).

Out of the two groups, the Dallas Cowboys team comes under the National Football Conference, East division.

They joined the NFL league in the year 1960 just as an expansion team. But it has gained a worldwide fan following.

Seemingly, that is evident in their consecutive sold-out. The year 2002 marked the Cowboys’ 190 successive sold-out in both regular and post-game seasons.

Moreover, the Cowboys team has appeared eight times in Super Bowl in a tie-up with Pittsburgh Steelers and Denver Broncos.

Notably, the Dallas Cowboys is the only team to attain twenty successive winnings from 1966 to 1985.

Surprisingly, they have only twice missed the playoffs (1974 and 1984). In 2015, the Cowboys team was recognized as the most valuable sports team and the first team to be valued at $4 Billion.

And till now, the Dallas Cowboys have been one of the most valued NFL teams at $5 billion.

About Dish Network

In simple words, Dish Network is one of the popular American Satellite Television providers. Seemingly, their services include internet, wireless devices, mobile services, and much more.

However, besides being an allrounder, their primary focus is on satellite streaming. A Dish network subscriber can watch various live and on-demand content in HD quality in their comfort.

Dish TV includes many of your favorite channels like ESPN, MLB, NBC, Disney Channel, E!, STARZ, The Movie Channel, and much more.

In short, you can explore thousands of channels in various categories. Of course, the Dish Network is a subscription-based service that includes three different packages.

  • Basic –> $69.99/month with 190 Channels 
  • Popular –> $94.99/month with 240+ Channels 
  • Premium –> $104.99/month with 290+ Channels 

The first package, ‘All-Time Favorites & Locals,’ is a basic one that offers 190 channels with America’s Top 120. In addition, this package includes some of my all-time favorite channels like ESPN, CMT, Disney Channel, E!, etc. For $69.99/month, you also get 28,000 hours of free on-demand content for streaming.

The second package, ‘Everything Sports & Entertainment,’ is the best value for money one and is popular among customers. In addition, this pack includes popular sports and entertainment-based channels like Disney XD, A&E, Sundance, MLB Network, NHL Network, local channels, and America’s Top 200. Indeed, you can also stream 35,000 hours of on-demand titles for free.

The third package, ‘Everything Sports, Entertainment, & Movies,’ is the premium pack with 290+ channels and America’s Top 250. In addition, you can enjoy watching various channels like STARZ, Smithsonian, The Movie Channel, Bloomberg, Great American Country, and local channels. For $104.99/month, you also get free access to watch 36,000 hours of on-demand content. The best part is that you are free to customize all the above-mentioned packages.

What Channel is the Cowboys Game on Dish?

As we have seen earlier, the Cowboys team is a part of the NFL league. Seemingly, Dish is one of the perfect options to watch live sports like the NFL.

But you will need a compatible sport, especially the NFL streaming channel, to watch the Cowboys game on Dish.

Cowboys game on Dish
What Channel is the Cowboys game on Dish?

Are you wondering about the compatible channels that stream the NFL game? Well, you can watch it on popular channels like ESPN, Fox Sports, CBS, CBS Sports, and NBC.

Indeed, each is a different channel, and each channel will be available on different channel numbers. The task of finding the channel numbers won’t be challenging as we have brought it for you.

The below part includes the channel names and the exact channel numbers as on Dish. Use them to watch your favorite Cowboys game on Dish.

Streaming Service – Dish Network

Channel Name –>  ESPN

–> Airing On 140

Channel Name –> CBS Sports 

–> Airing On 158

Channel Name –> Fox Sports 

–> Airing On 150

Channel Name –> NBC 

–> Airing On 2 – 70


That’s all about how to watch the Cowboys game on Dish. I hope the above article will be helpful and satisfactory in finding the Cowboys game on Dish Network.

Make sure you have an active Dish subscription to access your favorite content. Each Dish subscriber will get to year TV price guarantee, 99% signal reliability, a Smart DVR with 2000 hours of recording, etc.

In addition, you can also purchase additional channels as add-ons in various categories. Furtherly, the above article also includes the channels to watch the Cowboys game on Dish.

Additionally, you can also use online live sports streaming apps like Sling TV and Fubo TV to watch the NFL game. Choose your desired channel and enjoy watching your Cowboys game on Dish.


Is it possible to watch the Cowboys game on Dish?

Yes, it is possible to watch the Cowboys game on Dish service using sports streaming channels like ESPN, Fox Sports, and much more.

What channels do stream the NFL game on Dish?

Most popular sports streaming channels like ESPN, CBS, CBS Sports, Fox Sports, and NBC can help you watch the live NFL game on your Dish service.

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